Image: Me (short, fat, brunette light skinned caucasian) standing in my bedroom smiling at the camera. I'm wearing a fit and flare black sleeved dress, a sparkly brooch, and tights.

Dress: H&M
Ruby slippers brooch: gift
Red belt: Love Label (very very old!)
Ring: Chubby Cartwheels

It’s been a while since I’ve properly documented an outfit – mostly because my bedroom’s an absolute state and I’ve not been wearing much except for pyjamas recently. But, I was recently contacted by (if that phrase makes you want to click off, it’s NOT a brand and I wasn’t given a freebie, promise!) the charity Platform 51 which gave me the excuse needed to photograph probably the best £15 I’ve ever spent.

Platform 51 is a charity that supports disadvantaged women, girls and trans* people around the UK. Since March the 8th – International Women’s Day – they have launched Glad Rags, a campaign to highlight mental health issues amongst women and break down the stigma it attracts. It’s all about feeling good, with various women sharing outfits, accessories and make-up that makes them feel good, happy and strong.

I like this campaign because as I’ve mentioned before, I suffer from clinical depression myself and clothes and fashion are a way to help me feel good and lift my mood a little. I’ve talked about dressing up as self care a few months ago, which got a great response. So I really feel an affinity to this program! Which brings me on to this particular outfit…

You guys have seen me in this dress’ orange version here. I loved that colour so much – still do – but I knew the black version would be a little more versatile. Since then, I’ve barely removed it from my person. It is the best cut dress I’ve ever owned, and makes me feel like a princess whenever I wear it. The fact that it’s made of really thick ponte knit means I’m always comfortable, making me more relaxed when I’m out as I don’t have to think about how I look – I just know I look absolutely fine. I’ve worn it with so many different accessories – tights in all colours, various belts, jewellery and hair accessories – it’s the perfect base. And it only cost me £15 – I wish I’d bought three!

This particular day I went with my favourite combination of red and black. The belt’s been featured a lot, but the ruby slippers brooch is new. My parents saw it in Romford market for a few quid and bought it for me. I’ve also not really spoken about my tattoo, but it’s something that also calms me down and helps me feel good about myself. Since I was a little kid I’ve loved the film Wizard of Oz. When I was seven I tried to change my name to Dorothy, but no one took me seriously (haha). When it came to getting a tattoo, the phrase “there’s no place like home” also meant a lot to me. I get quite anxious when I’m out in public, and I panic if I don’t know exactly where I am or have difficulty getting back home, so the tattoo does help calm me. Strange, but true!

So there you have it. Please do take a look at the Glad Rags Youtube page for more videos. Claire from French For Cupcake documents her favourite dress here, and thanks to Bethany for putting me forward!

So to break up the current one note of my blog, here are some bits and bobs that I’ve worn over the past couple of months. I’d not felt like properly getting dressed up and taking outfit photos, but I would quickly shoot pictures on my phone…

iphone 003
These were the wellies I bought from Simply Be’s Bury launch last year. I didn’t think I’d ever get a chance to wear them, but if there was one good thing about February’s snowfall it was that I got to stomp about in these bad boys.

iphone 006

Cardigan: Littlewoods (many years ago); Skirt: Forever 21+; Brooch: vintage; Spike ring: Chubby Cartwheels

iphone 007

Jumper: H&M; Skirt: New Look Inspire; Bag: Accessorize; Ring: Primark

This was my dismal two attempts at Fatshion February – to be fair, I wore both of these outfits a few times, although the top one is my favourite as it’s bright! That pink cardigan cost me about £12 at least five years ago and is still going strong. I bought both skirts in one recent shopping trip at Westfield (I know, I know… consumerist bitch alert). Both the New Look and Forever 21 stores stock their plus size sections, and the panicky part of me felt like “if I don’t buy, they won’t make money, and they’ll think no fatties wanna shop there, and they’ll close the section! And this skirt’s only a tenner!”. I have to say both have served me very well, and I’m glad they’re in my wardrobe.

I also ordered, tried on a few items and snapped them before sending back:

iphone 005

ASOS Curve lilac skinnies. They looked better than I expected on, but I can’t deal with them being low-rise. I need things practically hoiked up under my bra! I’ve not worn trousers or jeans for over ten years, but I’ll keep my eyes open in future.

iphone 020

iphone 021

I was BEYOND excited when Ax Paris launched their Curves range that I placed an order at 3 in the morning as soon as I found out. I did, however, send them both back in the end. I sized up for the bodycon dress, however it was still a little too tight to be comfortable. But I loved the look of it with the sweetheart neckline, and if I order again I’ll just size up one more. The second dress I was also unsure about, and I think I’d size up just to be on the safe side. HOWEVER, I’m so, so glad this range is available!

Well, that all for today. I have a stinking cold/flu so I’m going to go hibernate in bed! Hope you’re all well, my lovelies. xx

TW: fat hate, body shame.

