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Cardigan: Versace Cruise for H&M
Dress: ASOS Curve via Big Bum Jumble
Shoes: New Look

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My first outfit post of 2012! Taken me long enough – even though I’ve worn outfits I’ve liked, I’ve not had a chance to photograph any of them! But I really like this one – and a bit of Versace, too! Never thought I’d have that name featured in an outfit post. I’m not normally bothered about designer collaborations with high street shops because even when the shops have large size ranges (like H&M, who go up to 24 in their main range), they inevitably stop at 16. But when I saw this cardigan I knew I had to try anyway.

I ordered the 18-20, and it looks great although buttoned up full there are definitely a few gaps – but I really like twinset, top buttoned cardigans of the fifties so I’m not too bummed.

So yeah – in your face, Donatella! What do you guys think of the outfit?


Image: a collage of typical ugly fashions offered in plus sizes, with a big red no sign over them all.

In the two and a half years since starting this blog I’ve seen some welcome changes in plus size fashion, but for the most part while the marketing aspects have evolved, the clothes, frankly… haven’t. But it’s 2012 now – lets look to the future!

At some point last year I asked on my facebook page what kinds of things that are routinely offered in the stores we shop in would we like to see banished, FOREVER. There was some hilarious comments and I’ve wanted to put them on the blog for a while now.

Please, no more…

  • garish patterned kaftans
  • bejewelled, off shoulder t-shirts with a dodgy graphic print
  • hanky hems
  • orthopaedic shoes
  • tunics that are way too dressy to be a top but too short to wear as a dress,
  • crops (especially if they have diamant├ęs)
  • baby doll cut tops
  • cheap crinkle fabric shirts
  • tops with massive round necks
  • short tops cut at the belly
  • weird granny style patterns
  • tops with no arms
  • low rise pants
  • Jeans with diamante/sequins
  • three quarter length sleeves on EVERYTHING
  • cheap materials that bobble
  • jeans cut just for apples not pears
  • badly fitted workwear in cheap fabrics
  • t-shirts with elastic round the bottom
  • bubble hems
  • large print – to “make you look smaller”
  • polyester
  • tunics which cut you across the top of your boobs
  • trousers which assume just coz you have fat belly your hips & thighs are just as fat.
  • cropped jeans
  • anything with sparkly crap on it
  • butterflies
  • cropped wide linen trousers
  • cropped combat trousers
  • the endless supply of checked shirts
  • long skirts with bad prints
  • shiny polyester work trousers
  • rubbish t-shirts with sequins
  • bad jeans with sequins
  • tops that have a v-neck and empire waist seams that bisect the boobs for some inexplicable purpose, and are always made from some sort of cheap polyester or rayon and include ridiculous flared sleeves or even worse, PIRATE SLEEVES!!!! They’re almost always some garish print and often include rhinestones. (This was too good not to include in full)
  • transparent tunics with tank tops underneath
  • tacky buttons
  • neon seams
  • huge shapeless stuff that can’t be saved with a belt
  • awful gigantic flower prints
  • pockets in the worst places
  • tops too wide but too short
  • sad adaptations of the regular sized collection

What do you think? Anything you want to add, leave a comment! I can’t wait to read them, haha. (Also I hope it goes without saying this is personal preference – some people love these tops, for example, I love babydolls. It’s more about plus size places sticking to these basics that actually look pretty awful.)

Hi everyone!

I’ve been struggling the past few weeks and not felt like updating the blog. I definitely didn’t want to recap 2011 as it was quite a horrible year for me, with me being the lowest since the age of about 20 to the point where I frightened myself and those around me. I managed to claw myself out of it over the months, but as a result I’m not holding out too many hopes for 2012 – my main ambition is just to survive.

BUT – obviously, the thing I am most proud of having done last year was seeing Plus London through to the end – it was a fantastic day and I think everyone who came really enjoyed themselves which was brilliant. It was incredibly stressful so when I was asked about organising a second event I declined, but luckily the awesome Claire stepped up and took it on. And guess what? Plus London 2 is looking bigger, better and a damn sight better organised than when I was doing it!

Alongside the shopping, meal, pop up studio and party, there’s a blogger tour at Anna Scholz HQ, a clothing swap and a catwalk show from One Stop Plus featuring yours truly, hahaha. The party venue is the same as last year, kindly sponsored by Simply Be!

I really can’t wait – it’s only three weeks from today. If you fancy attending (the Anna Scholz event is fully subscribed to bloggers only, and there is a waiting list) please email supermonkey79 to register your interest.

See you there! xx