One Stop Plus

Image: Me, Snow White colouring, standing with my hands behind my back in a lilac dress with draping at the bust in my living room (living room colours cream, with dashes of red and black here and there.)


Well hello, AGAIN! Review week continues, and this time it’s of this lurvely One Stop Plus Runway Collection dress that was very nicely sent to me for review.


One Stop Plus

Image: Me, as before. Same living room, different pose.

Dress: Collection by One Stop Plus
Shoes: New Look

One Stop Plus is a fairly big phenomenon in the States, I believe, and they’ve recently opened up shop here. As far as I’m concerned more places to shop is always a positive, and I love that they stock items from Carmakoma and Big Beauty’s La Redoute line amongst other things. Some of you may recognise this dress from the catwalk show OSP held in New York Fashion Week last year. Now, if I’m being 100% honest: the runway show left me decidedly unimpressed. I wasn’t keen on the styling, the colours, the tie-dye… none of it. But (and there’s always a but!) when I saw the product shots on the website, it appealed much more. There were lots of items that I’d really like to buy, I really mean that. Among my favourites were this dress, with its gorgeous draping at the bust and sumptuous lilac colour. So when I was offered the chance to review one piece, I happily plumped for the this one.

I have to say I am just as in love with this dress in person as I am in the product shot. Initially, as a bargain hunter, I did think “£95… for jersey!?” but apparently, not all jerseys are made equal – the material is thick and luxurious, feeling amazing. It has a silky underskirt, too. And the draping just looks and feels absolutely lovely.

There is a slight issue however, that you’ve probably guessed when reading the material. It CLINGS. Oh boy, does it cling! As I’m still not the most confident fat girl in the world, I did whack on my Gok Wan sassy slip underneath to smooth everything out a bit. As a result, I wouldn’t recommend this dress for a summer wedding or anything of the sort – you kind of see in the photos I’m practically dripping. But if you’re going to a posh do with air-con, wear away. You’ll look fabulous!

I was worried, because of the clingyness, that it wouldn’t suit someone as bottom heavy (i.e. all belly & bum, no boobs) as me. The photos here don’t do justice just how great I feel wearing this dress. I feel sexy, grown up, stylish and gorgeous. Which is no mean feat for a bit of jersey, right?


Hello peeps! Here is my second review of Lovedrobe, a gorgeous 60’s smock tunic in black and cream!


Dress: Lovedrobe at Evans (also available in black and coral)
Shoes: Evans
Hairband: Primark
Sunglasses: Festival fashion stall

I hadn’t seen this item on the site before it was sent to me, however I’d have definitely chosen it. I really love it’s 60’s vibe, something even my mum remarked on. Again it is pleated, this time with a pretty contrast crochet detail and black chiffon sleeves. Like the navy dress, it has a silky underslip attached which is great – although you still need to take care to wear underwear that matches for your skintone, as it’s still quite see-through! The sleeves are great, and these have small buttons at the cuff which can be left unbuttoned if it’s too small. I also really like that the tunic is longer in the back which is always a godsend to me!

The downsides are that I think the material is rather thin and doesn’t feel as good a quality as their navy version, and again the length is still very short, being just about decent for my teensy height! But I am still very happy with it and will definitely get a lot of wear out of it.

I think the navy is definitely my favourite. Overall though I’ve been really pleased with both items from Lovedrobe so thank you!


Image: Me, in my usual garden place surrounded by foliage, wearing a navy pleated tunic and nude heels. In a dodgy pose, as always.

Hiiiiiiii! It’s been a wee while – I was off on holiday last week to Cornwall. I have to admit I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did when I were younger, though the dismal weather may have played a part in that. Ah well. Next time I’m definitely heading abroad for my hols.

In a coincidence that is totally typical of my bad timing, this whole week will be featuring reviews from brands such as Lovedrobe, One Stop Plus, We Love Colors and Accessorize – just as debate is dying down on whether plus size bloggers should give air-time to brands just because they make stuff in their size. I especially love Sarah’s post – she is a fantastic blogger and one of my favourites. At the same time though I feel slightly guilty reading her post and the comments, because I do say yes to things (not everything, as there have been some incredibly dodgy asks of me!) such as review items and events. Shit, I even work for a plus size clothing company now!

