Happy Halloween everyone! Alas my unemployment-imposed exile from any social activity means I’ll be staying in with some horror DVD’s (Lost Boys, Audition, The Hunger, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace… ha!) dressed only as Lauren Ding. It makes me sad because I LOVE dressing up! Last year I went to three fancy dress parties, so I figure I’ll show you what I went as.

This time last year I went to my friend’s Halloween party as Holly Golightly. I had all the accessories, the cigarette holder, gloves and tiara and prescription sunglasses but there doesn’t seem to be any pictures with all of it – possibly too drunk by the time the cameras came out… Oops.


Earlier in the year my friend held a birthday party – unbeknown to her, we arranged for it to be biblical fancy dress (it was Easter weekend I think) and as it was her birthday, she would be God. I faffed about my costume for weeks before deciding on the day to go as the Garden of Eden:


(Why do I look so grumpy?)


Detail shot! The flowers and foliage were fake and sewn on. I made Adam and Eve, the snake and the apple in felt and stuck them on with sticky tape. Funnily enough my friend turned up as the apple, we weren’t sure if it was a red or green apple so she was half and half. Oh dear.


My absolute favourite costume though was for my friends’ club’s Halloween special. I went as Babs Gordon aka Batgirl aka Oracle aka my favourite comic character EVER EVER EVER!


…HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh jeez. I got a lot of compliments though, as not many people turned up in fancy dress that night so I had a lot of people asking for my photo, as if I was some celebrity!


Hanging out with Edward Scissorhands and one half of The Shining Girls, aww. Camilla, Alex and John are djing at Hell House tonight, they even offered guestlist but I can’t afford to go. Sob!

What are you all going as for Halloween?

I’m a rare breed of person, in that I prefer to stay in on Saturday nights, complete with Chinese takeaway, some chocolate and a good film. So like most of the country, I’ve been totally sucked in to X Factor (and Strictly, but that’s a WHOLE other post) against my wits! Fashion wise, both Dannii and Cheryl have gone to town in the fashion stakes this season with… shall we say, varied results. This week was Big Band week and as a result the female judges were dressed in a vintage Hollywood style – my favourite! – with the Geordie Barbie opting for a grecian wedding look:


Yeah yeah so the dress (Atelier Versace, if you were wondering) is lovely. But… THAT HEAD PIECE!


It was so pretty and left me mesmerised every time Chezza was on screen! I’ve had a soft spot for bridal-esque head pieces for a good few years anyway but this was possibly the most perfect I’ve seen.

Initially viewers assumed it was a bespoke Cartier piece, but it turns out it’s by celebrated bridal designer Jenny Packham, and is even on general sale for a surprisingly reasonable £350:

Me being me, I went on an etsy hunt for afforable vintagey goodness…

Croska Silver Bow Headband

Lottieda Designs ‘Rena’ Headband

LiveInStyle ‘Beverley’ Headband

Croska Vintage Glamour Headband

RetroBridal Tiara Headband

What do you think?

It’s still being a pain in the arse, being poor. However, I try and grab some happiness where I can. Occasionally this means hastily throwing on dresses, taking pictures and running back out of the store before I let myself buy them:

Dorothy Perkins Oyster Sequin Shift – SO pretty. It was a little huggy around my middle but I actually didn’t mind, I felt that fabulous.

Dorothy Perkins Star Jumper – Really nice and snug, but the material was manmade and you could feel it. Cute, though!


Thanks for all your well wishes on the last post, it means a lot! I’ve actually had some good news today – I am now a temporary style advisor for my local Evans, YAY! Hopefully I’ll be able to set aside my earnings for Christmas presents and not spend it all abusing the staff discount… Wish me luck! ;)

Also, a little plug. I sometimes like to wax pretentiously about music, and my friend Tiffany has an awesome zine and lets me ramble on. The new issue is out now, and features a few reviews and also an interview with me for my band at the time! If anyone’s interested then do check it out here.

Hello everyone. Sorry the the blog fell into disrepair for a couple of days. I’ve been dealing with a family bereavement which was on the cards, but nonetheless very sad.

Anywho, this blog cheers me up so I’m going to update to take my mind off things!

I’ve been seeing a lot of big, slouchy jumpers around, most of them containing huge graphics and embellishments on which recalls the very worst of the 90’s. But it’s so cold here that I can’t help but find then incredibly appealing right now…

Left – Right: Evans, Evans (these have disappeared from the site, hopefully they’ll be back up soon!), Dorothy Perkins star jumper, Dorothy Perkins pink/black pattern jumper

Evans studded shoulder jumper, Dorothy Perkins red leopard jumper, Dorothy Perkins flame jumper (I want this more than anything!), Evans satin and sequins jumper dress

Who knew looking through all the runway shows of fashion weeks would take SO. MUCH. TIME?! Seriously. I feel like a fashion zoid. Since straight size fashion has dominated the blog recently, I figure I’ll interrupt with a couple of posts about stuff we can actually wear and afford, before rounding up Paris and then figuring out which trends we can rip off in a few months. Yay!

But first, a little outfit:

Dress: Dorothy Perkins (a few years old)
Mid heels: Evans
Brooch: Vintage and gifted
Feather headband: Primark

I’ve had this dress for a few years and I love it to bits. It’s made of ponte so is super warm and snuggly, but looks slightly witchy combined with 60’s mod girl. Here in Britain summer ended and winter apparently began within about a day of each other. Where autumn went, I have no idea, but it’s FREEZING. And like most families we have a pact to not put our heating on until November unless it’s a matter of life and death, gah! So I’m still wearing the dress, except now I have my jogging bottoms, two pairs of bed socks and my mum’s fleece on as well. Trendy.

