I know for a lot of people, it’s scary to wear clothes that in effect make you look bigger. With me, because I’m already big it’s not as much of an issue if I wear things that aren’t neccessarily ‘flattering’. This skirt is a prime example…

Pictures 003
Ruffle skirt: Thrifted – originally Matalan(!)
Black jumper: Peacocks
Black booties: New Look
Pearl beads: Thrifted
Spot tights: Simply Be

Pictures 001

Apologies for the picture quality, grey skies and my camera conspired against me!

This skirt is one of the loveliest that I own. I bought it at the Big Bum Jumble but apparently it was originally from Matalan! I was surprised – it’s really, really well made and the material also feels like a great quality, very heavy crepe. As it’s such a statement piece I didn’t want to drown is out, so teamed it with a plain black jumper from Peacocks that I bought in desperation last winter.

What do you all think? Do you prefer to keep a sleek silhouette or are you happy to experiment?

Just a little quick hit from me today!

You know, over the past year of blogging, one of the posts I’ve been most proud of was my imitation of four Fall 2010 Couture looks. Not many people saw it at the time as it was caught in the transition of blog servers, but nonetheless it remains one of my favourites!

While looking through this season’s catwalk shows a few familiar looking pieces jumped out at me, so I thought I’d show them here. Again, they’re hardly carbon copies, but it’s still quite nice and affirming to see that there are plus sized garments that look like they could’ve been on the runway.


D&G vs ASOS Curve grungy maxi dress, £14


Nicole Farhi vs Evans multi-coloured print tunic, £15


Luisa Beccaria vs Simply Be wrap front tunic, £35


Bottega Veneta vs Simply Be block print tunic, £35


Blugirl vs ASOS Curve bow bandeau dress, £8

What do you think? Do let me know! Have you spotted any plus size similarities to what’s been on the runway this season?

Ah, I am so excited about this! A new site launches today focusing on fashion and beauty – but the difference is this is a feminist, inclusive and body-positive site, unlike most mainstream fashion news outlets (Cut Blog and Jezebel, that side-eye is in your direction).

Check out DangerouslyLUXE.


DangerouslyLUXE is the brainchild of Tasha Fierce of Red Vinyl Shoes, Ariel of Extra Fun Sized, and Xtina of Musings of a Fatshionista. I am a huge fan of all three women so I am very, very much looking forward to what they can come up with.

dangerouslyLUXE is body-positive, intersectional feminist fashion/culture/lifestyle news. We want to give you fashion-forward news, tips and reviews without the “-ism” fail so often found on other fashion tabloids. We stand in solidarity with the fatshionista movement, but this site is for all bodies. Here, you can revel in all the excess you want, dish supermodel gossip, read about the newest beauty products and view the latest fashion hot off the runway without worry that the next story will make you cringe at diet talk or catty comments about body size, skin color, class status, sexual orientation or gender identity. We offer fashion without the fail.

Now off you go. Shoo!

I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry at these pictures I just took. Here are a couple:

new 062

lulz, how trashy do I look?!

new 060

Snake necklace: Gogo Philip
Lace body: Simply Be
Black skirt: Carmakoma
Bra: Gok Wan for Simply Yours
Belt: Evans

I look such a mess, but I don’t think the Richardson-esque flash and high contrast does the ensemble its due. It’s actually an outfit I’ve had in mind mentally for ages, but never had the chance to try it out. And to be fair, I only hurredly tried this on and photographed it before my parents could cotton on to what I was doing and start taking the piss – but I saw this picture that I took as a test,  found hilarious and had to share.

The lace body was from one of Mica Paris’ Simply Be collections – I love it, but I do find it difficult to slot into my wardrobe, especially because it looks best on its own with a bra which I’m still not sure if I’m ready for. The skirt is beautiful as well and I wear it lots, though usually with a cardigan over the top. The only niggle I have is that I have to wear it right under my boobs for it to be a decent length. But it’s really comfortable and looks so striking!

I feel quite guilty about again showing an outfit that features something that was given to me, but the necklace by Gogo Philip was a gift. I’m not usually one for bling, but I’ve always liked their stuff since seeing it in Topshop. When I was about 10 my nan bought me a similar snake bracelet from Torque (anyone else remember that shop?) which I wore to death, so I felt a natural affinity with this from the first glance! I really love it as it’s just so different. And it’s surprisingly easy to wear, too. It is a quite close fitting necklace, so it may not be for those with larger necks, but it fits in just the right place on me!

Any thoughts? Hopefully I will be back to my nice, normal shots in the garden where I look alive very soon!

Hello! I wanted to do a thorough round up of this season’s catwalk shows, and I figured the best place to start was by showing you my favourite collections from each city. I’m aiming to round up anyting similar available at the moment, and then pick out the colours and looks that were most popular.

