Fuck flattering

T-shirt: Gisela Ramirez via Em
Skirt: Forever 21+
Shoes: Evans
Ring: Chubby Cartwheels
Glasses: courtesy of Glasses Direct

Lest any followers who feel there’s a limit to how far fatties can go in their fashion have gotten a little too comfortable following my blog, here’s a friendly reminder that I fundamentally do not agree with any such restrictions.

It took me a few months and an act of kindness from the lovely Em who’d bought about 5 of the shorts, but I finally have a F*ck Flattering crop top all of my own. To wear it in any respectable way would have done everything Gisela stands for a disservice, so here I am: death fat, ugly, non-hourglass, no-waist, pale, lumpy, hairy in a crop top and shiny, too-tight mini.

Fuck flattering

Here’s the thing: you do not have to dress yourself according to other people’s standards. And by the same token, it is not for you to dictate how others should dress. Seriously. The mental energy that gets wasted on indulging yourself in anger at another person’s belly outline, why do it? One of the best things I ever did (and am still doing) is learning to not judge people I see out and about. I can’t even tell you the kind of difference it makes to your psyche.

That said, I totally understand why dressing more modestly has to be done, for your own sanity and safety. I am incredibly socially anxious, sometimes even leaving the house to run an errand is a nightmare for me and a lot of the time I will wear something that I feel good in but doesn’t rock the boat too much because it’s just less hassle, something less to worry about. But the more I see other plus size women like me rocking outfits like this one, the more normal it gets to see fatties taking fashion risks and not giving a stuff, the more likely I am to head out of my door with my VBO on display and my head held high. I can’t thank you all, and Gisela Ramirez, enough for that.

Fuck flattering

I’m going to leave you with my Burger Queen speech, which I wrote for the final and inspired by this very slogan:

There is a word in every fat fashion fan’s vocabulary that upon its utterance, whether by a TV style pundit, a designer or a well-meaning relative, never fails to strike a killing blow to any confidence we may have. The word is “flattering”.

Flattering. The word haunts us wherever we go. Shouting at us from our screens, omnipresent in the stares from 17 year old shop assistants, left in the comments of every article that dares to mention fatness and fashion in the same paragraph. This word, these three little syllables, have locked fat people – feminine fatties, dapper fatties, butch fatties – into a parallel universe of shame and despair, a world populated by an endless parade of diarrhoea brown calf length skirts, waterfall cardigans and hanky hems. To flatter is to hide, to minimise, to render obsolete. A way for fatties to move through the world, without actually being seen.

Flattering, a code word for elasticated necklines and empire waists. The idea that a belly and a bum means you’re not worthy of colour or fanciness. Of happiness.

I want you to join me, my friends. Join me in rejecting the idea of only wearing clothes that others deem flattering. let us adorn ourselves in sequins, in feathers, in tight Lycra. Let us frolic in skirts and jeans that trace the outline of our bellies without fear or shame. Let us wear our VBOs as a delicious fashion statement, instead of a curse.

Together we can walk the streets, take to the beaches a riot of colourful chubbiness. Together we will rise to the hates and shout…


It is time for us to take back our agency, it’s time for us to reclaim this word which is still used against us. And once we have it, we will destroy it.

Society may want us to hide, but we will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! But we WILL pour our bums into a pair of American Apparel disco pants. We WILL wear ruffles, peplums and skinny jeans and fitted 3 piece suits. We WILL dress exactly how we want because we deserve to feel good about ourselves.

Celebrate your body. Wrap it in silks, paint it in millions of colours. Wear hot pants or even baggy t-shirts if that’s what makes you happy. But don’t ever feel you need to wear something “flattering”.

The next time you hear that word, those horrible three syllables, say it with me: fuck flattering! Fuck flattering! FUCK FLATTERING!

Hello my dears! I hope you’ve all been well? I’ve had a bit of a busy week, chasing up jobs and getting interviews, etc. Wish me luck!

Before that though, here’s a blog post that has been in the works for months. I’ve been a fan of Very since their conception, and recently their So Fabulous range – which goes up to a size 32 – has gotten stronger and stronger. By coincidence the lovely people at MyVoucherCodes recently contacted me asking if I wanted to do a post on Very in conjunction with them, so I thought, why not?

Very recently added A/W looks to their collections, and So Fabulous is looking good! Here is a small selection of some of my favourites:

Striking evening dresses…


Studded Power Dress – Stud Detail Dress – Houndstooth Fit & Flare Dress

Feminine tea dresses…


Lace Fit & Flare Dress – Printed Tea Dress – Floral Tunic

And striking printed bottoms!