I always get comments on my glasses when I wear them – usually I wear contacts so my friends forget I even need glasses. And then of course every time I bring them out everyone suddenly goes “Ooh, are they new specs?” and I have to explain no, you’ve seen me in them before! I like these because I cheated a bit. The other question I get, as with most glasses, is what label they are – are they Gucci? Are they Prada?! As it turns out, I bought them in an airport gift lounge in Gothenburg. They were nameless ready-readers that I had my prescription put in to back home.

By the way, I also apologise for the lack of glamour and inclusion of radiators/door handles/my parents’ DVD and CD collection in my shots. My house is a bit small, we don’t have much wall space or space enough to get a full length outfit shot in, apart from these places! And like most grown adults who still have to live with their parents, I’m way too ashamed of the mess to take pictures in my own bedroom.

WARNING: Very image heavy. Not very dial-up friendly I’m afraid!

Just a quick disclaimer: while I do appreciate and enjoy the current biker trends that are around at the moment (and I was totally wrong when I said it’ll be over by next season – it’s all over Milan and Paris at the moment!), what tickles me most is definitely ladylike, girly and and cutesy stuff. I can’t help myself, people. I’m sorry. Basically, if you want to see hot chicks in leather you’ll probably hate this post. Haha.

All photos are from WWD.

Luisa Beccaria:

This is almost offensively quaint, on a par with Cath Kidston… But I adore it anyway. It’s ultra feminine, yes, like Little Women written in pink lipstick. But it didn’t feel patronising, I don’t think anyway. I love the shock of red nails and lipstick as well. The skirt suit is my favourite piece, especially with the lattice belt!

Full collection here

Alberta Ferretti:

This collection could have been made for the mothers of Luisa Beccaria’s girls. Both collections featured the same turn of the century influences but Alberta Ferretti chose the neutral and slightly more sombre version. I really do love all the flower appliques on everything. I’ve seen them featured in a lot of collections this season!

Full collection here


I LOVED this! It was so tongue in cheek and fun, with these grand ball gowns styled with fire warden accessories. What I loved about this collection most though was the glasses. Every model wore them, and they all looked gorgeous. More glasses please! I also need those red boots on the right in my life. Right now.

Full collection here


Anna Molinari’s youthful offshoot of Blumarine was fairly high street, understandably. But it was still cute, wearable and lots of fun. I do have a real weak spot for coloured leopard print and poppies, so maybe I’m biased!

Full collection here

Moschino Cheap and Chic:

Another youth-oriented diffusion range. Probably for women younger than me, but I want it all anyway, especially the white heart dress!

Full collection here

Giorgio Armani:

To me there wasn’t a huge difference between the Emporio and Giorgio Armani collections this season, although perhaps I had Fashion Week Fatigue by the point. I just really loved the jacket detailing paired with the easy pants. The dress on the left totally reminds me of Metropolis, one of my favourite films!

Full collection here

And last but not least…


This was tight, sporty, futuristic. Dresses and ensembles that could have been ordinary were adorned with all kinds of gadgetry and embellishments but still retained this ultra luxurious sci-fi glamour. A lot of people say this collection reminded them of Gucci’s 90’s heyday, and I’m inclined to agree!

Full collection here

Phew! What do you think? What’s been your favourite collections so far?

I always feel Milan, despite some of the huge stalwart fashion houses based there, has a little less of a purpose compared to the other major fashion weeks. Paris is for the conceptualists and the romantics. New York is for the understated, maturing but still affluent women. And London is just an all out party for the kids! I suppose Milan stands for status fashion – a lot of their biggest names aren’t just fashion houses anymore, they’re full on commercial brands: Versace, Fendi, D&G, Moschino, Gucci – pretty much everyone in the western world has at some point owned something emblazoned with one of these labels across it, whether it be the real deal or a market stall knock-off. Right? Fashionistas coo over the quality and construction of high fashion garments, but when it comes to Italian fashion? We don’t really care, as long as it has the name all over that shit so everyone can see how much we paid!

But anyway, I digress. This Milan Fashion week was a special one. Why? BECAUSE, you guys, VERSUS IS BACK!

Versus was the Versace offshoot that Gianni gave to his little sister, Donatella, to look after. It was younger, a little cheaper and much cooler, and managed to run until around 2002. Donatella felt the time was right to bring it back and in a stroke of genius asked Britain’s Christopher Kane to do the honours. According to him he looked into the Versus archives and indeed, the use of safety pins and peeps of flesh recall the glorius 90’s – remember Liz Hurley?

Full collection here

Milan is also the only major fashion week to feature a plus size range, Elena Miro:

(I’m surprised Marina Rinaldi doesn’t get featured as well, since its parent company Max Mara and sister brand Sportmax shows at Milan. Clearly the idea of TWO plus brands is just totally out there.)

This isn’t my favourite EM season, I must admit. (That honour goes to A/W08, which on retrospect was actually pretty fashion forward. Also, that link really makes me miss Too Fat For Fashion!) This season generally feels like a “wealthy white woman goes on a retro safari” collection which is not my cup of tea at all, but there are some gorgeous pieces: the jumpsuit especially, and the shoes. The mustard dress is also to die for, although would look hilariously wrong on me!

Full collection here

One down, one to go!

I’m just posting this as many places as I can! I’m clearing out some of my clothes that I don’t wear/bought and then had nowhere to wear them to, and I’m pretty broke at the moment. There’s some nice stuff, and it’s all been well looked after, I promise!

Check ’em out here.

Thanks peoples x