Fashion videos are becoming more and more popular as the industry wises up to the medium. This year’s high fashion highlights are definitely Gareth Pugh’s SS11 video, and Nick Knight’s recent tribute to Alexander McQueen.

Plus size brands have also begun to make their own videos – notably Igigi’s “16” and Beth Ditto for Evans’ promo video – that latter definitely more in my taste than the former.

So you can imagine my excitement when I got the email from one of my absolute favourite independent labels, Carmakoma, saying they’ve produced a video for their Spring/Summer 11 range! And guess what, it’s fookin’ FABULOUS. Here is the link:

Boost Your Carma

I can’t embed videos here sadly, so here are some screenshots from the vid:






According to Carmakoma, “The new film ‘Boost Your Carma‘ is a vivid illustration of the tendency that curvy women all over the world no longer will accept the perception that beauty equals skinny. In an aesthetical manner the film breaks with prejudice concerning body image and attitude for women in plus sizes.

Personally I love it just because it manages to be young and cute, like it’s aimed at a woman like myself. And the model is gorgeous! My only wish is that there were more shots of the clothes, but there you go.

What do you think?

As I type this, it is approximately three days until Christmas. AAAAHHHHH! That said all my presents are wrapped and under the tree, so I’m not stressing – just massively excited!

Because I like window shopping and hypothetically spending money, I created a bumper Christmas “wishlist”. This year I took a lot of fashion risks, which was great – but along the way I think I lost sense of what my own personal style is. I think in essence it’s very vintage inspired in terms of shapes, colours, but not genuinely vintage. This is probably because I lack the patience or skill to go all-out vintage with the hair, and make-up (though eyeliner flicks are my speciality!) but I remain really havily influenced by it. Polka dots, kitch prints, bows, embellishments and kitten heels, because high heels cut off the blood circulation to my toes, making them go numb, so YAY for this years’ kitten heel renaissance!

Here’s a couple of collages of things that are definitely “me”, that I’d love to own…


From left to right:
Ambitious Endeavour dress, Modcloth; Polkadot Fit&Flare Dress, Dorothy Perkins; Casey Chiffon Embellished Cardi, Monsoon; Bow Ballet Pumps, Accessorize; Ruffled Cotton Dress, eShakti (WHY DON’T ESHAKTI DELIVER OUTSIDE THE US, GODDDD?!)


Clockwise from top left:
Black Collar Boots, Evans; Leopard Print Cardi, H&M (BiB range); Lace Kitten Heels, Evans; Terracotta Fit&Flare Dress, ASOS; Leopard Print Shift Dress, Tesco (True range); Cropped Heart Cardigan, Beth Ditto at Evans; Baroque Shift Dress, Tesco (F&F Range); Grey Collar Boots, Evans

Here are some things that aren’t really my style at all, but I still covet them desperately:


Clockwise from left:
Floral Biker Dress, ASOS Curve; Leather Shift Dress, Tesco (F&F Range); Ettore Boots, Red or Dead; Khaki Aviator Jacket,; Jarv Specs Necklace, Tatty Devine; Khaki Lace Up Boots,; Peaches Logo Necklace, Tatty Devine; Blade Running Dress, Domino Dollhouse; Lace Kitty Ears, ASOS

I am so in love with all of these. I originally saw the Blade Running dress on Fashion To Figure, and saved a picture as “Tron Dress” – I love that Chubble Bubble named it after another sci-fi classic! I tried on the khaki boots in Evans the other day and they looked fantastic. But I have hardly any brown or khaki in my wardrobe so…

And I couldn’t leave these babies out…


Ah, a girl can dream, right? Just because my poor, geriatric workhorse of a laptop is gradually submitting to technical arthritis. As it is I have to set aside an entire hour for it to load up properly, and even then every time I click something it has to scratch its bum and sigh, before eventually shuffling over and doing what I asked. Bless it.

