Hey all, apologies for the absence. I know you’ve seen all the other round ups so this won’t be anything new, but I wanted to document it anyway. :) There are LOTS of pictures ahead!

I met everyone at Waterloo station at about 10 – or rather, Kat came and got me while I was wandering aimlessly looking for a big clock, haha.

iphone 004

The gang! From left to right: Kat, Devon, Louise, Ladell, Kerri, Wendy, Jo and Jo’s friend.

blah 015

The fuller gang – l-r: Amanda, Jo, Jo’s friend, Wendy, Louise, Kat, Devon, Sophie, Steph, Ladell and Kerri.

blah 016

Simply Be had provided us all with lovely little gift bags including a mini A-Z and a compact, bless them! We showed them off but I got my photo last, and I think everyone had given up.

blah 019
(love this photo of Steph!)

iphone 010

We decided against going on the London Eye and opted for a sightseeing bus tour instead. It was strange to me because even though I live outside the city I work there and know it very well, and it was so interesting to hear all these tidbits and historic monuments I had no idea about! Unfortunately we got a little lost, but eventually stopped off at Aldwych to pick up Meryl and head to Somerset House for lunch.

blah 054
Steph, Kat and Ladell. Sunglass porn.
blah 059
Devon and Meryl comparing tattoos.

After lunch Devon gave us a pop quiz. Me, Ladell and Kerri were Team A(wesome)!

blah 058
We came… last.

blah 056

The winning team, Team B(eautiful)! The first prize was a Yours Clothing voucher for £75, which went to Meryl. Wendy won the second prize, which was any item from Simply Be for free, and Sophie won a necklace from Hannah Makes Things.

After lunch we played about in the fountain and avoided the naked kids, taking OOTD pictures. Here’s mine:

blah 064

Dress and belt: Very.co.uk (a couple of years old now)
White shrug: Yours Clothing
Red mary-janes: Primark

More arsing about:

blah 062
blah 063
blah 070
blah 072
blah 074

After lunch we bussed it up to Oxford Circus, where Meryl and I tried on silly headgear in Topshop:

iphone 019
(Meryl looks SO MUCH like my cousin it’s silly. Which is probably why I’m so over familiar with her in person – in my head I’ve known her my whole life. Sorry Meryl!)
iphone 020
iphone 021
Waterproof mascara fail!
iphone 022
iphone 023
iphone 024
Look at my sunburnt nose!

Then onto New Look and Inspire. I tried on the bird dress but the only size they had was 18, and while it looked okay it was a smidgen too tight to be comfortable. So sad. My mum says it’s the kind of dress she put me in when I was two, so there you go. My sense of style is apparently that of a toddler!

blah 075

Our final stop before dispersing was the flagship Evans store where I tried a few bits on, though nothing really fit that well:

blah 077
blah 078
blah 080
blah 083

A lovely girl called Alexandra also popped in to say hi, having done her spending spree earlier. She was so beautiful and lovely!

I’ve got to say, although I really dislike the vitriol of the facebook commenters and their reasons, if I’m really honest I’ve not been that impressed with Evans‘ output the past two seasons either. A lot of us agreed it always fell just short of what we really wanted. It’s a shame because all of us understand the problem Evans has with catering to such a massive demographic and we want them to do well, but at the same time we can’t really deny our disappointment.

blah 085

Wendy and Devon trying Evans‘ new maxi. Case in point – maxi is definitely in, and the print is really cool. But there’s so much bling along the neckline which to me just kills it. Sorry to be a party pooper!

All in all, I’m really happy to have met everyone and I can’t wait for the next one!

It’s been a while since I posted pictures of my own outfits. I’m not really a gifted photographer or photogenic so I tend to avoid it if possible, but I’ve gotten some lovely stuff in the past few months I wanted to show off! So here goes. You may have seen these yesterday as I was featured on The Curvy Fashionista’s Show & Tell, yay! Thanks Marie.

awwwwwkward pose.

