Gok Wan for Simply Yours launch

Instagram photo of one of the lingerie rails, including body slips in white and blossom print, cream lace and black lace.

Well, my last and final event in the fortnight of madness was quite a special one. Because I got to bring my mum! The reason why was because it was to launch Gok Wan’s seventh underwear season for Simply Yours, and he was going to be there.

My own opinion of Gok has chopped and changed over the years, like the English weather – in fact I’ve even scolded him on here in the past for his emphasis on shapewear – but ultimately I do always come back to thinking his heart’s in the right place, certainly more than other style “gurus”. And he just seems so lovely! So in the end, I was just as excited as my mum, haha.

Gok Wan for Simply Yours launch

Instagram photo of pink satin shapewear on a rail.

One thing I’ve never, ever been able to fault Gok with is his lingerie range, though. It’s always had the most gorgeous retro feel, incredibly sexy and luxurious. I own three bras, knickers, and a slip by him and it’s incredibly likely I’ll be buying more.

Gok Wan for Simply Yours launch

Image: A promo poster on the floor featuring a model in the blossom basque & stockings with Gok's signature.

The AW collection was in the same vein, this time with a pretty and dainty blossom print motif, as well as lace bodysuits and sportier sets. Crucially, there are items included that aren’t about shaping, smoothing or hiding any of your body. I think that’s a great move! I believe they’ve stopped the A cup which is sad, but I’ll still be snapping up the pink/champagne options as they’re far too pretty to ignore!

Gok Wan for Simply Yours launch

Image: A selection of Gok's shapewear in black and pink hang on a rail, with a promotional poster standing underneath.

Everyone in attendance was so friendly, and I got to catch up with Gemma and met the lovely Faashion Espresso. I did get a little bit of The Fear, so I nosied around the rails and then left. I got to speak to Gok for a wee while though, and he was just a really lovely guy – pretty much exactly as he is on screen. He introduced himself to me and my mum, which made her day! So, thank you Simply Yours for inviting me, and for letting my mum get to meet Gok! Although, my #1 style guru is still Miranda… haha!

Zandra Rhodes launch

Image: Zandra Rhodes poses with the Simply Be competition winners all wearing the collection.

As well as the Curvissa launch, I also got to attend the launch for Simply Be‘s collaboration with Zandra Rhodes which was pretty exciting! Simply Be had invited competition winners from their facebook page to attend the event, and pampered them which I thought was a lovely touch. I’d met a couple of them before such as Emma and Jo, and got to meet the creator of Slink Magazine, which I love. And also some of my fave bloggers like Kat, Gemma, Naomi and LaCara were also there so it was nice to catch up! Briefly got to speak to Zandra herself, too, which was pretty exciting given that she is such a legend.

Zandra Rhodes launch

Zandra, LaCara, Naomi, myself and Kat pose for a picture. Meep!

Zandra Rhodes launch

Zandra gets interviewed about the range for Simply Be's video channel. Just so you know, she is wearing a hot pink and blue patterned kaftan, her trademark electric pink bob, lots of giant jewellery and BLACK SPARKLY FLARES.

Zandra Rhodes launch

Journalists, competition winners and the Simply Be team all mingle.

Zandra Rhodes launch

Zandra and competition winners wearing the range are smiling or the camera

Zandra Rhodes launch

LaCara, me and Kat pose by the bar (where else?)

It was such a great event and the atmosphere (like with Curvissa actually) was so friendly and welcoming. The Simply Be team are just so lovely and down to earth we ended up staying really late nattering away! We got to ask them about the new Simply Be stores opening – the first is going to be in Liverpool. I cannot WAIT. An actual shop! Where you can try on the clothes! Amazing! It sounds like an odd thing to say, but when you’re over a size 20 it’s an extremely rare occasion to be able to shop in person and actually try before you buy, you know?

As for the range itself, it’s very much an extension of Zandra’s eclectic personal style. I have to be completely honest and say personally it’s not to my taste, however the items did look great in person and on the competition winners. The beige patterned maxi especially looked lovely on both a slender journalist and one of the winners,  and I know all the winners felt fantastic in what they tried on.