And if you happened to notice that I only ever did one video for Vogue Curvy, you’re right. It wasn’t supposed to be a one-off, but my lack of video camera has totally hindered my plans for the rest of the year. First thing I’m treating myself to is a camcorder so I can get back on it – I mean HELLO, as if I’d give up an opportunity to be on Vogue Frickin’ Italia!

Hope you’re looking forward to Christmas!

I completely forgot BUT! When I attended the Arcadia press day last month I was videoed for Evans – and you can see the video here if you fancy it.

Argh, less than a week until Christmas! I’m really excited, and a bit relieved that I’ve got a lovely new Christmas Day outfit:

Christmas outfit

Christmas outfit

Dress: Yours Clothing
Pearl Cardigan: New Look
Belt: Very (circa 06/07ish)
Tights: Evans (2009)
Boots: New Look (2009)
Bow Headband: Primark (2008)

I can’t help it – I love to matchy-match, colour wise, and red and black are one of my favourite colour combinations! Since summer I hadn’t bought anything but essentials for my wardrobe (like tights and cheap bras) because I was saving for Christmas. As it turned out, I had a little money left over so treated myself to a couple of bits: first of all the pearl cardigan (I’ve gone right off sequins and studs lately, but there is still space in my heart for pearls!) and most recently this “military” dress by Yours. I first tried it on when I visited their HQ and I knew it was for me! Both items will get a shed-load of wear over the coming months.

Christmas outfit

I wish I didn’t have to use these photos, but they were the best of a bad bunch. My mum refused to stay out in the cold for more than 30 seconds, hates taking photographs and can’t see the viewfinder so it was inevitable! The last one is my favourite – because it’s blurry!

Hope you’re all well. I’ll be checking in before Christmas anyway, but do also keep an eye on the blog over at Yours. :)

Before I get to the ~fashun, I absolutely have to share this with you if you’ve not already seen it:

The Fat Body (In)Visible

It’s a documentary by Margitte of Riots Not Diets, featuring Jessica and Keena. I’m reluctant to get into body politics again on the blog, but if you have a spare 30 mins please watch it. It’s just a really lovely documentary, and it brought me to tears. Even though fat bodies are supposedly becoming the norm, it’s still radical to see someone discussing openly what you’re up against, and the correlation between invisibility and hyper-visibility. I found them so articulate, strong, beautiful and empowering. I was a massive fan of all three anyway, but this just cements it!

I suppose it might seem strange to post images of high fashion models now, but to be honest the day that we can see bodies of all sizes celebrated together without politics or objection is a day I look forward to, y’know?


Pre Fall 2011 Faves

I enjoy the colour pops of this collection, but I particularly love how this dress manages to be bold and streamlined at the same time.


Pre Fall 2011 Faves

I think we can all agree the past few seasons for Burberry Prorsum have been one huge home run for Christopher Bailey, right? Seriously, the man can do no wrong. Pre-fall is in a similar vein to AW1011, with lots of military detailing, tweed, and thigh high boots. This look is my favourite because of that beautiful skirt and the half-fur jacket.


Pre Fall 2011 Faves

What is happening to me?! Normally I’m allergic to ye olde Lolerfeld and his designing clothes that make anyone wearing them look as ludicrous as he does, but this wasn’t even a proper collection (although at 69 outfits it wasn’t all that smaller than his Spring/Summer extravaganza) and it managed to completely charm me. Inspired by the Byzantine era, gold, jewels and bling were all over the shop but nothing looked cheap or gaudy, it managed to look classic and restrained. This to me a perfect example of what a good black dress would look like dressed up to the nines – and it has pockets!


Pre Fall 2011 Faves

I liked a lot of Posen’s pre-fall collection, especially his insistence on leopard print bodycon dresses. I tried to choose one out of them and couldn’t, so plumped for this ladylike suit instead. It is great though, isn’t it? I could have been dull but the pattern and piping make it stand out just enough. Also, the shoot makes me laugh. I still can’t believe old Princess Coldstare from Misshapes is a legit fashion model now. And Crystal Renn is still proving that she is in a complete other league to most models.