I’ve thought quite a lot about why I’ve accepted the things I have. In the beginning it was down to sheer amazement that I was offered in the first place – which still remains, even to this day! Also, my parents were very dubious about what I was doing, and showing them these invitations and having parcels sent to me was proof that I was doing something that people had started to notice. I wanted to prove to them that I wasn’t wasting my time. Another reason? I’ve liked the clothes and the brands! Hard to believe, huh? Of course, none of them are perfect, and I walk into any shop hating half of it, liking some and desperately coveting another few – that happens in all shops, plus size, straight size, non-fashion related. So when I’ve been offered to take my pick of things to comment on and wear, then I am extremely happy to do so, especially if it saves me a few quid. At no point do I ever think any of the companies I’ve worked with are infallible or the answer to every fat girl’s fashion prayers. If I did I’d be a bleedin’ liar. Lastly, especially when it comes to events, I say yes because I get to hang out with my fellow bloggers. That’s the main thing for me. Even with Plus London, as amazed I was at the support I got from brands, it was always about getting to meet so many amazing people in real life who I felt like I knew. Y’know?

This has gotten FAR too talky and self absorbed, as always. Anyway… on to the outfit, and my first review of Lovedrobe!


Image: Same as above, in a slightly different and less awkward stance. I'm also half smiling this time - the horror!

Dress/Tunic: courtesy of Lovedrobe
Heels: New Look
Necklace: courtesy of Accessorize

I’ve really loved this dress by Lovedrobe. I have to admit, I’d not heard of them before they started a concession range in Evans – but it turns out they’ve been operating for almost 15 years. They have a huge selection available, and of course not all of it is to my taste, but there are more than a few items I’ve really liked by them.

This dress was one of their most popular looks and some of my fave bloggers have also worn this. First, the pluses: It looks SO nice! The colour is a beautiful rich navy, which is one of my favourites. I love the tiny vertical pleats that peter out at the hem, and billowy chiffon sleeves. It also has an underslip which is sewn into the dress along the neckline – it actually makes the garment feel much better quality than I’d have expected. The only downsides are that while it’s a decent length for me, taller women would have to wear it with leggings which is a shame. And also, it’s a basic tunic shape – the chiffon belt helps, but it would be nice for it to have been more fitted.

I thought it best to wear with neutral tones and let the colour speak for itself, hence the subdued shoes and necklace. I do like this look and have worn it a few times – including my latest Vogue Curvy video. You get to see it in action there! What do you reckon?


Image: Me, short, fat, pale skinned with mid length dark hair. I'm in my garden in a 2in1 dress: plain black shirt, ruffly polka dot top. I also have a wide red waist belt, black leggings and red patent heels with bows on. I'm wearing glasses with diamantes down the sides. I'm looking down in my garden, with a bird bath behind me and foliage.

I actually took these photos for my blog over at Yours, but I really liked it so thought I’d put it here, too. This combines my obsession with polka dottery things and my favourite colour combination of black/white/red. Can’t go wrong, right?


Image: Me, as before, only I'm doing a rubbish pose with one hand on hip and the other in my hair. I am mid laugh at the silliness.

Dress: Yours
Belt: (many many years ago)
Leggings, Shoes: Primark

I love the dress and belt. I recently invested in super opaque tights, so I think I’ll only be wearing those with this from now on. I’ve only recently succumbed to leggings after over a decade of stubborn avoidance. I just couldn’t give in to something that I had been forced to live in for my entire childhood, y’know? But I’ve been worn down to the point where I can wear them without grimacing. Although if I can avoid it, I do. Gladly. My disdain is still hanging around in my brain, somewhere…


Image: Mannequins in the Monsoon showroom wearing various dresses and ensembles from their AW11 range, surrounded by clipped trees and twigs.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the press day for Monsoon and Accessorize, who I love to bits (and have to save up for months to buy anything from!). They have the most beautiful designs, are so generously cut and almost criminally well made by high street standards. And, they were recently named as the most ethical high street brand, which is fantastic. So naturally, I was really excited!

The winter collection didn’t disappoint at all. There were clothes for every type of occasion and look, from bohemian knits to smart office wear to ultra luxurious glamour. I loved it all! Here are some photos I took…


Image: Mannequins in the Monsoon showroom wearing various jewel colour evening dresses in contrasting colour boxes, with ornate chandeliers hanging above them.


