Another quick outfit post from me – not the best photo, by any means…

lumix 003

Image: me (short, fat, pale caucasian brunette) stands in front of a colourful lit up Christmas tree in a heart print tunic dress in brown, teal, orange and yellow with teal tights and black heels,, smiling at the camera.

Dress: Lovedrobe via Evans
Tights: Evans
Shoes: New Look
Necklace: Yours Clothing

I’ve gone in reverse order this time – this is me on Christmas Eve. As you can see I look much more ill, haha. This is a TERRIBLE photo of me but you can see the colours of the outfit. Lovedrobe can be a little hit and miss for me, but I am completely besotted with this tunic. It’s also a departure in fitted clothing for me, because I left it completely loose. Super comfortable!

Image: me (short, fat, pale caucasian brunette) stands in front of a colourful lit up Christmas tree in a red lace dress and grey faux fur scarf, smiling at the camera.

Dress: Angel & Ribbons by Simply Be
Faux Fur Scarf: Primark
Bow heels: New Look

Hello everyone! Hope you had a really nice Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Sunday. I managed to land myself with a chest infection so my Christmas has been a bit subdued what with not being able to see my friends, or eat and drink much. Boo! I tried to look nice though, and wore my new Simply Be dress which I love to bits. So glad I eventually bought one!

Hope you’re all looking forward to new years… x

A lot of blogs have done gift guides this year, I especially loved Nicolette’s series on different types of gifts. I thought about doing one, but to be honest it’d just be full of stuff I want, so I cut out the middle man and made a pictoral Christmas wishlist. Though in a parallel world where money was no object:


Clockwise from top left: Skullcandy Aviator headphones; Miu Miu silver mary-janes; Office “Freckles” pump in mustard suede; iPhone 4S (64gb); How To Adapt and Design Sewing Patterns; Cloth magazine subscription; Girls to the Front; Accessorise spotty satchel; Jeffrey Campbell “Beebee” shoe in black suede

My actual Christmas list was very different to this, because a lot of this stuff is mega-expensive. I’ll be getting bits and bobs from the gift section at Sainsbury’s in my stocking, which I am more than chuffed with! But, I may use any Christmas money to get the BeeBees – I know JC is completely overdone, but as someone who can’t walk in high-instep shoes, these is genuinely the holy grail of shoes! I’m a huge fan of Cloth magazine and buy it as often as I can find it, but it’s not always available. I don’t even know why I I buy it, I’ve made about two things in two years… Recently my iPod has started to die, which is scary. My iPhone is also coming to the end of its contract, so I’m thinking of just getting one thing to hold and do everything. Although in all honesty I’d never be able to afford a 64gb one. I also need new headphones, although I have asked for cheaper ones that have a neckband to be less conspicuous. But the Aviators… man, HMV have a headphones stand where you can plug your own mp3 player in, and they are just the best sound I’ve heard. Everytime I go in and listen to one of my favourite songs on it. There’s one of the Dr Dre Beats sets next to it at £350, and the sound is not a patch on the Aviators. It’s so rich and full! Err, am I turning this into a tech blog?

Ah well. What are you guys asking for Christmas? xx

Just a super quick outfit post from me today:

ronald mcdonald

Image: Me (short, fat, pale Caucasian brunette) standing in my cream living room wearing geeky glasses, a mustard roll neck jumper, red skirt, black tights & black boots. There's Christmas decorations all around and a tree in the corner.

Jumper: New Look Inspire
Skirt: Forever21+
Glasses: London Retro (gifted)
Boots: Evans

This, my dears, is pretty much my winter uniform, albeit very colourful in a sort of Ronald McDonald kind of way. Typical that I ordered this jumper to live out my fantasy of looking like Velma from Scooby Doo, and turn out looking like the crown prince of the obesity epidemic(TM).

Jersey pencil skirt, jumper, thick black tights.  Although who am I kidding? I wear it all year round!