Now, I understand some of you are scratching your heads, wondering why on earth a plus size girl is looking at clothes that will never fit her? It does seem a bit odd! But the reason why I do it is because a) what happens on the runway eventually filters down to the high street, and I like knowing where the influences from my clothes have come from, and b) I LIKE LOOKING AT PRETTY CLOTHES, OK!?

To be fair, even if I could fit into these clothes I still couldn’t have them as I’d never be able to afford them! (Hell, even Primark are out of my price range right now.)

I have to say, my tastes are very much out of step with the majority of the fashion press (mostly because I am a massive girly girl who doesn’t really care for minimalism!) but that’s why I’m just a blogger and not a proper journo. Do let me know what you liked!

All images courtesy of Womens Wear Daily.



Marc Jacobs pretty much pwned this season’s 70’s luxe aesthetic with this, MBMJ and Louis Vuitton. This was my favourite, though.


Oscar De La Renta almost made me weep at the delicate perfection of those dresses. Guess I never stopped wanting to be a princess.


Rodarte was just adorably kooky, and the colours are so warm. Love the wood print, too!

Notables: Prabal Gurung, Betsey Johnson, Marchesa, Nicholas K



Erdem are always exciting and slotted in nicely with the garden party/ballerina theme. The patchwork prom dress is my favourite.


Mary Katrantzou went for full on trompe l’oeil on her dresses this year with each one representing a dream interior. I’m sure to lots it was very one-note, but personally I was completely charmed.


Todd Lynn had a more austere and futuristic look, which I loved.

Notables: David Koma, Basso & Brooke, Burberry Prorsum, Christopher Kane



Francesco Scognamiglio‘s collection wasn’t too popular with the fashion press but I loved the silhouettes and fabrics used for his 10th anniversary collection.


Missoni was so bold and fun, the colours were stunning – the black accents made it all pop even more.


Versus – It makes me so happy that Versus is back. The fabrics and patterns are spliced and mixed together, but in a much more coherent way than most designers. Yay Chris Kane!

Notables: Alberta Ferretti, Fendi, Moschino C&C, D&G, Versace



Alexander McQueen – Sarah Burton’s first collection for the house was just stunning in every way. A lot of the shapes and regal motifs were similar to the late Lee himself, but even so, you could feel the more feminine and softer influence. Just beautiful.


Gareth Pugh always speaks to my inner goth, but with this season (and the video, too) he put a fair bit of cyber into his aesthetic. This collection is pretty much what I thought I’d be wearing in the ~future when I was wee.


Zac Posen was very much a sultry, almost burlesque aesthetic. If I could dress like this every day I absolutely would.

Notables: I loved loads of Parisien shows; Carven, Louis Vuitton, Rick Owens, Valentino, Lanvin (though I hated how he used his models of colour), Elie Saab, Hermes

So there you go! Did anyone else look through the collections this year? If so, what were your favourites?

Ah, SO MUCH news and general STUFF happening right now! Here’s the rest of it…


Well I’ve had a super exciting week this week! My interviews with models Ashley Graham and Quinn Miles have gone live on the Evans blog, woop! I also answered questions for a little Q&A which you can read here. I do go on, don’t I?

Then, yesterday, after months and months of planning I took a whirlwind trip to Manchester to shoot a little video for the lovely team at Simply Be. I won’t say too much at the moment, but don’t fear – I’ll definitely bore you all to death about it once it goes live. As well as my own video, Diane and Gemma will have ones featuring their picks, which I can’t wait to see. It was so much fun!

It’s so weird, though. I honestly, hand on heart, never expected anything like all this when I started my blog, you know? It’s such a great experience for me, and I know that I’m very lucky to have opportunities like these.



Anna Scholz is hosting a sample sale at her studio on 22nd October. Up to 80% off, wow! Is anyone heading down?


Evans have released pictures and a really cute video about their AW footwear collection. I don’t blame them as they have some amazing shoes and boots this season! Bless ’em.


The north are getting their own plus sized jumble sale – the Jelly Belly Jumble! So exciting. It’s taking place on Saturday 20th November at Wrangthorn Hall in Leeds. Join their Facebook group for more info. I’m sure it’ll be just as amazing as the BBJ.

Charlotte Cooper of Obesity Timebomb has alerted me to this awesome event showcasing the premiere of a short film documenting her fierce fatty girl gang, The Chubsters. It’s on Wednesday 27th October at the Portabello Pop Up Cinema. Check out her blog for more info – all are welcome!

There is also a two day Fat Activism and Fat Studies conference taking place in London on 19th and 20th November, for anyone interested in HAES and the more political side of being fat. There is more information on Obesity Timebomb and you can register here.

PHEW! Have a lovely weekend, peeps.

The LDN XL GRRRLS Funzine 2010 is here, YAY! Well done to lovely Meryl for her hard work in putting it together. Check out that cover!

I’ve written an article on shopping in London as a fatty. While I didn’t intend for it to be a complete downer, it unfortunately ended up being one. But if you want to know why, you’re gonna have to read it, yes? I feel so, so honoured to have been a part of it. The articles are beautifully written and personal (apart from mine) muses on navigating life as a plus size woman, queer and straight alike, and there’s even comic strips, puzzles and vegan recipes.