Zandra’s range isn’t yet available, but I’ll let you all know once it is! What do you think?


You guys. I wrote a 1,000+ word post talking all about this event, my honest thoughts about the new Curvissa label… and WordPress ate it. So here is a photo post without much text! If you have any questions please do comment and I’ll answer as soon as I can.

My thoughts in brief: Always excited to have new shopping options. Josie is bloody gorgeous. The clothes aren’t outrageous or anything, but that’s okay. The clothes are great quality and well thought out. Fiona Parkhouse is really cool. LaCara and the Curvissa team are lovely!

Curvissa Launch

Image: Instagram photo of cupcakes with the Curvissa logo sitting in plastic boxes with white bows attached.

Curvissa Launch

Image: LaCara interviews Josie and makes her laugh at the Cafe de Paris bar

Curvissa Launch

Image: Instagram photo of four mannequins wearing various Curvissa outfits.

Curvissa launch

Image: 2 models (one blonde, one brunette) stand on the runway

Curvissa launch

Image: 2 models (one blonde, one brunette) stand on the runway

Curvissa launch

Image: 3 women, including the face of Curvissa, Josie, on stage in pretty dresses, having a chat


Thanks so much to Curvissa for having me! What do you think? x

Hello hello! Super quickly before updating properly: I have begun selling old clothes at laurenrocketsells.wordpress.com and it would be lovely if you were to take a look and possibly home some nice dresses. Mostly sizes 18-22 however a few would fit up to 26, so definitely have a gander if you feel like it.

I know, I know, everyone’s selling clothes at the moment but you know me, I’m all about following the crowd! And also, a little pocket money is very appreciated right now…

Thanks lovelies! xx

Hi all! Just a super quick update from me today, as the girls from Simply Be let me know about one of their new A/W collections, Bespoke. I really, really like it so I wanted to post about it!

Here is a mish mash of photos from the range, all modelled by Laura Catterall (who is one of my favourites!)


Simply Be Bespoke


Bespoke is a more tailored, classic and long-lasting collection than usual (although I have to say all of my Simply Be purchases over the years have lasted a long time) but I still find some of the items modern and cute for a whole range of ages – the leather panelled dress and camel shift are just gorgeous.

What do you guys think? This is a sneak peek of the collection and I’m sure there will be more images soon, as well as their other collections. And there’s also the Zandra Rhodes launch which was so much fun, still can’t believe I got to meet her!



warning: may be slightly triggering in terms of racial and fat phobic talk.

Above is a photo of Tom Ford smiling (presumably through gritted teeth) with two fairly portly gentleman. They funded his movie, so I guess he had to.

Whenever the issue of plus size fashion, plus size models and fat women comes up in mainstream fashion press, there is initially some acceptance and support – but it’s always followed by a push back from the industry. In my attempts to laugh at designer’s attitudes I christen them with a LOL. There’s quite a collection now: Karl LOLerfeld. Julien MacLOLald (though he’s since seen the error of his ways, apparently). Henry HoLOLand (he also tweeted about a fashion critic who was fat, but can’t find it!). NicLOLa Formichetti is a recent recruit, saying that he did one shoot with three fat dudes and walked out, never to work with fat people again. He has since refuted that and put pictures of the fat models he’s worked with, including Scottee and Tara Lynn on his Facebook page – only it led to us seeing his actual profile, and that he’s actually one those douches that have profile pictures of ~comedy fat people~ for their friend’s amusement. What a catch!

And so, super slick, control freak, kinda misogynist ex-Gucci head Tom Ford has decided to join the club. Well, he does favour elitism and exclusivity, so it was only a matter of time, right?

This is an excerpt from his recent Time Out HK interview. Bolding mine:

I came to try on some clothes yesterday…
[Uncomfortably] And did they not fit?

I feel you’re designing for someone very slender, very tall…
I don’t agree with you, Kawai. I think I can put any dress on you and hem it to the right length and I think I can alter it and it’ll fit you.

