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Anywho. Two new plus size fashion stores have emerged in the past couple of weeks. Hooray, more shopping choice!

It seems Arcadia have realised the market potential in contemporary and highly fashionable clothes in plus sizes. Enter Style369:


Xtina of Musings… stumbled across this and their press release last week – it’s all very much in the fledgling stages, and the only items available on the site are lifted straight from Evans. It’s being touted as a rival to ASOS Curve and someone called it a potential “fat girls’ Topshop” (OMG PLEASE). Being my shallow self, I am super impressed by the website’s design and photography – it’s given me high hopes. I also really like their Style Projects page which contains tidbits, links to a blog, twitter, facebook etc (they seem to want to maintain a strong social media presence) as well as a denim guide, lookbook and must-have items. Apart from the denim guide being full of “figure flattery” speak, it’s all quite promising. Don’t let me down, yo!

I’ve also recently been alerted to the new contemporary offshoot of women’s brand ChescaChesca Now, available in sizes UK14 – UK24


I must admit I wasn’t previously aware of Chesca, let alone this new division, but I am very pleased it’s come to my attention! The lookbook shots are sumptuous, although going through what’s on offer I feel that overall the look is a little more mature than my tastes currently allow. But I don’t think that’s a bad thing – in fact, they remind me of the likes of Monsoon, Anna Scholz, or the likes of Igigi and B&Lu across the pond, providing luxurious and high quality occasionwear. I can definitely see myself investing in one of their dresses or ensembles for something really special.

One question for both, though: what is so impossible about making clothing above UK24 – UK26? There are women out there willing to pay you lots of money for fashion in their sizes!

Earlier this week I met the lovely Nicolette fresh from London Fashion Week, after having hung out with the likes of Amanda, Marie (translator for Le Blog de Big Beauty and a fashion queen in her own right), Carla and Amy among other equally lovely bloggers!

Nicolette wanted to take outfit photos in Mayfair on her super duper camera. As you do. It’s a testament to the camera’s quality that I manage to look halfway decent, even while gurning.



Dress: Dorothy Perkins (tall range)
Velvet belt: Evans
Cape: ASOS Curve
Battered old flats: Primarni

Thanks Nicolette! x


London Fashion Week can fark off. As you all must know, on Friday the second Beth Ditto at Evans collection launched, both online and in two London stores. The fatosphere exploded when the website went live on Thursday evening, earning the #dittowatch hashtag and numerous blog posts. Since I was commuting distance to Marble Arch I couldn’t not go and check it out, could I?

As it turned out, Evans’ PR were in the store interviewing and photographing people, so I was featured on Evans’ blog and VIDEOED OMG along with the lovely Marie about our thoughts on the collection! Sadly I had to run before Nicolette and Sakina arrived to interview Beth for Vogue Curvy (Speaking of which, I have a couple of stores lined up for VC and should be shooting in the next few weeks, hurray!), as I was off for job interviews before meeting Messy Carla for an adventure which will be revealed in another post!


  • Much more subdued in colour than the 1st – BUT, the garments themselves are actually more catwalk-inspired and genuinely fashionable than before.
  • The range is so, so much better in person than online. I wasn’t very keen having looked at the site, but in real life they really do look good.
  • There’s an emphasis on garment shape and silhouette in this collection, which wasn’t present last time. It’s always nice to see a hint of tailoring in plus sizes!

The biggest disappointment is the lack of representation for the butches. Tamsin asked me to see if there was anything, perhaps a good pair of jeans or a cool shirt, but most of the range is ultra girly. A few things are slightly less femme: the unisex hanky hem top, the polka dot t-shirt, hooded cape, high-waisted jeans and the lightning bolt jumper, but the majority of the collection is very, very much on the feminine side. I know that Beth herself is absolutely a femme, and that a person’s sexuality shouldn’t be a key part of their designs. But it does feel sad that someone who is such a prominent figure in the queer community has side-stepped quite a few of her fans and friends.

Overall, while it’s not as BOOM!POW! as the last Beth Ditto collection and slightly more pedestrian, it is still the most dynamic and unique clothing range available in sizes UK28 – 32. Sure, ASOS Curve has stolen a bit of Beth’s thunder since its launch, but those of us around the UK18-22 mark can’t just assume “plus size” begins at 14 and ends at 26. There are a great deal of people who need bigger sizes than that, and who are even more isolated when it comes to expressing themselves through clothes than most. They shouldn’t be forgotten!

The only niggle I have with the collection being more down to earth than previously is that it feels less like a super duper special range, and more like the type of clothes Evans should be making all year round anyway.

