I recently had a “weekend of awesome” with a few of my best friends. It really WAS awesome! We did crossbow training (I had pretty decent aim though hurt my hand, idiot), played tennis appallingly, falconry, faffed about in a giant spa for hours and hours, and took lots of walks in the beautiful countryside with birds and squirrels and swans, yay. Though my favourite was the 2am walk back to our chalet with about a zillion bunnies! Anyway, yes, awesome indeed.

One of our crew couldn’t make it, so this week we had a day of awesome instead where we went to London Ink and I am booked in for an omg 4realz tattoo later this month, for which I am both excited and terrified. It’s Wizard of Oz themed, since the film’s been a love of mine since the age of about 4. Ahh! After nommy Thai food, we then went to a preview showing of the new Kevin Cummings exhibition of Joy Division photos at Proud Camden. Most of the photos are well known but there were a few I’d not seen before. Some of the ones of Ian Curtis look SO much like my stepdad when he was younger, it scares me! Having found one of the closed off stables for a sit down Jayne took a few outfit photos on the platform, with a classy as hell lap dancing pole behind. Woo?


Dress: H&M
Satchel: Market stall, by LYDC?
Necklace: Primark
Glasses: London Retro
Boots: Evans

After seeing Alegra and Letilor in the cream and black versions of this dress, I thought I’d complete the set by getting the orange version, haha. Seriously though, it’s the kind of dress I know will get a lot of wear this autumn – it’s warm, fits like a dream and looks stylish and proper even though it’s really comfortable. Also you may have seen the floral satchel before – Rosie has one! There were various colours available but the red was by far the best. I’m completely in love with it – big enough to hold my essentials as well as the random crap I like to carry around everywhere. As for my boots, I can’t live without them. I recently got them re-heeled and soled rather than buy a new pair!

After the unfortunate posing, we headed down to see The Get Up Kids. Am trying to finish my review for Qro as we speak. It’s mostly just me reminiscing about when I was 15 and I thought I was soooooooo cool for listening to songs by emo, screamo and hardcore bands from America off Napster. Get Up Kids were brilliant, of course. In fact, you could say they were… awesome. Har de har.

Do you need a laugh this morning? Well here’s one, via Marie. The plus size section of Ford, Ford+, has a new signing, Karolin Wolter:


I just… I mean… LOL?

Apparently this lady was a “new face” for a season a couple of years ago, opening shows for Jil Sander and the like. It seems as though she has stopped fighting her body and chose her health over career, finding herself a size 4. A size 4 plus size model.

I just can’t even, you guys. I absolutely, 100% applaud her for taking that devastating step away from a glittering career and deciding to love instead of hate her body, I honestly do. To know that being true to yourself, looking after your health, means one of the most adored industries will turn its back on you and to do it anyway. That takes massive resolve and deserves a huge amount of respect. Nor do I have any doubt she’s an amazing model. But I think this proves just how ridiculous the fashion industry is being on the subject of plus size models. They will tow to popular opinion so they can boast about how open minded they are – but only on their narrow, insular terms.

That said, it could also be an olive branch to fashion fans who inevitably cry foul on any plus size model news story with “WHAT ABOUT SIZES 4, 6 AND 8?! WHY DO MODELS HAVE TO BE ANOREXIC OR OBESE*?!?!?! WHAT ABOUT IGNORED, HEALTHY, PERFECT ME?!” Hopefully this will satisfy them, at least for a while.

I hope, and think, that Karolin will inevitably wind up as a high fashion muse to highlight the industry’s ~diversity. Fair enough. But if I see her modelling for someone like Evans, or Simply Be? That’ll be a real slap in the face.

*Funnily enough, anorexia and fatness aren’t oxymorons. Fat people suffer from anorexia and other eating disorders, too. True story bro.

Hello dears,

Sorry about the brief offline-ness! Am back and raring to go now!

A couple of weeks ago I got to hang out with one of my very favourite fat and fashion bloggers, Frances from Corpulent and Hey Fat Chick. She was as awesome and brightly dressed as I imagined, and we ate artery-clogging chips and talked about politics and Tumblr. It’s nice to know someone else gets excited when they receive a lot of notes! Haha.

lumix 005

Top: Carmakoma
Skirt: Carmakoma
Cardigan: Torrid
Glasses: Glasses Direct
Boots: Evans
Belt: Forever 21+
Bag Primark
Necklace: Primark

As always, I feel guilty as a fair bit if this outfit was gifted! I’ve mentioned the glasses and cardigan before now, but the ladies at Carmakoma sent me their sheer grey tunic, Hestrel. I absolutely love it. It’s funny, before it arrived I planned out this entire outfit in my head. Now it’s on I think it worked as well as any imaginary outfit could. Though I should probably do something with my hair…

lumix 001

Frances rocked her canary yellow Jibri jacket which is just incredible. Talking of Jibri and brights, have you seen their AW collection? Oh my gawd. Amazing!