Printed Leggings – Mirror Print Pencil Skirt – Tartan Pencil Skirt – Printed Cigarette Trousers

Aren’t they awesome? As well as So Fabulous, they have South which goes up to a size 24 and has some incredible looks. Holly Willoughby’s range also goes up to size 24 with some adorable vintage inspired options.


Holly Willoughby Horse Print Playsuit – South Bow Jumper – South Faux Leather Shorts – Love Label Platform Glitter Shoe Boots – Holly Willoughby Spot Print Dress – South Print Maxi with Lace Sleeves

Hope you guys like this post! If you fancy purchasing anything, head to this link and then on to Very.co.uk!

This post is in partnership with MyVoucherCodes but my opinion is my own, and I’d been planning to do this post for months!

Hello everyone! Well, you loved my Game of Thrones fashion post didn’t you? I’m so pleased you liked it! Of course, there are lots more female characters in the books. Here are some characters I love, and I’ve tried to do modern but faithful interpretations of their fashions in plus sizes. I’m not sure these are as good as my first, but I hope you enjoy anyway. Here we go…

Arianne Martell – Princess of Dorne

arianne martell plus size

Chiffon Beach Cover UpMonif C
Scarf Wedges: ASOS
Coiled snake necklace: Bad Passion
Deco sun ring: House of Harlow
Gold & Blue Sun Necklace: Yours Clothing
Gold & Blue Sun Earrings: Yours Clothing

 Danaerys Targaryen – The Dothraki Sea, Meereen

danaerys targaryen plus size
Chain Detail Dress: Lovedrobe
Gold & Silver Sandals: ASOS
Dragon Ear Cuff: Marty Magic at Etsy
Dragon Scale Gauntlets: Crystalsidyll at Etsy
Gold Bug Buckle Belt: ASOS Curve
Dragon Ring: Professor Sprocket at Etsy
Headdress: Jenny Packham

Margaery Tyrell – Highgarden

margaery tyrell plus size
Cropped Floral Blazer: ASOS Curve
Floral Lantern Skirt: ASOS Curve
Mint Lace Peplum top: Simply Be
Floral Crown: The Glitter Thread
Flower Jewel Drop Earrings: ASOS
Sunglasses: Irregular Choice
Floral Bib Necklace: Forever 21
Heels: Mel at New Look

Brienne of Tarth – The Stormlands

brienne of tarth plus size
Trousers: Carmakoma
Waxed Nubuck Leather Boots: Duo
Sand & Brown Batik Dyed Blouse: Yppig via Navabi
Armour Necklace & Earrings: Domino Dollhouse
Medieval Knight Ring: Bad Passion
Moon & Star Necklace: Net á Porter
Buckle Clutch Bag: Alexander Wang

Cersei Lannister – Casterly Rock

cersei lannister plus size
Red & Gold Shift Dress: Elena Miró at Navabi
Skull & Stud Heels: Alexander McQueen
Lion Door Knocker Necklace: Susan Caplan Vintage at ASOS
Ruby & Emerald Lion Ring: Etsy
Green & Gold Feather Drop Earrings: Aurélie Bidermann at Net á Porter
Red Rose Flower Crown: Piers Atkinson for ASOS

Melisandre – Asshai

melisandre plus size
Red Dress: Manon Baptiste at Navabi
Ruby & Chainmail Choker: Etsy *
Red & Gold Boots: Irregular Choice at Schuh
Red Heart Ring: Etsy
Red Satin Gloves: Domino Dollhouse
Fur Collar: Ana Konder for ASOS
Tights: We Love Colors in Scarlet Red (of course!)

*If you wanted to go full cosplay, this choker is amazing!

Well, that’s me done for the moment! I may well and come back and do some lesser characters, as I have such fun doing this. Do let me know what you think!


Hello my dears, I hope you’re all very well – and those of you at Full Figured Fashion Week are having a brilliant time!