As most of you buying the range are overseas, I thought it’d be a good idea for me to try stuff from the range and see how it fitted – who knows, it might help you! For your information, I’m 5’1″ and a size UK20-UK22. Oh, and I have tiny boobs and a massive bum. The much more curvalicious Em went down yesterday to see how they fit her hourglass frame, so keep an eye on her blog! If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or tweet me!

Click the elipsis for my dressing room pics:

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It’s been one of those days where I want to wear something bright and eyecatching!

Recent Pictures 050

Pink & Black arrow print dress: reworked vintage by SALAD
Sequin & Metal belt: Yours Clothing
Boots: Schuh
Heart Print sunnies: From a stall at Offset festival

Recent Pictures 055

This was my first purchase at the Big Bum Jumble the other week from one of the lovely concession stalls. I went on to wear it on the catwalk actually! I’m so in love with it. There is nothing I enjoy more than prints and sickening cerise. I figured I’d go even sillier and team it with my blingbling belt and ridiculous boots (which are purple, by the way – was trying to get the colour of the dress right). Really wish I was going to Ubop this week as I reckon it’d be the perfect place to wear this!

Recent Pictures 040

I’m so, so busy at the moment what with job hunting being an almost full-time job itself, and trying to finish off some other writing projects, but hopefully I’ll be able to show you my fave bits from NYFW eventually – Reem Acra and Marc by Marc Jacobs are my current highlights.

Some fairly interesting bits and bobs are happening around the plus sized fashion world at the moment…

The Second Coming of Ditto


Image courtesy of evans.co.uk

The most exciting event for us fatshionistas is upon us! Beth Ditto’s second range for Evans launches this Friday – at a pop up store in Selfridges, no less. Yes, THAT Selfridges, which stopped stocking plus sizes as they weren’t right for the store’s image. Change of heart, darlings?

I’m so excited, the photos look great and all the clothes seem very inspired by current trends albeit with a bit less all out glitz. Check out Val‘s blog which has a scan of some of the collection featured in Look magazine. My favourite items are the black and red dress, as well as the velvet drape dress. Gorgeous.

I’ll be heading down to Selfridges at some point on Friday afternoon to try on absolutely everything – let me know if you’re heading down!

NYFW’s First Plus Sized Fashion Show

Also rather impressive is One Stop Plus cornering a little of New York Fashion Week for their own catwalk show. It sounds to me like a slightly “equal but different” affair, and the idea of a runway show having a red carpet is a little OTT in my opinion. To be bluntly honest, I’m concerned that it’s more about showcasing plus size models than it is about actual high fashion. If I were to choose between having runway shows at major fashion weeks with bigger models in drab clothes, or a lack of representation at fashion weeks but a great deal of current, trendy and edgy clothing, I will always take the latter option.

But, it’s still ultimately a positive thing and I look forward to checking it out.

Models, Models, Models!

All this talk of models… There have been plus sized model competitions aplenty of late, with two sets of finalists recently announced. Check out the Simply Be model competition finalists and Torrid’s House of Dreams finalists – best of luck, ladies!


Lastly but not at all least, Sarah and Stiletto Siren have teamed up to organise another fatshion blogger event this weekend, in Las Vegas! Check out their blog with all the info here, it sounds incredible and I believe they put it together in about three weeks? Amazing work, wish I could be there with you all.

That said, there *may* be something in the pipeline here in Londontown, but sshhhh. I will only say: try and keep November free…

Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my last post. I actually wasn’t trying to attack a specific person at all, it’s something I keep reading and had been planning to write about for a long time. But clearly a lot of you are quite upset so I understand that that post was the one place you could discuss recent events.

Enough of the ~drama though, here’s an outfit which I’ve practically lived in, I love it so much:

ASOS Curve Military Cape

Simply Be Lace Dress
Evans boots


I was kindly sent the cape from ASOS Curve to review, and I’ve rarely removed it from my person since! Apart from washes and sleeping, of course. It’s a lot longer on me than it is on the model, but I actually prefer this length as it gives a lot of cover. It’s a lovely quality knit, heavy without being uncomfortable. I wore  it to Offset festival this weekend I can honestly say it’s great for keeping toasty on autumn nights!

I teamed it with my Simply Be lace dress as I like the hint of lace peeping through underneath. I guess this is the most “on trend” outfit I have at the moment, although my Evans biker boots are absolutely battered. Perfect for festivals, though.

Speaking of Evans, Val and Em have found out some info about the latest Beth Ditto for Evans range: apparently it’s dropping in TWO WEEKS, and will be on sale at Selfridges, breaking their recent ban on plus-sizes. Interesting…


Xtina of Musings... proof that you can be edgy and fat

I tend to steer away from body politics or the wider FA community on this blog, just because I’m not particularly great at getting my message across because I get too passionate about it all and just write something like “ASKDHDLASKHLADS!!!!” It’s also because this blog is strictly about plus sized fashion. I want it to be a place where people can leave their body politics, policing and hang ups at the door and just talk about pretty clothes that are available in larger sizes, should anyone want them. My modus operandi is that you should have the opportunity to wear what the hell you like, no matter what you’re like. Obviously I’m a cis-hetero-girly-girl so there is a lot of space taken by pretty dresses, but that’s about as blinkered as I get.