But would it fit everybody?
Well, I have to say if we have to talk about things like this, Americans are too fat. And in London they are starting to get fat too. So I have to say that if we have to talk about race system and nationalism, I find it refreshing that everyone [who is] Chinese is slim. The only thing we changed [at Gucci] was the width of the nose bridge on eyeglasses because it won’t fit an Asian nose if it’s made for someone’s nose like mine. We changed the shoe width because, traditionally, in Asia, certain men and women have a wider foot in the front. Our buyers should be buying our shorter jackets. We made a kind of petite version, which my mother for example, 5ft 3in, or 5ft 2in, you could say she has an Asian body. Long torso, short legs and she’s 5ft 3in. She needs a kind of petite jacket. And she’s German and Irish. So I don’t know, you know?

Let’s move on. Enzo Ferrari would never sell his cars to somebody with bad taste. What does Tom Ford feel about this?
I don’t feel that way. But I do design for a specific person who appreciates… who’s probably thin, quite honestly. She takes care of herself. She understands the quality of a stitch, understands the quality of the fabric. She’s most likely urban. You know, my clothes are expensive. As I told you earlier on, I used to make jeans that cost US$50 here, and at this stage in my life, after 25 years in the fashion business, what interests me the most is the best. The best fabric, the best stitching, the best quality, and that is, by nature, expensive. It doesn’t mean I’m trying to exclude or make a social judgement about not wanting people who can’t afford my clothes to be stylish. By the way, style has nothing to do with money. And the fact that you [points at my dress] know who you are and are wearing something that’s different than anyone else in here who’s come in, even though [they are] traditionally Chinese, you’re the first person in China that I’ve seen in traditional Chinese clothes since I’ve been here. So that to me is exciting. Because you know who you are and you have your own character.

Thanks, but…
[Continuing] So what I’m doing now is more about style than fashion. So I wouldn’t say, no, I wouldn’t sell it to somebody I don’t like but because of the things that I’m designing they are targeted towards the kind of person that I would normally want to [dress].

So you’ve auto-selected your clients during the design process already…
I think one does do that when they design. You do design for a kind of ideal. The ideal comes from me, from menswear. I’m my muse. So no, you’re not gonna go in there and find elasticated waist bands and flip flops. Because I’m not that kind of person. So clearly I’m not going to sell that kind of person because we don’t have it.

First of all, i would like to say: what a prick. (haha)

In a perverse way though, his comments and observations – that all fat people are poor, and thus have no concept of luxury, tailoring or quality in all aspects of their lives, but especially in their clothing – are welcome. This is the true face, the underlying attitude, of the entire fashion industry. Certain factions may make tiny amends every now and again to generate a little more income in these difficult times but really, they have no interest in serving us no matter how many times we tell them we do have money to spend. Fashion doesn’t believe us; not only that, it believes even if we DID have the money, we don’t posses the taste to appreciate their “art”.

I don’t for a second think this has anything to do with sexuality, by the way. It’s just simple, old fashioned snobbery.

Oh well.

London Retro launch party

Image: sepia tinted photo of 3 vintage style glasses and cases in a wooden and silk drawer. Attached to each is a hand written tag: "Fitzrovia", "Camden", and "Soho".

Well, July is turning out to be a mini social and blogging whirlwind for me, with a few fashion events that I’m really looking forward to!

The first one was for the launch of new eyewear range London Retro, by Glasses Direct. I’ve been yearning for a good pair of hipster glasses for a while and the promo pictures just looked wonderful, so I had to go and check it out! I had such a great time – they certainly know how to throw a party – and it was lovely to catch up with Ellie and Amy, and also Dee behind the dj booth. I actually went up to two poor women thinking they were Amy before finding the real one, hahaha. What a div!

London Retro launch party

Image: PR staff pile in to the mighty booth - an ornate photo booth with wooden panels and chandeliers, while they wear a variety of silly hats.

As well as all gorgeous vintage setting and having all the glasses out for everyone to try, the photo booth was really popular. As you may remember from mine and Carla’s frankly AMAZEBALLS Look Show photos, I am not the greatest booth model. So I decided to ruin Amy’s experience as well…. (luckily she did some on her own before I got there and looks super hot)

London Retro launch party

Image: 4 sepia tinted mighty booth photos of me and Amy with various masks, glasses, wigs and hats. Photo #2 just can't be explained, really.