Pre Fall 2011 Faves

I saved the best for last, obviously. Make no mistake: this is how I want to dress every damn day of my life.

Amazingly, despite hating my face, hair and 90% of my winter wardrobe, I’ve managed to get an outfit together that I don’t actively dislike.


Polka dot cardigan: TU at Sainsburys (2009)
Frill skirt: Madonna by Carmakoma (2009)
Belt: Evans (2009)
Shoe boots: New Look (2009)

This picture makes me look like Georgina! That isn’t a bad thing, btw. This was the only photo which wasn’t a) blurred or b) mid me explaining to my mum that there is no viewfinder because it’s a digital camera, haha. I have to admit I am super jealous of all your blogs who have wonderful photography!

And no, your eyes aren’t deceiving you: everything in this photo has already been featured on the blog. I’m quite pleased about my ability to remix, even though I am still in the throes of an image crisis!

Also, I was profiled in The Sun today – not on Page 3, I hasten to add – in a feature about fashion bloggers. It was actually really cool of them to include any blog that focused on plus size fashion, so kudos for that, and I’m glad to have represented our little contingent!

Before Pocket Rocket was even a twinkle in mine eye, I learned about the website Polyvore through the Fatshionista livejournal community, I think. I briefly played about with it but ended up abandoning it, as the intricate and wildly artistic users put me off as I thought I couldn’t compete!

I ended up for getting about it for over a year, but recently logged back in. It’s interesting to see the kinds of stuff I put together and what looks I was into – and I thought I’d post them here:

Please bear in mind hardly any of this stuff is available anymore! A lot of the clothes are from the catalogue Oli – I was a huge fan as when it first launched it had incredible clothes up to a size 20 and 22 – which although is still a low number in plus sizes, fitted me, and this was before I discovered FA. They also had collaborations with designers like PPQ, Jasmine Guinness, Maria Grachvogel among others. It was so cool. However as their fashion credentials grew, their sizes diminished and now 16 is their largest size. PPQ and Jasmine Guiness have since been poached by Very, but with a smaller size collection, going up to 18 instead of 22. Oh well – their loss!

Anyway, back to the Polyvore sets – which look’s your favourite? Do you have an account? If so let me know your username so I can add you!

Another quick update post from me. I’ve busied myself the past few days trying to secure sponsorship for ++ London – we’re currently at 33 confirmed, with another potential 60 guests… wowza! We don’t do things by half, do we? Carla, Kat, Val, Steph, Katrin and Sophie are being amazing help, and really I just can’t wait to catch up and hang out with you all, no matter what we end up doing.

But, some news which has made me so excited! Yours Clothing, who I’ve been a customer of for years and years, were looking to update and improve on their blog and social media – and I of course totally jumped at the chance! As of this week I have taken over their blog with a view to developing it amd making it as fun and interactive as possible – on Wednesday I visited their HQ again to talk about plans and aims and things, which in ended in me pretend-modelling YET AGAIN, why does this always happen?

Check out my first blog post here!


CRINGE. Jumper and belt are lovely though, aren't they?


Checking out Yours' bling.

I really hope I can do them justice! Although more importantly, I hope you don’t hate me for doing this. I’m not making any money or anything, I’m doing it because I think it’s an awesome opportunity with a brand I’ve been passionate about for a really long time. I suppose I worry a little that it looks like favouritism on my part, as well. But I honestly have a deep respect for most brands that I’ve dealt with and talk about, and if such an opportunity had come up with any of them I’d have jumped at the chance, too, honest!

I’ll still be blogging here of course – as I’ve always said, this is my happy place!

All Kinds of Everything

Edited by: Florrie Clarke of Intrinsically Florrie
There’s such lovely variation amongst the links submitted this week. We are fashion bloggers- of course we like things that are pretty things from expensive handbags to quirky DIY jewelry- but the dedication to great content and a passion for good causes is what really stands out with this week’s posts.