Image: Mannequins in the Monsoon showroom arranged on vintage, worn leather suitcases, wearing various outfits from the Fusion range.

The gorgeous Fusion collection which I’m too fat for :( wah!


Image: Mannequins in the Monsoon showroom, surrounded by foliage, flowers and leaves while wearing colour blocked day-wear – including orange opaque tights.


Image: Mannequins in the Monsoon showroom showing black and dark blue evening wear that includes jewels, feathers and ruffles aplenty.

This black, cape sleeved, feather trim dress was my favourite item. It’ll be £150, and I am saving up 50p at a time for when it eventually gets in store… haha


Image: Focused on a single mannequin wearing a floor length crocheted dress with lace ruffle neck. It shows a lot of the nanequin. Behind are campaign shots and other mannequins.

Steph and I are gonna buy matching versions of this and go out with nothing underneath


Image: Steph and Sophie are either side of a giant sheep/deer like animal made of thick bands of wool, which had gigantic twig antlers and a large floral neck ruff!

Steph and Sophie pose by an alpaca (I assume it’s supposed to be one because of the wool connection?)


Image: An Accessorize bust containing a bracelet and matching necklace featuring various clock faces, layered with another necklace. Behind are hundreds of mini clock faces set on wooden panels.


Image: A section of the Accessorize showroom that is white, pink and grey, with an explosion of accessories in corresponding colours draped over an ornate white dresser: bags, necklaces, scarves, hats, rings… On the small armchair sits a bust wearing an ornate lace necklace and a dusky grey fake fur bolero.

My favourite area in Accessorize – this is what I wish my room would be like! And that grey faux fur bolero is totally on my list.

We were kindly given goody bags which was awesome, including Monsoon bangles, and an Accessorize scarf and bag which’ll I’ll be wearing at some point. So.. yay!


Image: Me, short, fat, pale skinned and with mid length dark hair. I'm wearing a black top, black & white patterned skirt, black cardigan with pearls, black tights & black boots. I have my hands on my hips and my legs apart. I am in my garden in front of black wood fence and various foliage/ornaments.

Hello hello hello! This week has been quite fun. Managed to see a lot of my favourite people, and adopt a new person into that category in the form of Kim! She’s on an impromptu trip to London so we met up for a drink and to look at artz. She’s too cute! We’re gonna go hang out with Carla on Monday too, so yay! It makes me so happy having met so many other bloggers now, I can honestly say I’ve loved every last one of you. You’re all GAWJUSS. Shall we talk about today’s outfit?


Image: Me, same as before, doing a similar pose in my garden while looking pensive.

Top: Peacocks
Pearl cardigan: New Look
Skirt: Domino Dollhouse
Necklace: Birthday present
Boots: Evans

First of all, I want to apologise to Tracy. I’ve always been a huge supporter of Domino Dollhouse because it’s just so outrageous and kitsch and alternative, and then I use one of their lovely skirts in a bog standard outfit like this! Sometimes I wonder why I have a style blog any more. Maybe it’s my severe lack of confidence, but I feel so plain and ordinary when it comes to all the amazing fashion blogs I read. I can’t keep up!

What’s also sad is that while this outfit looks totally surreptitious, I had to muster up a fair bit of confidence to wear it out. Because I don’t have a defined waist, I never tuck my tops into skirts but because of the attached bow, I had to. So I was apprehensive wearing it out, even with the cardigan, and I did receive a few disapproving tuts from old ladies in Romford! Ah well. It’s a nice enough outfit, but sometimes I wish I had a clearer image… I dunno. This has turned into a right self indulgent wank, hasn’t it? I’ll stop now! x

diva007 copy

Image: scan of the final page, comprised of 4 images. Top left: Close up of Carmina and Aleesha; Top right: Carmina poses by a red wall in her neon leopard print Anna Scholz dress; Bottom left: Aleesha poses by the red wall in a floral print Ruby Rocks dress; Bottom right: extreme close up of Aleesha.

Well… now the latest issue of DIVA has been released, I can now say my first ~official~ fashion project has finally hit the newsstands. I know lots and lots of other bloggers are also freelance stylists professionally, but I’ve been really excited because I don’t consider myself one by trade and it was all very new to me, so I wanted to talk about it here! Hope you don’t mind!