Dress: Jen’s Fashion Plus
Shrug: Yours Clothing
Shoes: New Look

I bought this dress ages ago but never got round to photographing it. It’s kooky and can be made girly or a bit more tough depending on my mood. I usually wear it with my biker boots but was feeling a bit girly. I also like that the boobs are padded – as someone who is a member of the IBTC I do welcome this.

dressing up

Dress: Torrid
Leopard Print headband: Primark
Leopard Print shoes: Linzi

This dress was among some of the clothes sent to me by Torrid. I gasped when I got this one out, it’s so gorgeous and it fits me really well. I love the origami folds, and the colour (which is a little deeper in real life). One thing I do love is teaming anything jewel coloured with leopard print. Not sure why!

dressing down

Top: Evans
Skirt: ASOS Curve

And this is what I’m wearing just during the day. The Evans top is actually longer but I wear it short, otherwise it is way too long! I love the skirt by ASOS, it’s so comfortable although it is very very short. I was hoping to wear it in summer but I can’t really get away with it without black tights – you can see my knick-knacks! But still, nice to lounge around the house in.

The awesome Charlotte and Kay of the forthcoming Big Bum Jumble have interviewed me for their blog here, if you’d like to check it out!

You can also see my interview with Kay here. I can’t wait for the jumble, it’s going to be an incredible event. Here are some more details from the press release:

The Big Bum Jumble
Saturday 14 August 2010, 12-5pm
Stratford Circus
Theatre Square
London E15 1BX

Kay Hyatt 07882 117167

The Big Bum Jumble, where Fatshion in the UK takes an ethical turn

The Big Bum Jumble is landmark fatshion event selling low-cost second-hand and vintage clothes in sizes XL+. It will take place on 14 August 2010 in London’s East End, and will comprise a traditional jumble sale, a catwalk show and other activities, as well as the chance to participate in a film of the event.

Kay Hyatt, its principle organiser, is a fat activist who often struggles to find clothes to fit. Knowing that other people were in the same position, she decided to do something about it after attending a similar event in the US. Kay explains: “I was impressed by the celebratory atmosphere, the friendliness, the sense of community and, of course, the excellent fashion. It was like jumping into a giant dressing-up box. I wanted to bring that feeling home.

Kay says: “Fashion can be creative and playful, it can help you feel really good about yourself. I think this should be available to everyone regardless of size or background.” She adds: “Although The Big Bum Jumble is a sale, it’s also anti-consumerist, all about reusing and recycling, and it has a DIY-culture ethic of making something out of the resources available to you.”

“The situation is improving but, unless you can afford the high-end stuff, plus-sized fashion is often limited to poor quality, overpriced and ethically-dubious products sold by companies who see fat people as self-hating, desperate consumers. We deserve better.”

Now I’m not going to be ridiculous and exclaim that I’ve found identical matches to what’s been shown at couture week this week. However I’ve definitely noticed some happy coincidences with some plus size retailers that I thought would be good to share. Let me know what you think!


Note: I’ve been a fan of Pearls & Swine for a while now. I think she has the most beautiful designs! Here I’ve used the Flaming Hot Fascinator for some extravagance.


While nothing could come close to what Galliano has come up with, the colours and construction of Jibri‘s spring collection is still a great bet if you want something eye catching and ultra-feminine!


Personally I thought the boots (as well as pretty much everything else) at Chanel were awful. But if you’re insistent on going a bit bling down there and have large feet, then these boots from Fifibelle are made for you! I’d not heard of Fifibelle before, but they specialise in pretty shoes and boots in sizes UK8 – UK11, which is great. Thanks to My Lovely Big Feet Blog for the heads up!


Yeah, I know… bit of a stretch. But you know, there’s a reason why the dress on the left is worth thousands, and the one on the right is 26 quid! But I really like the colour, vintage air and detailing of the Curve dress.

As you may have noticed most of the pieces I’ve used are from ASOS Curve. I genuinely didn’t want to come off as a fangirl, and actually scoured every online plus size source to see if I could find clothes from anywhere else to use. But they just weren’t to be found. At the moment I personally think they are the ones to beat, as they are taking genuine fashion risks and have a fairly quick turnaround for trends.

I remember a couple of weeks ago feeling quite sad upon seeing Susie Bubble‘s post about ASOS Black, which is a genuinely forward thinking sub range but in their main sizes (UK6 – UK18) – but then it sort of dawned on me that actually, ASOS Curve is ASOS Black in plus size terms, at least for now.

Hi everyone!

I’ve had my blog made over by the AMAZING and talented Michelle, I am so, so pleased with it, opulent and ridiculously girly, just like me! The blog has switched servers so you may have to adjust your RSS feeds. However I’ve kept the past year’s worth of entries at the old WordPress page here: http://thepocketrocket.wordpress.com

Tonight is the Meet and Greet for YFF Con! So sad that I am not currently touching down at JFK myself, but all the girls are going to have the most fabulous time.

Hope you like the new layout! xx