Evans blogger brunch AW11

Bloggers together, smiling for the camera! Left to right: LaCara, Carla, Claire, Me, Laura, Rosie, Steph and Naomi. (Photo courtesy of Evans)

Oh, so bloody much for updating more frequently this month, eh? Being busy and then putting your back out for a weekend will do that, though. I just hope I’m well enough to attend Big Beach Bums on Saturday.

As you’ve seen around the blogosphere, a few of us were lucky enough to get invited down to Evans‘ AW11 presentation to see what they have planned. It’s always really exciting to have a nose at clothes (and in my case, figure out a budget plan which will enable me to save up and buy as much as possible when it comes out!). And lovely to meet the team and of course, hang out with other bloggers who I love dearly! This time around I met Laura and Rosie, who were adorable, as well as catching up with Carla, Steph, LaCara, Claire and Naomi!

Evans blogger brunch AW11

Image: The Evans AW showroom. Two mannequins stand to the left, one in a grey print wrap dress, and another a black tunic dress with large polka dot sleeves. There are two framed giant campaign photos leaning against the wall, and a table to the right featuring shoes and jewellery.

There’s not much I can add that hasn’t already been said by everyone, but I’ll ramble on anyway. The most exciting piece of news for me was that Evans and Style369 will be split, so that Style369 becomes a younger, faster, trendier look, and Evans will be more mature, classic and better quality*. They also told us about a dramatic shift in focus for Evans which they came up with after interviewing 10,000 customers, and finding that for most, clothes shopping is a terrifying experience for them. What they have planned is incredibly ambitious, and I think will be brilliant if they pull it off. Another little bit of news is that while there won’t be another Beth Ditto range (sob!) they are working in collaboration with another celeb – but it’s top secret so they couldn’t tell us who it is! Bets at the ready, yeah?

Evans blogger brunch AW11

Image: The Style369 section. Two mannequins to the right wear 40's style dresses, one with black and white polka dots, one with polka dots and floral patter. To the left is a rail containing the S369 samples which are very colourful.

I think all of us at the brunch would probably identify more with Style369 as we’re all about fast, colourful fashion and their rail was definitely my favourite. It included items from a range with Max C, who I absolutely love, including some gorgeous 1940s and art deco inspired dresses, and stuff like sheer floral crop tops. Naomi also asked the head designer Lisa Marie whether they would expand their sizes to 32 and the answer was YES. I’m really pleased about that!

Evans blogger brunch AW11

Image: My favourite Evans mannequin outfit. A pleated rust maxi skirt worn as a dress, with statement necklace, panelled black fake fur coat belted with a black leather waist belt, and big black boots. Look was inspired by Stevie Nicks!

That said, there were lots of things in the Evans collection that I loved too – fitted shift dresses, fake cur coats, military boots, and sparkly jumpers that were gorgeous. Although I did admit on the day that I was glad the Style369 rail was there, as if it wasn’t then I may have been ¬†bit disappointed. But thankfully that’s not the case ;) I really hope they all make it to store!

Evans blogger brunch AW11

Image: Mannequins in the Evans AW showroom. Including a grey ruched empire line dress with sleeves and a long necklace; a grey and rust floral print maxi dress and charcoal boyfriend jacket; and a roll neck beige jumper over a maxi skirt the same pattern as the maxi dress.

It was just a lovely day and really nice to speak to the team again, even if I did end up chewing Lisa Marie Peacock’s ear off about music for ages. After that we headed off for pizza as it was Carla‘s birthday! We really do have such a laugh, and I hope we can all meet up again soon!

What do you guys think of the photos and news?

*ETA – the references to age were their words, not mine! There’s no age limit on either set of clothes. Wear what you like, age is about as relevant to style as size is (i.e. not one iota).

There are more collections that I loved, but right now I’m totally ‘shopped out – ripping off the last Elle Collections book is fiddly work, ha. But go forth, stare at the pretty, and let’s dream of getting them in sizes 20 and above!



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Yes I know, I’m not exactly avant garde in my tastes. And I am a sucker for a great cocktail dress!

Hell yeah two posts in a week! This one is a little bit of a cheat, as I intended to post it on the Yours blog but Blogger is down, so you get it here instead. Aren’t you lucky?


2in1 dress: Yours Clothing
Shrug: Yours Clothing
Headband: Primark
Sunglasses: Torrid
Necklace: Tatty Devine
Boots: Evans

I loved this dress since I first saw it, but I guessed that I needed to size up because of the bodycon nature of the skirt. So I ordered a 24 and got my mum to run in under the arms for me so it didn’t expose my bra! I think it really works and I like that the top is slightly oversized as a result. The only problem is I don’t have the accessories to really make it stand out, as everything I own is so girly! But it’s not too bad. The sunglasses were part of the goodie packs from Plus London and I love these SO MUCH. I’m wearing them over my own prescription glasses here, haha!

Before the topic itself, I just want to say how saddened I am about the premature passing of model and activist Mia Amber Davis. I didn’t know her myself, just admired from afar. She was a beautiful and brilliant model, but what I loved most was her work for the plus size community and how open and friendly she was with fans, bloggers and up and coming models. She was such a good, positive role model and I am shocked and upset that she lost her life in her prime. Thoughts and condolences go out to her family and loved ones. xx

I am always super excited when a new plus boutique or designer opens, especially if what they do is genuinely fashionable! I’ve been a fan of Gisela Ramirez on tumblr along with, oh, everyone for ages, and when she announced she was creating her own line we all knew it would be pretty special. The website has now launched with items now available to pre-order, along with a stunning lookbook featuring Gisela herself modelling (with the cropped hair) – and I’m not disappointed at all. It’s cool, bright, outrageous and not for the faint at heart. In fact I can imagine the screams if my mum ever saw this…





I love the lack of compromise in every piece, and how they’ve been styled. You can absolutely tell it’s been made by a radical fat fashionista for fashion’s sake, rather than purely to make a profit from insecure plus size women. There’s no “we’ll have to tone this down”, no “this should be looser and more opaque” or “no plus size woman in her right mind would wear this”. And then of course there’s the models themselves, who are about as far removed from the bland, slightly-voluptuous-Hollywood-starlet look beloved of most of the industry as you can possibly get. I think it’s because I’ve been privy to a great deal of hand-wringing and lack of compromise recently over the glass ceiling of model sizes (if you’re over a UK18 forget about commercial modelling work – no client, photographer or brand will use you, even plus size/plus size friendly ones. It drives me UP THE WALL) that I am beyond overjoyed at how awesome Gisela and her model friend look. It’s just so good to see bellies, thick thighs and big arms on show and yes they damn well DO look sexy, fierce and just fookin’ amazing.

My favourite items are the sheer sack dresses, which are in about 5 different colours and reversible. I just know they’d be so versatile – they’re 100% silk too, no dodgy polyester there!

Yes, the price is a lot higher than most of us are used to, and some of us will probably balk at them. You have got to bear in mind though, this is an independent designer boutique as opposed to a mass-produced retail brand, so you’re paying for a smaller team and more dedicated craftmanship, y’know? Personally I think it’s totally worth it.

I honestly think she’s done such an amazing job.¬†Gisela’s project, both the clothes themselves and the photos, really nail home to me the idea that we will only see the changes we want to make in plus size fashion if we do it ourselves, rather than waiting for companies to take risks.