Since the Mark Fast debacle, Glamour photoshoots and V’s size issue, there have been announcements and a flurry of excitement that the world of plus size fashion is developing for the better and on the precipice of achieving equality. I usually remain pretty skeptical because to me, using a model a couple of inches wider than a straight sized one in a magazine – while very cool – makes no difference to how I dress in my day to day life.

But even I and my cynical little heart are starting to see that change IS being made in the plus sized end of fashion. More than the size of models on the catwalk or in mags, plus sized apparel on the market is becoming ever more fashion savvy, and there is more choice now than ever before.

Last week Anna Scholz launched her Spring collection, split in to two ranges: White – a continuation of the looks she is known for: prints, silks and kaftans, and Black: a younger, sharper, trendier selection:

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But this is probably the coolest thing I have seen so far with regards to plus size fashion. Hot on the heels of international press picking up on the bigger plus sized fashion blogs out there, the most famous of them all – St├ęphanie Zwicky of Le Blog De Big Beauty – announced that she has created a capsule collection for La Redoute plus, launching in March.

How amazing is that. No really, HOW. AWESOME. IS. THAT?! The collection looks quite lovely too (especially the tiered pink dress) and I will definitely be trying a few pieces from it. Well done, St├ęphanie!

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Like everyone else who gave more than a passing glance at the world of fashion, I’m totally gutted at the death of Alexander McQueen. There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said a thousand times, but just… wow. When so many people eulogise about somebody after their passing it’s natural to think they’re just being theatrical or melodramatic, but what people are saying about McQueen? All believeable. He was so unique and an unbelievably brilliant artist. Personally I always respected his lack of respect for the fashion industry and the way he resolutely did his own thing – and managed to get away with it, because he was so damn good at it.

Apparently his AW10/11 collection (due to show on my birthday, funnily enough) was pretty much finished before he died. I think it should be shown as the final piece in his design legacy. SS10 was, literally, nothing anyone had ever seen before. I can only imagine what he and his design team had in store for us this season.

RIP McQueen, the fashion industry just got a lot less exciting without you.

Hello my lovelies! Thank you for any new readers that were sent my way by Christina, Gabi or Shapely Prose! Hope you don’t think I’m too rubbish. I’ve unfortunately got too much of a headache and too little time to update properly, but I thought I’d share my recent purchases (My first since last year! Hooray for employment!) with you:

I saw this dress on Stephanie‘s blog and couldn’t believe it was from New Look’s Inspire range. They’re normally so drab, but this was so pretty! So shapely! So quietly detailed! I’ve ordered it and wow, if I was more arrogant I’d say it was designed for me (haha). It’s a total Lauren Dress, even more than the Lauren Dress I’ve been bought for my birthday but which I was supposed to have forgotten about, shhh!

This is also from New Look Inspire but looks plainer than in real life. I’m not normally one for hanky hems at all, but it looks really cool paired with edgier accessories. I will be doing an outfit post soon though, I promise!

Not pictured are the lace body and spot tights from Simply Be/Fashion World/JD Williams/Marisota/Whatever they’re calling it nowadays. Yay!

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Night night everyone. x