Yup, I’m still gonna go on about this! I took part in this week’s heat. It was one of the most hilarious, bizarre and absolutely wonderful  evenings I’ve ever had. And to top it all off I bloody WON, which means I’m taking part in the final on March 29th along with Bethany and Charlotte. So I don’t even care about winning, I just know it’s going to be amazing fun and a really supportive night alongside two of my heroes and I can’t wait!

Here is what I wore…

Burger Queen Heat 3

Dress: ASOS Curve (old-ish)
Shoes: Torrid (a gift from a couple of years ago)
Brooch: Gift
Hairband: Can’t even remember – Primark, probably!

I was also wearing my LDN XL GRRRLS badge (I brought my Big Bum Jumble badge too but it got lost in my bag!).

I’m… actually quite scared about putting this picture up. I’d already worn this dress when I first bought it, way back when I was still, and I’d been waiting for an occasion fancy enough to wear it again. Since then I’ve put on more weight, so an already tight dress was now even tighter. My mum tried to dissuade me from wearing it to Burger Queen, pretty much voicing out loud my niggling inner concerns. They’ll laugh at you, she said. You’ll be an object of ridicule – why do this to yourself? Why invite that hatred? But the rational part of me won out. If there was anywhere I could wear this dress proudly and honestly, it would be Burger Queen. I knew that they would be laughing but for the most part it’d be alongside me, not at me. I knew that there were bigger personalities, a tonne of more outrageousness in the room meaning the tightness of my dress, the way it clung to my belly and bum? An absolute moot point.

I packed some shapewear just in case. I didn’t bother wearing it. And you know what? I felt like a million fackin’ dollars.

— end trigger warning! —

Burger Queen Heat 3

The night itself was just awesome. My best friends all turned out which was so lovely – they also bought me the best birthday present EVER which you will be seeing on outfit posts in the future! It was also really lovely to see Bethany, Stacy, Charlotte and Kay and I wish I’d gotten to talk to you all more. Scottee and the team – Annabel, Becky, Josh and Roy – were all just fabulous and awesome, I was a bit starstruck meeting them and Amy Lame, of course! The other contestants, Lewis and Darren, were great as well. I was so pleased they were nice, and didn’t mind me nervously babbling for about 3 hours in the dressing room. I’d have been really pleased if either of them had won, aww.

Burger Queen Heat 3

We really lucked out with the judges this week: LISA STANSFIELD!!! If I’d have known I’d have brought my 7″s from the 80s! BOBBY CRUSH! ALISON HAMMOND! I’d actually met her before at Yours, but I dunno if she recognised me (probably not). IMMODESTY BLAIZE! Actually my favourite burlesque artist, I like her even more than Dita. And by some bizarre twist of fate, Nancy Dell’olio turned up as a punter, omg. I made a quip in the trend round that I was trying to emulate her glamour. Nancy was asked her thoughts and she replied “…She tried?” AHAHAHAHA. After it finished, she actually caught me and said “congratulations, I was rooting for you!” oh man. So, so funny!

My “talent” was a recital of Kim Selling’s Fat Bottomed Girls poem. Thanks so much for letting me have a go! It was a bit hammy and I was so nervous but I think people enjoyed it. I know one or two of the judges marked me down because I didn’t write it, which is a fair point really. The last round was “taste” and I made a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake. The judges LOVED it. If anyone fancies having a go, here’s the recipe! I seriously don’t know why it sends people into a frenzy but I’m glad they liked it.

Burger Queen Heat 3

So… yeah. What a night! And I had to go to the jobcentre the next day. Talk about coming down to earth with a bang, eh?


As you might have seen in my last post, I am attempting to “be more outrageous” in 2012, including competing in Burger Queen, London’s fat beauty pageant, on March 15th. Do come down and cheer (or jeer) at me!

One of the reasons I really wanted to get involved with Burger Queen is because I’m a big fan of Scottee. It’s just bizarre how someone so unashamedly FAT (it’s a big part of all of his projects) can be held in such esteem by typically judgemental circles. This is a guy who parades the pages of i-D on the regular, treads the boards of the west end and hangs out with various celebrities and débutantes, while always FAT FAT FATTING in their faces. Awesome. Oh, and he dresses impeccably! fass_london_13_v

So what makes him tick? I thought I’d ask him a few questions…

Hello! Please tell us a little about yourself?

I am Scottee. I am a London based performer, director and show off and I enjoy wearing sequins. I’m from a council estate in Kentish Town and I like to eat Ravioli on toast.

How would you describe your style?

British Camp I think – I like anything that looks a bit naff, cheap or ‘showbiz’ that elude to being expensive. Anything shiny really made out of 6 tinsel wigs and a glitter slash curtain thrown onto a shoulder suits me.

I am so excited for Burger Queen! What inspired you to put on this event?

I’m bored of Channel 4 telling me that I am fat therefor I am an unhappy, broken human being. I wanted to make something that was in response to those programs that showed the world fatties are largely happy, well rounded people who are up for a laugh. Burger Queen was born. (Interestingly, after this interview one of the sponsors of BQ pulled out, because the brand didn’t want to “promote unhealthy living”. Jesus fuck.)

