Thank you so much for your comments on my last post. Your support does mean a lot. I’m a very negative person by nature and as much as I try to keep a lid on it…

Anyway. A couple of fashion videos have been floating around and even though they aren’t anything to do with plus size fashion, they make me smile, so I wanted to share them. For some reason, everyone’s dancing in their fashion videos!

First is one to celebrate the opening of Westfield Stratford, in a Clarissa/Sabrina rate of amazing outfit-ness:

It’s shot by Steven Meisel, features Karen Elson, Raquel Zimmerman and even Alber Elbaz himself, dancing to some dodgy disco mash up. I cannot stop laughing every time I see it. IT’S THE MOST AWKWARD THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. No one can dance for toffee, and Karen seems to be looking fearfully off camera all the time like she’s in an aerobics class three grades above what she’s used to (turns out they’re actually playing Dance Nation, which explains it haha). It is amazing.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say they all got the idea for dancing from me

(not seriously, of course.)

Well, it turns out I couldn’t even last a month away from this blog. There are a few reasons why I wanted to take a break – mostly because I’m in a very bad place right now and very unhappy with my life. I’m under lots of political blogging pressure and it’s all gotten very misery-making. I’ve gone back to feeling like an ugly nobody in the blogging world, and I felt like why even bother blogging when I can just walk down the street and feel that way? Especially, I hate that my blog has become nothing more than a PR mouthpiece. I tried so hard not to fall into that trap, and I totally failed. I’m sorry.

But at the same time, I need an outlet, just for my own personal sanity (vanity?), no matter if no one reads it – in fact I’d almost prefer that, because then I wouldn’t feel I’m constantly being judged and watched in case I say a wrong thing about this brand or that company…

What I’m going to do is make this less impersonal, more about me and my life, and possibly less about fashion (as much as I love it). I miss being able to speak my mind with impunity, especially when two years on from starting this blog I’m still not at all impressed with the majority of what I see and in some cases, things have gotten even worse.

Anyway. Here’s a few instagram pics of things I’ve been up to to take my mind off things.

iphone 004

I cut up a t-shirt using the tutorial I saw on pinterest and lounged around showing a bit of belly (when my parents were out of the house, though – not that confident)

iphone 003


I finally manned up and did all my ironing.

iphone 005

I attempted the cosmic nail thing, and failed. Boy, did I fail!

iphone 008

Having found some old craft feathers I decided on a whim to do some feather shoulder pads.

iphone 010

The (almost) finished result – waiting on some chains so I can wear as an accessory, rather than permanently attaching it to a top.

iphone 011

Tried the chamomile & rosehip moisturiser from Pai because my skin is as oversensitive as I am. Two days and my chin and jaw erupted in itchy, burning blotches. My search continues…

iphone 012

A sort of outfit post – I think I look like Alegra from Dollface is Candysweet!



Thanks so much for entering the Torrid competition! My next one’ll be far more open, I assure you. But it’s a great prize, no? All those clothes! Well, I added everyone’s names to the database and went straight to trusty And the winner is…

Sally Reeves! WELL DONE!

I laughed that I got number 8 because in the comments Sally offered to pay postage – but I swear this isn’t a fix, and I’m still paying for the postage!

Thanks so much to Torrid for the awesome clothes, and Sally I really hope you love your new wardrobe!



Not a physical wardrobe, mind you – a selection of lovely clothes and a pair of OMGAMAZING shoes for you to win, all at once.

Here’s the bad stuff, which I want to get out of the way first:

Because of the postage, I can only open this comp to peeps in the UK. Sorry!

All the clothes are a size US18, or Torrid size 1, and the shoes are US9. Sorry!

Okay, now if you’re still reading, here’s a peek of what’s up for grabs:




So here’s the low down. You’ve got two blazers: a nautical, navy stripe blazer that is jersey knit, and one that is more evening themed with ruffles and fully lined; three jeans: some super trendy flares, a casual ripped pair, and a studded pair; one absolutely killer evening dress: purple slip with black mesh pleated over the top; one leopard and lace cami; two evening tops: a one shoulder floral number with ruffles, and a black, white and red bandeau top with removable straps; and finally the shoes that EVERYONE tried on at Plus London.

These items were sent to me by the adorable Becky at Torrid, to showcase on their rail at Plus London back in Feb with a view to holding a giveaway eventually. I’ve held on to them until now because I’ve just not been able to spare the money for postage! But it’s been long enough, and to celebrate the eve of Pocket Rocket turning 2 years old, I reckon it’s a good time to let you at them!

You can enter up to 3 times – but there is only one winner. Here’s how to enter:

1. Comment on this entry saying you’d like to win.

2. Follow me via one of the connecty, reader-y thingymabobs over in the sidebar on the right

3. Tweet about the comp: I wanna win nice clothes from @lapocketrocket & @torridfashion! Gimmiiieee

I’ll pick a winner Monday, 8th August, at 6 o’clock. Best of luck sweethearts, and may the best woman win!

But really, it’s more than just that. It is a reminder, an explanation, and hopefully a little insight into a fashion conscious fat woman’s frustration.

The Red Dress.

Image: A model in a garden themed catwalk wears a red lace dress with sleeves and ballerina skirt. It's lovely.

At London fashion week for SS11, the beautiful ballerina inspired collection by Erdem was a definite highlight. For me (and it seems, a crap load of fashion editors) the Margot stood out. Not only was it extremely pretty, but it was unique without being alienating or un-copyable by the high street. It was inevitable that variations would find their way into every feminine fashion lover’s wardrobe by high summer.

The Red Dress.

Image: 4 of the many, many Margot interpretations on the UK high street: ASOS, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop and M&S

And it turned out right, of course. As well as the derivatives above, there were Margot dresses in Primark, Miss Selfridge, Matalan, River Island… I think even Tesco got in on the action.

Here’s the thing: not one of these dresses were available over a size UK22. Not one of the major plus size brands in the UK – or indeed, the world – thought to make their own version.

The Red Dress.

Image: a blonde plus size model wears Simply Be's version of Margot, almost a year after the original.

Finally, Simply Be have been the ones to include an homage to Margot as part of their Angel Ribbons collection in their Autumn catalogue (thanks LaCara for the heads up!). I don’t want this to seem like I’m having a moan at the Simply Be team, I’m not – I’m a huge fan and always have been, and I realise they work on a later schedule than most. But speaking generally, the fact that a plus size version of Margot is available just as the love for its original is dying down, after every straight sized girl and inbetweenie has had the privilege of choice and forgotten about it, just makes me so disappointed. Once again, plus size women have been sent to the back of the queue.

Not that I feel anything fashionable should be ditched as soon as the season is over, or anything like that. It doesn’t matter in the long run. And, if anything, this particular dress and case study is incredibly timeless. To me, though, it’s the principle. I feel part of the fashion fun is trying out trends alongside your Topshop wearing friends, not a season behind.

Erdem will be showcasing their SS12 collection next month. Will this pattern happen all over again? (Rhetorical question – of course it will.) Is the idea of producing something GENUINELY on trend and in the correct season so terrifying that brands wait until it’s been seen in every other shop before producing an option up to size 32? And if so, why?