Hello. Are you all alright? It’s really upsetting me that I’m not able to update my blog as often any more, so I’m quickly sneaking one in. Shhh! Firstly: IMPORTANT NEWS! The LDN XL GRRRLS zine that I contributed to as well as a million and one amazing women I respect and admire, is now available as a pdf download for two of your pounds. I really cannot stress enough how great it really is. Buy it, people!

It was my birthday last week – I had a lovely time and lovely presents and lovely food. And in my opinion, I wore a lovely outfit too…


“Retro Starlet” Dress: Simply Be
Ruffle Trim Cardigan: Torrid
Polka Dot Shoes (and belt): Evans
Cream Lace Corsage: Accessorize

It’s one of those outfits where I feel like I look exactly how I want to look – you know what I mean? A lot of the time I have to buy things that are about 10% of the look I want and work with it, although it’s getting better. This is just really cute. Although now I feel like I should have put something in my hair, oh well! I really love the dress, although I know a few people on twitter were unhappy at the length, fabric and cut. I have to say, it’s pretty perfect for me – but that’s likely because I’m not busty and very short. Simply Be dresses I buy usually have to be altered as they are far too long, so this was a welcome change!

For reasons of declaration: The cardigan was given to me by Torrid for Plus London, but I love it so much I’ve hardly removed it from my person since. And the corsage was bought as part of an Accessorize event, which I WILL blog about soon, promise!

Ok, that’s enough awkward posing for one day. Until next time… xx

AW11/12, you are officially killing me.


Stella McCartney


Marc Jacobs




David Koma


Dolce & Gabbana (bit of a cheat as it’s stars, but look how cute it is!)

Now, I’d be rubbish if I didn’t give you some plus sized variations… One thing I will say is that most of the plus size styles are more girlish and innocent, when what I love about this season’s designer dresses is how grown up and seductive they are.


South by Very spot mesh dress, sold out (boooo!)
Anna Scholz, £159

Carmakoma “Cowbird” dress, £79.42

City Chic Flocked Heart top, $32 (hearts, stars, dots… why be pedantic?)

Domino Dollhouse Classic Doll dress, £37.23

Alright peeps, that’s enough salivating from me. G’night! x

new 027

Hello, me again! Blimey. Just a quick outfit post today. Apologies about the ~moody lighting, it’s actually that my camera is absolute pants. Anywho, on to the look…

new 030

new 013

Oxblood oversized top: Yours Clothing
Leopard print mini: ASOS Curve
Feathered hairclip: Bijou Bijoux
Glasses: I don’t even know
Boots: Evans

This outfit is completely different to what I would normally wear, but I love it all the same. Both the top and skirt are stretchy and comfortable – although the skirt does ride up my bum so I have to be careful – and it’s just a really nice, every day outfit. I tend to omit everyday clothes when buying which always leaves me in a pickle – especially as I don’t even go out much any more so all my beautiful evening dresses remain unworn!

I’ve also recently been told that I’ve had a bad allergic reaction to my contact lenses in my right eye, so for the rest of this month I have to wear my glasses. As much as I love specs, I found myself surprisingly upset at the prospect. As much as I love glasses on others, I just really hate myself in them. Especially as mine are SO wacky with their lime green insides and diamante accents! Thinking about it it makes sense, because my glasses is something I do get teased a lot about by my parents, who reckon I look like Nana Mouskouri and Ros from Monsters Inc. My mum has even told me she “hates” me in my glasses, so I suppose I’ve internalised that over the years!