I’m so proud of how the shoot turned out, it’s the icing on the cake to what was a great day. Everyone was lovely to work with and it went as well as any shoot could have gone. Probably because it was so unpretentious, with being made up in cafe’s and getting changed under a coat in an alleyway. Total class,  as you will see from the photos! Hee.

iphone photos 254

Image: Rail of super colourful, patterned clothes in The Second Floor Studio

So many gorgeous clothes, I wanted to keep them all!

iphone photos 257

Image: Big plastic jewellery including Jarv style specs and a giant banana, wrapped in polythene bags in an open box.

Yummy accessories from Tatty Devine. It’s funny because I was quite scared approaching them because, y’know, they’re cool and fashionable and stuff… would they loan samples for me? But they sent me the lookbook and the first person I clapped on was Bea, so I knew after that it’d be fine, and TD were just totally lovely.

iphone photos 256

Image: an assortment of bags and accessories on a plain white table.

iphone photos 258

Image: Aleesha and Carmina pose while wearing half their first shoot outfits (in Carmina's case, this includes a headscarf, sunnies, a lime green top and a GIANT red sparkly lobster necklace)

Waiting for our bus big red limo to take us to our first location…

iphone photos 259

Image: Aleesha and Carmina pose in Shoreditch park in front of a tree, while people on their lunch look on. Diana is taking a photo, and Sarah is watching.

iphone photos 262

Image: Aleesha and Carmina pull goofy poses against a while brick wall while Geoff watches (while holding a reflector)

iphone photos 266

Image: Carmina does an impression of Cousin It wile Sarah fixes her hair in a cafe.

iphone photos 272

Image: Carmina pulls a fancy pose in the middle of the street, while Diana and Geoff work their photo magic.

iphone photos 273

Image: Aleesha and Carmina pose while sitting on the kerb against the red wall, wearing their floral and leopard print dresses

iphone photos 279

Image: Side on photo of Aleesha and Carmina doing a standing pose against the red wall, our final shot of the day!

It was such good fun. Funnily enough, the stress set in when we tried to make our way back to the studio, because of bus problems and having to take a bizarre tube tour to get back. But we ordered pizza and watched Rocky Horror, so it was all good in the end.

I hope you like the photos, and if you’d like to buy DIVA, have a look at the site here. In this shoot, I made sure every clothing item featured is available up to size 26 at least. Also I didn’t cast the models, and I know that some of you may bea little upset that the models are fairly small/not “true” plus, but I honestly think Aleesha and Carmina were both absolutely amazing and really do the clothes justice, in my opinion. Also, props to Diana for coming up with the shoot idea and asking for me to be stylist, Geoff and also Sarah who was my bus/giant red limo buddy and a genius make up artist!

Not sure when there’s a next time, but either way I can’t wait.


Image: Me, short, fat, pale skinned with mid length dark hair and sunglasses, sitting in a garden with my legs crossed. I'm wearing a long khaki dress with floral print, big brown wedge sandals and holding my big floppy straw hat. I look vaguely amused at something going on off camera.

FINALLY the sun is out! When we had our previous heatwave back in April, I sorted my wardrobe and got out all my summer clothes. Then May was absolutely dire and I had to dig out all my knitwear! So I’m really happy, especially as I’ve been waiting to wear this dress for almost a year…


Image: Me, short, fat, pale skinned with mid length dark hair and sunglasses, standing on decking in my garden. I am wearing a long khaki and red floral dress, brown platform wedge sandals, tortoiseshell sunglasses, a giant floppy straw hat and a brown satchel. I am smiling at the camera.

Dress: ASOS Curve
Hat: Primark
Sunglasses: Accessorize
Satchel: Yours Clothing
Wedges: My mum’s (vintage! so adorable etc)

I never expected maxi dresses to feature in my wardrobe, for obvious reasons (I’m a midge). But I really wanted this one and got it in the sale. Naturally, it was about 5 inches to long so my mum altered it for me. Thanks mum! She also took these photos! She’s getting slightly more confident behind the camera, bless her, even giving me some directions. She still won’t go in front of it though – she hasn’t even put a photo of herself on facebook yet.

Right, back to watching Forbrydelsen…