Top: Evans (very old!)
Skirt: Yours Clothing
Brooch: Tatty Devine
Tights: M&S (via Charlotte)
Shoes: Evans (even older than the top)
Glasses: Glasses Direct
Ring: Domino Dollhouse

Hello my lovelies! This outfit features a real blast from the past! I’d seen others doing a “shop my closet” thing for ages and not really taken much notice. I don’t tend to be very sentimental with things, and when items are taken to a charity shop or put in storage, I don’t miss them. When a few weeks ago I got out a massive box of old clothes for a jumble sale I was doing, though, I found so many things that are years of being banished from my wardrobe felt like they could fit in once again, so I embraced them like old friends! (After cleaning and ironing them, of course.)

I really love this top. I still miss the Seven range Evans used to do. They had such cute stuff. This top was a bit 60’s and made me feel like I’m a member of the Jetsons!



The brooch was one I’d loved from afar for years on the Tatty Devine website but had given up hopes of ever owning, so when I found it buried under a mountain of other bits in the shop’s sample sale, I nearly screamed! I love it so much, it’s big, kitsch and music based. It’s everything I want in a brooch, haha. I’m such a huge fan of Tatty Devine – I know people say their items are expensive, but when it comes to indie designers I do understand a higher price point, even when I’m priced out of most things. I usually stay patient and wait for the sales. I’ve had my oldest TD stuff for over 5 years and they’re as good as new, so I feel like it’s always worth an investment.

Phew! Sorry, I do go on don’t I? Expect a few more outfits posts with things I’d long forgotten I owned all summer… Until next time (my plus size Game of Thrones fashion post! AWW YEAH.)

Image: Me (short, fat, brunette, pale caucasian skin) stands in a garden with hands on hips in a brown sundress with small hearts, brown sandals and sunglasses, and hair in a side ponytail.

Dress: Anna Scholz
Sandals: Primark
Sunglasses: DKNY

Hello dears! This is just a super quick and simple post from me. I bought this sundress in the Anna Scholz sale last year after years of hankering after it. It’s so good for throwing on and sitting in the garden all day now summer has arrived for the week! I’d wear it out but it’s a smidgen too short to be seen by strangers, haha.

Also, my mum took these photos. I was hoping for, you know, a beautiful picture of me looking wistful but alas that’s not to be. You get my stepdad, me mid-gurn, his mum’s washing on the line, and our massive water butt.

Image: Me, as before, only this time you can see more of the garden including our tacky pink parasol! I have my arm round my stepdad in a white polo shirt and dark shorts. He has his head in his hands hiding from the camera. Behind us his mum sits in the shade, and her washing is on the line.

Look at my stepdad Steve, he’s SO happy to be featured!

Aspirational blogging this is not. But you don’t mind, do you?

Simply Be Car dress

Car Print Dress: Simply Be (sent for review)
Shoes: Grazia at Simply Be (gifted)
Belt: Evans
Petticoat: Domino Dollhouse
Ring: Domino Dollhouse
Necklace: Tatty Devine

Simply Be Car dress

I have been a very, very lucky girl of late. First of all, I was able to keep some of the items worn on the Volup2 shoot, which included these gorgeous coral heels from Simply Be. And then, I was also sent an item of my choice to review on the blog. What I chose was a no brainer; my favourite summer collection was Prada by far, awash with hot rods and bad girls from the 50’s, and like many others I nearly wept with joy when I saw Simply Be‘s take on it. That a plus size car print dress has been brought out, in season, is pretty astounding to be honest with you. Only a few months ago I was lamenting how long us chubsters are made to wait for key fashion items to trickle down to us, so it’s definitely heartening to see such a fast turn around. Small wonder it’s being snapped up in droves!

I didn’t want to overpower the dress, so aside from my kitsch jewellery and a petticoat to give some extra poof, I kept it plain. As for the sizing, I felt this was truer to size than most Simply Be items which tend to be very generous. I ordered a 20 so it would be very fitted in the bodice, to help with that 50’s fit and flare. The material isn’t stretchy either, so if you have a larger bust I’d suggest going up a size. My only niggles were being a short-arse who likes short-ish skirts, a few inches lopped off would be great (however the taller amongst you want a few inches added!) and that I would have loved to see a pastel version available. That said, the royal blue is amazing, and so striking!

