Plus London Two was wonderful. So many great bloggers, Anna Scholz and Simply Be especially were so accommodating. Claire did a brilliant, brilliant job.

But I need a breather. I need to practice some self care, and I can’t do it while being engaged with plus size fashion and blogging right now.

Take care of yourselves, peeps. xx

iphone 063

Hello! A bit of a change of scenery. Last year I was fortunate enough to attend press/blogger events – but was too much of a ditz to blog about them, which makes me feel so bad – I’m sorry, nice people! So this year, while I’ve stopped accepting things to review, events are different because they mean I can catch up with other bloggers. For that reason alone, I’ll never say no. And this year I’ve resolved to talk about them!

iphone 066

First event of 2012 was previewing Gok Wan’s spring collection for Simply Yours. It’s always a joy to catch up with the Simply team, and there were so many of my fave bloggers in attendance: Bethany, Naomi, Rosie, Em, Laura, Rivkie from Slink Magazine, Becky, Mhairi, Clare, Georgina, Cheryl (happy birthday!), Caroline and other lovely blogging ladies!


This was Gok’s Wall of Fame collection. While earlier ones had experimented with different designs, ideas and materials, this collection was strictly back to basics, improving on Gok’s first ever collection. I have to say I’m always a big fan, as someone with a large back and an A cup it’s difficult for me to find genuinely sexy, luxurious AND well fitting bras. I have three pairs and just adore them. Actually, you can read my reviews here.

iphone 071

There was nothing I didn’t like about the collection – it doesn’t seem like shapewear (although having road tested some knickers and slips I can tell you they do smooth you out, if that’s your cup of tea). Just really smart, sexy underwear. I loved the sporty feel, the colours and the little signature touches. Can’t wait to get my hands on some items!


Dress: H&M
Belt: (old)
Dalmatian faux fur collar: ASOS

Oh dear – and here’s me, looking very dishevelled, with the man himself. I have to say he was an absolute gent – well, apart from grabbing Georgina and Caroline’s bosoms, but they did ask politely first…

Huge thanks to the Simply Yours team for inviting me and for the non-instagram photos! x