Yeah, I can’t even. We look like serial killers in photo 2. Also HOW those wigs ended up looking like our natural hair, I will never ever know.

London Retro launch party

Image: More of the vintage style glasses arranged on the table, with more glasses sitting underneath in the wooden and silk drawers.

But really the most important thing is the glasses! It’s a brilliant collection and I love the idea. Each style is named after a notoriously stylish area of London: Soho, Camden, Portabello, Fitzrovia, Hoxton, Shoreditch, Queens, Carnaby and Kings. I love them all, and must have tried on every pair at least 10 times.

We found out that in the goody bags was a voucher for a free pair, wowza! Because we loved so many Amy and I had another go in the booth. Take two, srs bsnss:

London Retro launch party

Image: 4 colour photos of me and Amy, trying on different glasses from the range.

Here we tried photos of us in different pairs to see what we looked best in. It didn’t quite work though because my least favourite pair is the one I look best in, and vice versa. Gah! Despite this, and despite a fella emphatically telling me I looked best in round frames, I will be buying Soho as they’re exactly what I was looking for! And maybe shelling out for another look, too.

The evening got even more silly though! Towards the end Amy and I sat down and carried on drinking, thinking the event had finished but the bar had stayed open. Only when the CEO of Glasses Direct brought shots over to us did we realise we had, in fact, gatecrashed the afterparty. OH MY GOD. THE SHAME. However, the team were so adorable and totally okay with us having stayed, even though we were drinking their booze! It turned out to be a lot of fun, and everyone was really cool and lovely.

So I have to say thanks London Retro for inviting me in the first place, and for letting me stay longer than I was supposed to and for being generally lovely. I absolutely can’t wait to order my new specs!


Image: Me, pale and dark haired, in my garden with a white dress and sunglasses

Just a quick post today. These photos were taken over a week ago and I forgot about it! I’ve been wearing this outfit a lot this summer, even though I look a bit like a toddler…


Image: Me standing under a garish pink umbrella in our garden

Dress: New Look Inspire
Belt: Evans
Headband, Sunglasses & Necklace: Accessorize
Sandals: Primark

It’s sad that the photos don’t do the outfit justice, I really enjoy wearing it. I spent ages looking for the perfect, non gladiator sandals, then saw these in Primark for £2.50. Result! The dress was an end of summer bargain last year, so it’s only now I’ve been able to actually wear it, aww. And my mum is getting slowly more adventurous with her pictures, suggesting I go under our amazingly tacky umbrella – the shadow cuts across but even so, I am proud of her!

Hope you’re all well, my dears.

We Love Colors Review

Image: Me, in the garden. I'm wearing an all black outfit with outrageously coloured tights in blue, pink, orange...


Hello, hello, hello! It’s the end of review week, woop! This time it’s We Love Colors. I’ve heard great things about them for years now and always wanted to try them, so when they offered me the chance to review a couple of pairs I totally said yes. I’m incredibly pleased with them, but for full info please watch my hastily filmed and badly edited video, below!


As the tights were drastically different I chose very simple outfits for them to go with.

We Love Colors Review

Image: Me, same as before, in a slightly different pose.

Tights: We Love Colors Color Splash Nylon/Lycra Tights in #7411
Vest and skirt: ASOS Curve
Boots: Evans
Belt: New Look
Sunglasses: DKNY

This outfit takes me back to my old Barking College days when I was a Romford goth. Man, I wish I had photos from back then. You’d have all laughed your heads off! I just wanted something super simple to make sure the tights were the focus of attention!


We Love Colors Review

Image: Me, in a corner of my garden. I'm wearing my glasses, navy dress, khaki cape and navy tights with platform sandals in brown.

Tights: We Love Colors Nylon/Lycra tights in Navy
Dress: Lovedrobe
Cape: ASOS Curve
Platforms: Vintage

We Love Colors Review

Image: me in a side on shot of the navy tights outfit.

This outfit is more “current”, I guess. It’s definitely more influenced by AW11 trends I’ve seen so far so I imagine this look’ll get a fair few outings!

What do you reckon? Let me know! And again, thanks so much to We Love Colors for sending me these samples, I love them and will definitely be buying more.