So, my lovely friend Katie who I’ve known for years has been badgering me for weeks to write about an indie film she is super passionate about: Fat Kid Rules The World. It’s based on the book of the same name by K.L. Going and is centred around Troy Billings, who is driven to the brink because of the bullying he suffers about his weight – only to be saved (from being splattered by a vehicle, Twilight-style) by the madcap musician Marcus, who then enlists him in his punk band. Despite the fact Troy hasn’t played an instrument in his entire life. Sweat, tears, riffs and self acceptance ensues. Here, have a trailer:

You know, I’m not going to lie: I was a bit sceptical when I first heard about the movie and book, mostly because as much as I love seeing fellow fatties on TV and in movies, I’ve always felt fat dudes get a more sympathetic run than fat women like myself. There’s also always a worry that the film will laugh at the fat character instead of with them, but having seen the trailer, I think it’s hit the right note (oh my gosh, pun definitely unintended). Plus, I’ve kinda lived this story myself for a brief period, having been in a band a few years ago. Look, there’s photographic proof and everything:


The band are still going, it was just that I’m a bit mental highly strung and sulked off like I do sometimes. Their name is Ethical Debating Society, pretty much pure riot grrrl. The lovely Tegan was definitely the Marcus to my Troy in this scenario. She picked me up, dusted me down, enlisted me for her project, pushed my boundaries and got me to be proud of myself. I, like Troy, had never played an instrument before starting the band so in my case it really was me just groping through each string until I heard something I liked. I remember almost running off stage at our first gig because I was so nervous and then when it was all finished collapsing into my friend’s arms in tears through sheer relief, writing my first song, buying my first pedal, seeing our first positive reaction. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done, definitely, and I’m so glad I can tick my #1 desire off my bucket list.


Anyway, I’ve drifted from the point! The film! Because this is an indie project they’ve undertaken all sorts of social marketing to raise funds for its distribution in the States, and, hopefully the UK. Their Kickstarter project was an amazing success and smashed its goal, though there are still 34 hours left to donate, if you have a spare dollar. Literally. Plus, there’s Tugg the Fat Kid, where you can get a private screening for your city, if enough of you in the same area buy tickets. It would be kinda cool, no?

Oh, and did I mention that the film is directed by Matthew Lillard, and that I love his rubbery little face? So all in all, we have a winner!


Although, wait: there’s more! Another indie flick that subverts Hollywood norms is also in need of donations. It’s called Dear White People, and is based around black students navigating their way through life at an elite, and very white, US college. Their tag line literally is “A satire about being a Black face in a white space.” The trailer alone is hilarious! You can find more information on their site, and their donation page is here. I love the trailer so much I have to include it too:

I’d have given more space to the latter, it’s just I only found out about it today (by today, I mean two hours ago) – but I’ve donated to both and I can’t wait to see them!


Dress: courtesy of Simply Be
Shoes: New Look
Hairband: courtesy of Accessorize

Hello lovelies! Just a super quick outfit post from me today – this is what I wore to the lovely wedding of Alice and Tim on Friday evening! The dress was sent to me to be included in the Volup2 shoot by Simply Be, but it arrived too late. However I loved it so much they let me keep it! How nice is that?

The dress is beautiful, it’s cream georgette with tiny silver beads that drape across the front. It reminds me of a 1920’s flapper dress – the straight up and down silhouette, ending below the knee… While not necessarily “flattering”, it is definitely authentic – and because the wedding was a vintage inspired affair I thought it was only right!

It was a really lovely evening, the bride looked gorgeous of course, and there was some great music, although I fluffed up a bit when it was my turn to DJ as I’m a bit rusty! Here are some photos I took on my phone…

So cute #widgerbennett

Caaaake! #widgerbennett

Cutting the caaaaaake :) #widgerbennett

Gorgeous, huh? Until next time, peeps! x


Bird print wrap dress: TU at Sainsbury’s
Piano pin: Tatty Devine
Shoes: Primark
Belt: Littlewoods
Glasses: courtesy of Glasses Direct

Hello peeps! I don’t normally post so quickly, but I have a few hours to kill and this might be one of my favourite outfits that I’ve worn this year, so I thought I’d share it.

This is a total bargain hunter outfit, with the dress, brooch and shoes coming from sales and the belt being a freebie with a dress I bought years ago. I’d seen this dress on the rack at Sainsbury’s for months, but never bought it. I just happened to be shopping with my parents and found a lone one, in my size, reduced to £5 – what with my parents’ discount it ended up costing me about four quid. Timely too, because it was just in time for my lovely friend Alice’s nautical hen do!

iphone 014

We hired a canal boat, the Pirate Viscount, for a few hours in Camden. Complete with a stuffed parrot. It was so lovely. The sun came out so we sat outside, and we were like celebrities with everyone waving and shouting hello to us the whole way. On the way back a few people were less than nice, but we were in such a good mood by that point we all just kinda groaned and forgot about it.

iphone 015

Captain Widge!


A toast to the bride to be.

