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Dress (originally a skirt): Red Bows Vintage
Belt: Forever21+
Turquoise fake fur collar: ASOS
Feather headband: Cygne de Lac by Bijou Bijoux
Shoes: New Look
Ring: Primark

I was well excited when I heard that there was a new plus size vintage label starting in London, so I hurried down on their opening day. It was pretty eventful getting there – I’d heard the EDL (fascist scumbags) were protesting and I assured myself I wouldn’t be near them. Unfortunately, a group were protesting loudly right outside Liverpool St station when I got there. Made me feel ill, to be quite honest with you. After a walk round Aldgate where it was me and 300 policemen, I eventually tracked Red Bows down. Michelle was lovely and super cool, and the selection was great – although apparently Amy Lamé bought the most outrageous stuff before I got there, including a gold suit(!!!). We chatted about other potential things we could do, and sewing/customisation classes were thought up which I think is an AWESOME idea though I will probably talk about that more in another post! I was eyeing up a few things, but plumped for this midi skirt in a gorgeous teal colour with tiny polka dots. It’s far too long for me to wear as a skirt, but as a dress, belted, I really like it. It reminds me a bit of Marc Jacobs’ AW collection which was littered with teal and dots, albeit slightly larger ones.

So, you know… this whole post is kind of a cheat. If I had a wedding to go to, a fabulous function, I would be wearing this outfit for sure. But alas I’m at home, faffing about with knitting needles and later on I’ll be watching Dr Who with a Chinese takeaway. But who cares, when I can upload pictures on to the internet and pretend I have an amazing place to go? ;)

To be honest though, I don’t think you neccesarily need an occasion to dress up. Sometimes when I feel like poop (which is often) putting on a lovely dress and prancing around my bedroom lifts my mood. Of course, lots of the time even something as non-descript as brushing my teeth seems like a monumental task that I can’t even bear to complete, but every now and again when I feel able to do a little bit more, decking myself out in my finest – even if no one is around to see it – really helps. It’s actually become a good self care/self confidence practice for me.

I suppose it is a rather shallow and conceited thing to do. Though I’ve never denied that about myself. I am pretty vain and I’m plagued with delusions of grandeur… In my head, I’m this mega-famous actress/novelist/musician/muse/politician who on top of being capable, intelligent, tenacious and creative, is constantly winning awards, being interviewed on various chat shows and getting papped on the red carpet. Dressing up bridges the gap a little between the real me and the me I wish I was, haha. God, I am gonna regret writing that down in public!

That’s one thing that’s different now is I can at least take photos and share them with a small corner of the world. I know it probably doesn’t seem as authentic as the kind of style blogs that have these wonderful clothes AND exciting lives to wear them all in, but sometimes documenting dressing up for dressing up’s sake is just as valid. I don’t have a particularly eventful or glamorous life, but I’ll still try to look nice sometimes, because sometimes that’s all the fun I can have.

Right. A lot of people I know IRL and my family read my blog. I’m going to whack a disclaimer on this video: Mum, Gloria, Brian – you’re going to absolutely hate and be offended by this, haha. Probably best if you don’t click play.

Everyone else… well. I cried little tears of joy watching Gisela Ramirez‘s fashion show in full this morning. It is everything I wish all fashion was about: fun, not giving a shit, camaraderie. Big Bum Jumble’s fashion show last year had a similar vibe, but because this is an independent designer with her own collection it feels so special.

All of the clothes (apart from Kelli Jean Drinkwater’s incredible skirt) are available from the website in sizes 14 – 28 (AUS sizing). There’s 50% off at the moment, too! If I wasn’t dirt poor I’d have one of everything, in every colour.

A few days ago a lovely lady on tumblr, Nanner, posted a screen-shot of Forever21 dresses and their plus size counterpart. She talked about how the plus size section was tacky, loud and crass compared to the “normal” range. It got me thinking about here in the UK, and the differences which I’ve talked about on twitter in the past. So, here are a few screenshots of different UK shops that have plus size collections.

I’m posting them without comment, because I want to know what you think. Do you see what I see? Which collections would you be more likely to shop from (assuming you could buy all of it if you wanted)?

Compare and Contrast

Image: screencap of some dresses available at New Look

New Look new dresses above. New Look Inspire (16 – 26) new dresses, below:

Compare and Contrast

Image: screencap of some dresses available in New Look's plus size section.


Compare and Contrast

Image: Screencap of Matalan's new in.

Matalan new in above. Matalan Plus new in below:

Compare and Contrast

Screencap of Matalan's new plus size offerings.

Compare and Contrast

Image: Screencap of M&Co's new dresses.

M&Co dresses above. M&Co plus size dresses, below:

Compare and Contrast

Image: Screencap of M&Co's plus size dresses.


Compare and Contrast

Image: Screencap of Tesco's new in. (Really want the star ptint shiffon shirt!)

Tesco new in above. Tesco True (16 – 28)  new in, below:

Compare and Contrast

Image: Screencap of Tesco's True range new in.

Compare and Contrast

Image: Screencap of ASOS' new arrivals.

ASOS new in clothing above. ASOS Curve (20 – 26) new in below:

Compare and Contrast

Image: Screencap of ASOS Curve's front page/new in.

Compare and Contrast

Image: Screencap of Very's new in, mostly Love Label (6 - 20)

Very new in above. Very So Fabulous! (16 – 32) new in below:

Compare and Contrast

Image: Screencap of Very's So Fabulous new in.

What do you think? I’d LOVE to know your thoughts on this, haha.

Just a quick little outfit post. I took photos for the Yours blog, but I like it so am posting it here, too!

new batch 021

Image: Me, in my bedroom (Cream and black colours) pose for the camera while wearing some granddad glasses, a sleeveless black shirt and a red skirt.

new batch 025

Image: Me, as before but a fuller shot. You can see more of my skirt (a red jersey bandage pencil skirt), tights which are slashed all the way down each side, and black boots.

Shirt: Yours Clothing
Tights: Yours Clothing
Skirt: F21+
Collar Tips: ASOS
Glasses: “Soho” by London Retro
Boots: Evans

I’ve been noticing a few of my fave bloggers talking about how they’ve gone off looking girly and want to go back to their goth roots – it makes me laugh because I’ve felt the same way recently! I’d wanted to try a button up shirt for a while, but hadn’t found one in my budget range (I would’ve snapped this Simply Be lace version up in a second, if it had been!). I eventually saw a couple snuck on the Yours website for under a tenner each, so tried the black one out and I love it. And the ASOS collar tips are really, really cool. You actually have to screw them on, which is sweet.

I do have a couple of niggles with the shirt, though. First thing is, the arm holes are MASSIVE, and I have to wear a vest underneath to cover up. But that’s not too bad. More annoyingly, the shirts are only available in four sizes – 18 – 24. I don’t understand why? I’ve chalked it down to a different supplier, and maybe this is a trial run with scope to offer more sizes. I hope so, anyway!

The tights are pretty awesome. I’m always hankering for more exciting tights so to see these and the suspender versions completely made my day! I also recently bought some polka dot tights from Forever21+, though they’re more like slots on my legs, haha. Quite like them though.

Hope you’re all okay, anyway. xx