I’ve already worn this out a few times, and I expect I’ll be wearing it all summer long. I’m just so happy it’s been made! Will you be buying this? Can’t wait to see it on my fellow bloggers!

Image descriptions to come

Lace bodysuit: Simply Be
Skirt: Torrid (gifted)
Boots: New Look
Hairband: H&M
Necklace: Primark
Ring: Domino Dollhouse
Cape: ASOS Curve (gifted)

Image descriptions to come


Hello my dears, I hope you’re all well? Just a super quick outfit post today – I wore this a few weeks ago (sans the headband) when I met up with Bethany and Amanda to go rooting through the Tatty Devine sample sale. I did keep the cape on most of the time, as I’m always a bit scared of wearing tops tucked in! What do you reckon? (Oh and please excuse my ~dramatic~ poses!)

The ring is the most recent purchase of mine – everything else is at least a year old. However, I hear Chubby Cartwheels will be making plus size lace bodysuits VERY soon – exciting!

I'll write a description in a bit :)

Of course, I’m not really, but I did get to pretend for a lovely day with Velvet d’Amour, and am in the latest issue of her magazine Volup2. I’m so honoured to be a part of this, it’s such an amazing project. It’s less of a magazine and more of a coffee table book, chock full of editorials with a huge array of people, with different colours, abilities, sizes, genders represented. In fact you can actually order a print version, which is awesome.

I wasn’t the only blogger photographed of course, the gorgeous Chloe from Le Blog de Neiiko and Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust – the cover girl herself! We were photographed at the same time which was so much fun. Also I had the best kebab ever (I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s important ok?).

I'll write a description in a bit :)

I'll write a description in a bit :)

I'll write a description in a bit :)

I'll write a description in a bit :)

These are just some low res images I pulled – you can see the rest of the photos – and details and links of all the items worn are in the magazine itself, which, handily, I’ve embedded below to browse at your leisure, below:

[issuu width=420 height=272 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120515214022-19b15b1ce4b54a9a89046d498112d62a name=volup2_feminite_femininity_may2012 username=volup2 tag=fashion unit=px v=2]

I can’t recommend looking through this magazine enough (although it is NSFW, I must add!) as it really is wonderful and inspirational. Well done to everyone involved!

Hello my dears, there appears to be a few events coming up that all look to be great fun! I’m sure you know of them already, but just in case I thought I’d post about them – click the images and they’ll take you to each respective site.



I have been looking forward to Fattylympics for SO long! It’s organised by Kay, who arranged the amazing Big Bum Jumble in 2010, in fact all the profits from that have gone to help set up this event. It’s a fun, fat friendly send up of the Olympics complete with stalls, games, competitions, and its own theme tune (written and recorded by Verity from Electrelane, indie fans). It takes place on Saturday 7th July, 12pm – 5pm at Grassroots Resource Centre, West Ham, London. I’ll be stewarding, so see you there!


If you aren’t in London, then another awesome event is happening on Saturday July 7th: Plus North! Headed up by Becky and Toni, this is the northern arm of Plus London, with sponsors such as Simply Be (complete with a catwalk show!), Excite and Trapped in a Skinny World. It costs £5 for a ticket and takes place at Aspire in Leeds from 1pm – 6pm. It’s going to be great, can’t wait to read all about it.


Another London event (sorry peeps) that takes place in a couple of weeks! Katie has organised a clothing swap for sizes 14 and up on her fabulous roof terrace on Saturday May 26th, from 1:30pm. Make sure you bring at least 5 items, too!

Hope to see you at Fattylympics and the swap, and have fun at Plus North!

One of the reasons I’ve managed to keep this blog going for so long is because my geekiness with regards to fashion and clothes hasn’t waned at all. If anything, it’s gotten worse! I spend about an hour every day just browsing the new in sections of my favourite sites and checking out new ones, to see if there’s anything to shout about.

With the influx of spring and a few new brands popping up, my wishlist has gotten full to bursting. It’s unlikely I’ll ever own many of these beauties, but there’s nothing stopping me adorning my blog with them, right?