However, one particular statement regarding plus sized fashion keeps rearing its disdainful head on fashion blogs, Jezebel and Cut articles. The most recent variation appeared on Vanessa Reece’s latest blog entry:

I still love the fashion that [plus size retailers] provide, but in my opinion it should only be used as a stop gap through transition and NOT as fashion you would want to be in for the long term.

This is a recurring argument: plus sized clothes shouldn’t be of any kind of decent quality or follow trends at all because otherwise it takes away motivation to lose weight, you disgusting, greedy (albeit nicely dressed) fatty.

Hopefully the majority of you reading my blog realise such a statement is feeble, laughably self-absorbed and just utter, utter bullshit, on multiple levels. Even dispensing of the OMGbesity debate, the argument doesn’t hold up. A few pointers on why I believe it’s a flawed statement to make:


The entire argument hinges on the idea that if people who are fat are not constantly monitored, shamed and denied privileges they will get even fatter, which would be The Worst Thing Ever. They believe that once a person interested in fashion can see the disparity between the quality of clothing available to them and the quality afforded to thinner people, it will encourage (read: shame, emotionally bully) them into losing weight.

Anyone with objectivity can see this logic is flawed – not even considering whether fat is healthy or a deathwish – merely by looking at trends of the past few decades. Since ready to wear became the norm as opposed to everyone sewing their own clothes, plus size options have been horrific, only recently making inroads: high price, extremely low quality, meant to hide and shame anyone who needs to wear it. And did the overweight population diminish as a result of everyone dieting to get down to a smaller size? No it fucking didn’t, did it? If anything, it prospered!

Do people really believe that the reason fat people are fat is because they’re not shamed or belittled or denied enough? Do they really feel that a couple of nice outfits are enough to block out the bombardment of anti-fat messages bludgeoned into their minds every waking minute? Get a grip.

2. Not all fatties are bothered about fashion

Pretty much speaks for itself: not all fat people give a toss about fashion, so clothes alone isn’t going to motivate them to lose weight, if they even want to be motivated to lose weight at all.

3. The project of reducing one’s body size =/= the pain of designers using a bit of extra fabric

I know that designers, buyers and journalists talk as though making clothes for anyone other than models is a nigh-on impossible task, and as a result dissenters should just pipe down, lock the cheeseburgers away and slim down to acceptable proportions. I’m sorry, but no way in hell is it that simple.

Anyone who has decided to reduce their weight by a significant amount knows that such a thing comes neither easily nor quickly. It’s an absolutely mammoth task, requires utmost dedication and awareness at all times, and a huge amount of time each day have to be dedicated to the cause over months and years to see any changes (ignoring the inevitable plateaus and likely regain of weight, but there are a million other essays that detail this shit better than I can). I’m not even going to go into the emotional and mental stress trying to reduce body weight creates on a person’s psyche.

On the other hand, for designers to create fashionable plus sized clothes they have to: use more fabric; invoke their ‘genius’; and spend a little more time with their fit models than they’re used to. Hard fucking times, I’m sure you’ll agree. It’s not an equal trade off by any means.

AND – although this kind of bleeds into my final point – apart from the majority of people in the FA movement, pretty much everyone is trying to lose weight, pretty much all the time anyway! So… your point?

4. As long as there are people, there will be fat ones

This is where the argument is its most short-sighted. For arguments sake, let’s say I agree. Fat is unequivocally bad and evil and anyone who finds themselves over a UK16 will only be so temporarily once they are starved of fashion. Why make fashionable, high quality clothing in plus sizes when no one will be fat for more than a specific amount of time?

But not everyone gets fat/gets thin at the same point in time, do they? Contrary to popular belief, fat people aren’t some foreboding monolithic being, getting all obese and finally shaming themselves thin at the exact same point in time. We are all individuals with our own lives and stories. Even if every single person who finds themselves to be aesthetically displeasing to the masses decides to change, it will all be at different points in their lives – as a result, THERE ARE ALWAYS GOING TO BE FAT PEOPLE.

You know what that means? There will always be a demand for fashionable, good quality clothing in plus sizes, even if people are only fat temporarily. Shock bloody horror. The idea of plus sized clothing as a stop gap is a moot point. Because even if you don’t want or need it, someone else will.

Right, rant over. Tell me again why plus sized clothing shouldn’t be of a good quality or actually fashionable?