Zines cost £2.66 to the UK incl shipping, and you can order by emailing ldnxlgrrrls at gmail dot com. Meryl ships overseas so do enquire about shipping costs.

There are also two magazines aiming to feature plus size models in the pipeline:

Sara of Lions, Tigers & Sara… is creating a plus size, tall and petite magazine for her dissertation. She explains more about it on her blog, and it sounds like a great idea. She’s also looking for models to be shot for the magazine – by the sounds of it they will be beautiul, high fantasy editorials. How lovely would that be? If you’re interested in taking part, please email her at lions and tigers and sara oh my at gmail dot com.

( hips ) is the brainchild of Tiffany, and hopes to be an almost radically body-positive magazine. I absolutely love what they want to achieve:

  • ( hips ) wants to educate its readers about body image.
  • ( hips ) wants to take back “beauty” and redefine it.
  • ( hips ) wants to celebrate women who love their bodies.
  • ( hips ) wants to promote a healthy self-image for women of all ages.
  • ( hips ) wants all women to feel beautiful, valued and respected.
  • ( hips ) wants to foster a community where women of every size and shape feel beautiful, valued and respected.

    For more information check out their page here, which is a competition to get funding from Pepsi. Please, please vote!

Lastly (but certainly not least), the Centre for Appearance Research are looking for models to take part in a photoshoot in November. Here is their press release:

The Centre for Appearance Research at the University of the West of England is looking for women sizes 16 plus, aged 18-27, to get their photos taken in Bristol in early November. The photo shoot aims to celebrate beauty in all shapes and sizes and the photographs will be used in research and other materials that aim to explore beauty, body image and the media. You will get your hair and makeup done by a professional makeup artist, a free digital copy of the photos which will be shot by a professional photographer and be paid £60 for your time.

Recently, the airbrushing of models in the media has generated widespread political, media and consumer attention. There have also been calls for the use of models that reflect reality and have different body shapes and sizes. While industry has argued that airbrushing and being thin is necessary to sell products, others argue that images of thin models contribute to unrealistic beauty ideals and negatively harm women’s psychological and physical wellbeing. Researchers at the Centre for Appearance Research are currently trying to unravel this debate by exploring to explore the impact of airbrushing and perfected images on appearance concerns and body image. You can be part of this exciting research by taking part in this Any Size Fashion Model Shoot!

If you are interested in taking part in the model shoot please send an email to ruth@picadordesign.co.uk with a clear, up to date image of yourself and details of your height and dress size.

This sounds like a decent idea, although I think a lot of how shoots with non-models (I am lothe to utter the phrase ‘real women’) turn out is due to the photographers and artistic direction. Most shoots I’ve seen using members of public play on their normality, which in my opinion is why they tend to fail… but still, this has potential to be a very interesting project. I might take part myself actually! Let me know if you’re taking part.

I realise this is just a repeat of every other plus sized fashion blog out there, but I am so enamoured with Monif C‘s new collection that I had to post about it!

Monif C new collection

I’ve always been a fan of Monif‘s (I have a savings pot in the hope that I can one day afford to buy something!) and she just seems to keep on improving with each season. While the looks are still very womanly, she still creates dresses that most plus size retailers would shy away from. Here are some of my favourites:

Monif C new collectionSerena Sequin Kimono Sleeve Dress

Monif C new collectionAlexandra Draped Goddess Dress – I originally thought this was velvet which got me SUPER excited, alas it’s jersey but even so, I love it.

monifc3Nikita Leather Dress – Camel and leather are perfectly on trend for winter, and I adore the detailing on this. The back is actually jersey too, for comfort – otherwise sitting down might be kind of a drag!

I like that Monif understands some of her customers may not be as comfortable showing their arms and makes use of sleeves in an imaginative way, even making them the focus point of the dress, as in the case of ‘Serena’.

It’s also fantastic to see Fluvia Lacerda – while I appreciate and fangirl over loads of plus models, it’s great that Fluvia genuinely reads as plus, you know?

Monif C is also moving into her new boutique in NYC, and hosting a party to celebrate, so if you’re in the area do RSVP! In the meantime, I’m waiting for a store in London (which I will then beg for a job at!).

Monif C new collection


Image courtesy of Simply Be UK

While I was getting all starstruck over Ashley Graham and Quinn Miles, models arguably at the top of their game right now, over in Simply Be land they were busy recruiting the next top plus model! I really loved the fact that this competition had no upper size limit, and was even more pleased when the finalists were revealed – a lot of size diversity which was great!

The Simply Be team shared photos of the event which I just had to post, as it’s always amazing and inspiring to me to see gorgeous fat women rocking the runway – hopefully some of you feel that way too.

And, of course: congratulations to Amy Sellu, the winner! Can’t wait to see more of you in the future.

Click the ellipsis for more photos:

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