Me and the lovely Meli, who was showing me pictures from her Hong Kong trip. Which included flying on a Hello Kitty jet. SO JEALOUS. Grania took these last two photos and she also made the food – it tasted wonderful of course, as you’d expect from someone with an incredible food blog! She also recently married herself, so it was exciting to hear all about the day!

After the boat we headed off to karaoke, which was, err, slightly less photogenic so I’ll spare you. The wedding is on Friday, I’m going to the reception and I can’t wait! Not least because my dress is gorgeous, haha.

My lovelies! I hope you are all well and good, yes?

OH MY GOD. So. All of you who talk to me via twitter or tumblr probably know that for months now I’ve been in the grip of an all-consuming obsession of the book series A Song of Ice and Fire, aka Game of Thrones on HBO/Sky Atlantic, to the point of being a bit pathetic. I’m currently halfway through the final book, and tonight in the US is the series 2 finale. Meep!

The really cool thing about the GoT/ASOIAF fandom is that even though the books and show are mostly set in an English medieval inspired land (as well as lands inspired by ancient civilisations in Europe and Africa), a few sites have popped up dedicated to interpreting modern fashions as potential looks for the characters. It started with What Would Khaleesi Wear, which is all about Danaerys Targaryen (she’s in my next post!), followed by Game of Style which matches haute couture looks to all characters from the series. It’s basically amazing. So, as an excuse to revel in geekery, I’ve decided to do a plus size version! Here’s part one: the women from the north of Westeros. Enjoy!

FYI: I’ve kept the post itself spoiler free, however there may be spoilers in the comments.

Sansa Stark – Winterfell


Dress: Re/Dress NYC
Pink Faux Fur vest: Navabi
Fox Fur coat: Madison Avenue Mall
Ankle Boots: Schuh
Wolf Locket Necklace: Etsy
Faux Rabbit Fur Muff: Etsy
Posie Ribbon Headpiece: Tatty Devine

Asha Greyjoy/Yara – The Iron Islands 



Wet Look Leggings: 17 Sundays
Black Scuba Peplum Top: New Look Inspire
Chain Detail Boots: Simply Be
Black & Purple Tentacle Gauges (with fake gauge available): Etsy
Giant Squid/Kraken Pendant: Richard Geib at Etsy
Studded Skinny Waist Belt: ASOS Curve

Catelyn Stark, nee Tully – Winterfell (formerly of Riverrun)


Fish Necklace: Forever 21
Dress: Manon Baptiste at Navabi
Boots: Simply Be
Faux Fur Coat: ASOS Curve
Leather Gloves: Cacharel
Feather Headband: Bijou Bijoux
Beaded Earrings: Evans

Arya Stark – Winterfell


Jacket: Carmakoma
Trousers: Carmakoma
Howling Wolf Ring: ASOS
Shoes: My Habit
Cropped Sweater: Maxima via Navabi
Wolf Pendant: Maggie Angus via ASOS
Shirt:  Yppig via Navabi

Alayne Stone – The Fingers


Dress with Belt: ASOS Curve
Wedge Courts: Dune
Mockingbird Pendant: Etsy
Coat: Simply Be
Bag: Mulberry “Del Ray”
Rabbit Fur Scarf: The Outnet

SPOILER: (highlight to read) the difference between this outfit and Sansa’s one just kills me. My bb :'( 

Ygritte – The Free Folk beyond The Wall


Faux Fur Coat: ASOS Curve
Jumper: Studio via Navabi
Brass Skull and Leather Bracelet Pack: ASOS
Bone Necklace: Etsy
Trousers: Studio via Navabi
Boots: One Stop Plus
Rabbit Fur Lined Gloves: Not on the High Street 

The Night’s Watch – The Wall


Jumper: Isolde Roth via Navabi
Faux Fur Jacket: Damn You Alexis
Crow Skull Ring: Bad Passion
Leather Biker Trousers: La La Belle
Shearling Cuff Gloves: Ugg via ASOS
Boots: Duo
Leather Front Belt: La La Belle
Long Fingerless Gloves: Isolde Roth via Navabi

PHEW! I hope you like. I’m compiling outfits for the rest of the women in the series: Cersei, Danaerys, Arianne, Melisandre, Brienne and Margaery. So stay tuned! Also, if you like real life version of fictional character outfits, do check out Rai’s blog. She has some awesome interpretations of characters like Ramona Flowers and various Avengers. So good.

Do let me know what you think in the comments! Would you wear any of these outfits? What’s your favourite? WHO is your favourite?