You had a great t-shirt line available a few years ago. Are you planning on any more gorgeous fatty clothes? Please say yes.

Yes I still sell shirts on my website that only come in an XXL – I would love to make more stuff, its boring wearing Evans’ idea of ‘glam’ – this usually leaves big women in smocks with sequin butterflies – RUBBISH! I want to make big girls wear sequin catsuits and plus size eyelashes!

You are fat and incredibly fabulous. When did you decide to be fabulous, instead of the kind of drab, self-hating misery everyone expects people like us to be?

I never made a conscious choice, I’ve always love dressing fancy and fancy dress, my mum tells me that at school or parties I wouldn’t attend unless the outfit was really good. I think Blue Peter also made me very interested in making funny clothes to wear, of course. I never saw Tracey Island as a toy, more an understated hat.

Where are your favourite places to shop?

Ebay!  I collect Dawn French’s 1647 (French & Teague) line, vintage only and 80’s ‘Essence’ clobber. I don’t think these clothes look any good on women but all my fat girlfriends always remark that on me they look tailor made. I think the high street designers forget big women don’t all have a big bust so the clothes often look much better on me and my smaller moobs. I also like the idea that during the day I wear fat women’s clothes from the 80’s.

Lastly, what’s your favourite piece of fashion advice?

Get a hot glue gun! I’ve made some wonderful things by sticking something to something. Have a go and then wear your earphones, that way even if you look ridiculous you won’t be able to hear what the general public think!

Thanks Scottee! As well as BQ taking place at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern each Thursday this month, he’s performing a show every Saturday in April at the Roundhouse. You can find more info here. He has a blog, too!


Well… That “hiatus” didn’t last very long at all, did it? That said, the breather was worth it – especially the four days I managed to go, cold turkey, without twitter. How I managed that I shall never know.

All sort of exciting stuff has been happening. I’m longer working for Yours Clothing, which, to be quite honest, was a major conflict of interest with the blog. So while I’m poor and can’t buy purdy clothes for the foreseeable, it’ll work out better in the long run. I hope?!


This year, the nearest I got to some sort of resolution was to “be more outrageous” in 2012. My 1st step towards this has been signing up to compete in Burger Queen 2012. Oh dear lord. Here’s the blurb:

Scottee welcomes you back for a super sized second helping of his infamous beauty pageant Burger Queen! Every Thursday in March, he will be whittling down a wide range of fantastic fatties in his unique game show for fat people. Each chunky contestant will endure three rounds designed to find the perfect chub to be crowned Burger Queen 2012. Rounds include trend (flaunting your fat fashion), taste (your signature dish served to our judges) and talent (light entertainment for heavyweights).

Each heat is judged by some wonderful faces including Nick Grimshaw, Paloma Faith, Cock N Bull Kid, Alison Hammond, Immodesty Blaize, Sue Tilley, Princess Julia, BQ ’11 winner Nina Neon, not to mention Scottee’s Mum and our resident judge & plus size princess Amy Lamé.

The winner will receive £100 cash, £400 worth of gifts from our sponsors, a bottle of plonk, the coveted Burger Queen medal, the golden unhappy meal and the chance to perform at the Roundhouse CircusFest in ‘Camp’!

More? Over the course of the contest Scottee will also be putting himself through the murky world of fad diets, celebrity fitness DVD’s and some alternative exercise classes – NHS’ answer to Fanny Craddock, Dr Tim Crocker-Buque will be keeping an eye on him and vlogging his progress!

Other highlights include guest performances from chubby chasers Myra Dubois, Timberlina, Russella &Tenor Ladies, Sami Knight is on the decks playing big (gastric) band tunes, the amazing ‘What’s Jude eating this week?’ is back, the weekly Pie Chart Rundown and of course ‘the show’s not over till the Miss Annabel Sings

Heat 2 – 8th March
Heat 3 – 15th March
Heat 4 – 22nd March
Grand Final – 29th March

7pm (8pm Show)
Tickets are available on the door but advance booking is advised.

Royal Vauxhall Tavern
372 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall SE11

£7 or £11.99 with the RVT Burger & Chips
(Meat or Vege options available).

More info and advance tickets from

The search to find the perfect porker has begun – who will become Burger Queen?

It is a big, fat, celebration of all things fat and outrageous, and I just can’t WAIT! Although, I am slightly terrified.

As well as myself, Charlotte Cooper of Obesity Timebomb is competing this Thursday and will be awesome. Heat one featured the sexual siren that is Bethany from My Arched Eyebrow – and she won! The final takes place on Thursday March 29th, so do come along to help me cheer her on!

As for me, my heat is next Thursday, March 15th. If you’d like to come along you can order tickets here – I’d LOVE to see you (and need all the emotional support I can get, haha!)

Stay tuned for an interview with Head Fatso, Scottee, himself!