ASOS Curve (20 – 26)


Lantern skirt in floral Jaquard
Floral Peplum Dress
Premium dress with floral applique
Skater dress with floral detail

Anna Scholz (14 – 28)


Georgette blue utility button dress
Tailored pale pink anchor button dress
Tailored pink corset dress
Georgette tie-back poodle print dress

Ax Paris Curve (16 – 26)


Orange drop back strapless jewel dress
Two in one butterfly dress
Sweetheart spot lace dress
Taupe button collar dress

Excite Clothing (16 – 26)


Baby pink jeggings
Cream bird print A-line dress
Black and white striped dress
Cat print bow dress in navy and orange

Forever 21+ (1X – 3x)


Jade colourblock yoke dress
Polka dot slub tee
Hooded sheer shirt
Stardust cross top
Surplice floral dress



Yours Clothing (16 – 32) Turquoise chain print illusion dress
Monif C (US14 – US24) Whitley dress
Damn You Alexis (AUS16 – AUS26) Zig Zag dress

Phew! That’s only part one – there’s more amazing stuff by the likes of Simply Be, Very and New Look Inspire that I’m coveting. Also if you’re on pinterest, I have a board full of plus size fashion as I find it – take a look!

Evenden press day

I haven’t really taken much stock of lingerie on the blog, mostly because measuring myself I come up as something like a 52AA which is near impossible to buy, especially as I prefer push up, padded bras to try and give myself a more proportionate overall shape. The past few months I’ve been making do with some 38B push up bras from Sainsburys, and 40A bras from the Gok Wan range at Simply Yours.

At Plus London, new larger back and cup size brand Elomi (size range 34D – 48K) had a stall and also fitted guests. I was gutted that I didn’t get a chance to be fitted on the night, so when I was invited to the Evenden group Autumn/Winter press day which included a bra fitting, I had to go and find out once and for all!

The event was held at a lounge above the Swarovski store on Great Marlborough Street, and I got to hang out with Em, Bethany, Claire and Georgina. The Evenden staff were absolutely lovely, and the atmosphere was so relaxed and friendly. Of course, all the lingerie on display was beautiful too…

Evenden press day

They had models on hand to try on bras that anyone wanted to see on a live person. The three of them were all super sweet and helpful as well, talking about the fit of each bra. I also loved that they included models of different sizes and larger mannequins. Not all brands go to the effort of making larger customers feel included, so it’s always nice when you go somewhere that does.

Evenden press day

The Huit range focused on a 40s, cabaret, boudior aesthetic. Their sizes range from 30A – 38DD. (Can you play “spot the blogger in the background”?)

Evenden press day

Fauve was delicate and feminine with a jewelled colour palette. Their sizes range from 30B – 38H.

Evenden press day

Evenden press day

Lovely bloggers posing with their swag!

So, what was the result of my fitting? The assistant felt that my back size, 38, was actually correct (a big shock to me) and that the cup was too small. She handed me a 38D by Freya (sizes range from 28B – 40K) – Roxanne:

Evenden press day

It wasn’t padded, but fit pretty much perfectly. It was quite odd wearing a bra that didn’t squish or push up my boobs at all, but it still gave me a great shape! The prospect of being a 38D excites me, though I do recall Lorna’s post about how shopping for her fitted size has proved difficult in other shops. But I’m definitely a 38D in Freya, and I can’t wait to shop their stunning underwear!

Finally, here’s what I wore:

Evenden press day

Dress: Yours Clothing
Necklace: Tatty Devine
Cardigan: Torrid (gifted last year)
Spike ring: Chubby Cartwheels
Heart ring: Domino Dollhouse
Shoes: ASOS
Glasses: London Retro “Soho” (gifted last year)

I’d worn this dress before – it’s gotten a lot of wear since I bought it, actually. After the event I hung out in The Diner and then went to see Blood Red Shoes, who’ve always been a guilty pleasure of mine. They were great, but I had an altercation on the way out, which disturbed me a lot. I will probably emote on tumblr about it at some point, though.

So all in all, despite the sour note at the end I had a great day and I now am owner of a beautiful lingerie set! Thanks, Evenden group!