Links à la Mode; December 9th

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  • Analogue Chic: Drama with my mama: being my mom’s personal stylist.
  • Any Second Now: Remembering the fashion of 1980′s Duran Duran and how it inspired a fashion pictorial that includes giant Rubik’s Cubes. Gotta love the 80′s!
  • ashley4emergy: Tea Party and Vintage Fashion Exhibit with Socialite Ms. Lana Turner!
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  • Big Girls Browse: Dressember begins – a different dress every day for the whole of December
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  • Searching for Style: Fashion 101: Why Luxury is Expensive. The making of an Hermès bag.
  • STREET STYLE: PICS BY POLKA DOT: One woman’s journey to get credit for a piece Spanish Elle did using her photographs without her knowledge, or consent. A cautionary tale!
  • The Coveted: Winter Vacation Tory Burch Resort 2011
  • two for the clothes: Our second “Freaky Friday” post, in which her outfit for him turns out badly.
  • The Fashion Pawn: What a business card can do for you


Shopbop Jeans by: DL1961, COH, Siwy, Juicy, MiH, 7′s, Joe’s, Hudson, Charley 5, Cheap Monday, & AG Jeans

— I’m so excited for Diana‘s post to have been featured! I submitted the post after Anika suggested it, so thank you sweets. There are some fabulous entries, can’t wait to read them all.

Hey everyone! I’m not sure if you’ve seen on twitter or facebook, but I am organising a blogger meet up in London on February 5th, WOOP. It was going to be a low key runner up to the original meet but actually, I kinda want to go all out now.

At the moment we have a rough plan in place – a spot of shopping, followed by a posh lunch and finally a cocktail party. Some of my favourite bloggers have already confirmed that they’re coming like Val and Anika, and hopefully bloggers like Alegra and Katrin can also make it!

You can RSVP on Facebook here. I was also halfway through setting up a tumblr for it for more details of what’s happening, who’s involved, etc but then tumblr died. But if it comes back, here’s the link:

Just a couple of points I want to make:

  • This is an open event so everyone is welcome (well, apart from maybe creepy dudes, fat fetishists and diet evangelicals)
  • Although it’s geared towards plus size fashion in terms of sponsorship etc, you don’t have to be “plus sized” to come! The more the merrier, fat, thin & inbetween!
  • Nor do you have to be a blogger – if you love fashion and shopping and fancy hanging out with the likes of me (god knows why), come along!

I really hope you can make it, and of course there’ll be more info in the weeks ahead. I’m SO excited to meet everyone.

If any lovely companies would like to get involved with the event via sponsorship or other options, please get in touch via email.



I remember talking to Amy once and we both said how lovely it’d be to walk into a clothes shop that does sizes 0 all the way through to 38 (and beyond, if needs be!). Unfortunately that dream remains out of reach for a long, long time, but until then, French style bloggers Pauline and Stephanie have collaborated on a capsule collection – Call Me Ponie. And happily, CMP has one of the most extensive size ranges I’ve seen yet. Everything is available in FR38 – FR56 (approximately UK8 – UK26). Awesome!


The collection is a selection of four leather garments (yes, I’m sad to say it’s not vegan friendly) in collaboration with two leather craft experts, DKS and Fashion Cuir, where the collection is available to buy. Because of this the prices are very high, which I think is understandable – I think all of them would make great investment pieces. As well as a shearling jacket, cape and skater skirt, there are some paper-bag waisted, turn up leather shorts which I know some of you *cough, cough* were dying for!


As Pauline and Stephanie are absolutely stunning and photogenic, it’s only right that they modeled their designs, no? I love the photos – it just shows how you can you look fantastic no matter what size! Both of them show of the garments beautifully.


All photos courtesty and copyright of Tode @ Portraits de Blogueuses

What do you think peeps?