Hey peeps! Thanks for all your lovely comments over the weekend. I hope you’ve had a great one!

As those of you in the UK know our summer has been very much a washout so far, with everyone wrapping up as though it’s the middle of November instead of July. But at last the sun has come out, and summer is officially Back On. For now, at least. Along with digging out our insect repellent, sunscreen and Piriton, one way we can protect ourselves in a genuinely stylish way is with our trusty sunglasses.

I bloody LOVE sunglasses. I have a collection of about 15 pairs, and the kookier the better in my opinion! That said, my most used pair is a prescription lens DKNY from many years ago – you can see them here. I got them as a tribute to Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and they’ve lasted so well.

My holiday in Spain is two months away, and in anticipation I’ve been looking around for potential new sunnies to splurge on. Wanna see my faves?


An image of various pairs of sunglasses on a white background.

1. First up, I love the twee gingham style D&G sunglasses from their SS12 collection. Perfect for picnicing in the park, no?

2. For something a bit more glamorous, I love the sleek and clean, yet pampered look of Versace sunglasses.

3. Ah, Tom Ford and I are not friends. But, I do have a crush on his Nikita frames, especially in classic tortoiseshell.

4. We’ve all seen these on all the bloggers, but you can’t beat Prada’s “Baroque” sunglasses for kitsch and quirky goodness!

5. Last but not least, some classic Ray Ban glasses are the ultimate statement in retro cool.

The awesome thing about all of these is that you’re able to get them WITH prescription if you need to.

What do you think? Are you as sunglasses obsessed as I am? Let me know in the comments!

This post was kindly sponsored by Smart Buy Glasses but all words and opinions are my own. Thanks guys!

Ax Paris

A photo of me (short, fat, brunette, pale skin) wearing a dress with a lemon print top and flouncy black bottom with heeds and red lipstick.

Dress: Courtesy of Ax Paris
Shoes: New Look
Necklace: Tatty Devine
Headband: Primark

Hello! Hope you’re all really well and having a good weekend!

The lovely people at Ax Paris kindly sent me this dress to review on the blog, and really all I can say is that I love it! I wasn’t sure whether the yellow of the lemons would suit my skin tone, but it actually works really well. The skirt is beautiful – a myriad of chiffon layers. I feel like a princess in it! A word on sizing: I got this in a size 22, but I find the cut rather generous, and probably could have sized down. I think if you’re busty then stick with your normal size if you want some more coverage.

Now I need somewhere fancy to wear it to – anyone wanna take me to dinner at a nice restaurant? Haha.


Image of me (short, fat, brunette) wearing a mint shirt with big black dots, a black skirt, geeky specs and pink sparkly shoes.

Skirt, vest & shoes: Primark
Brooch, necklace: Tatty Devine
Rings: Domino Dollhouse
Skirt: Yours Clothing

Hello peeps! Long time no see. It’s been a stressful week and I’ve not really felt up to blogging, but I feel a bit better now.

This outfit is what I wore when I popped down last Wednesday to the Tatty Devine store in Covent Garden – they were having a wee launch for their name necklaces which can now be done in store while you wait, as opposed to waiting a few weeks for them. Ah, technology! You all know I’m a huge fan of Tatty D’s* so when they invited me with an added name necklace I almost fell off my chair! I had such a great time, the staff are just so friendly and lovely, and I got to catch up with Amy which was a total bonus. I particularly loved the film made by Saskia showing the process of the name necklaces being made, and of course seeing my very own necklace get made! Here are some photos I took:


Giant name signs and a big “hello” hanging from the ceiling.


All the options for your name necklaces: choose your colour, your font, your charm & your chain!


Kara gets the panel ready to feed the machine


My necklace being laser cut.


The almost finished article, ready for Rhonda to put together.

And voila! The finished result is Laureny (I think my friend Cherb started calling me that years ago, and it stuck) in red glitter – obviously – with a heart charm and black chain.

My name necklace with my matching tattoo. Thanks Emily for the photo!

I absolutely love it. So thank you, Tatty Devine! Ooh, look, they have a blog post which includes me looking very dishevelled…

*they’re not perfect by any means, and their summer collection made me a bit sad because it was all about Mexico, and you all know how I feel about cultural appropriation. (Even though the Frida Kahlo necklaces were to die for.)

UPDATE: According to Gemma’s Twitter, some pieces will now be available in sizes up to 32: “Just so everyone knows girls I’m here for you all you curvy ladies although some pieces are 24 were taking it up to a 32 #excited xxx” YAY! Thanks Gemma for listening.

You know, it’s been a while since I had a good old angry rant here on the blog. But here we are, yet again, with yet another spectacular fail by the fashion industry when it comes to plus size fashion.

You’ve heard of Gemma Collins? Actually those of you overseas probably haven’t, but she’s on one of the UK’s combinations of The Hills and Jersey Shore, set in Essex, which is very popular. The joke is that they are all rich but classless, and impossibly dim. And one of them, Gemma, is “fat”. I have to admit I’ve never seen the show – I live near where it’s filmed, and it’s embarrassing enough to see in real life let alone watch it on TV – but I’ve seen a few interviews with Gemma and she seems really nice, and pretty genuine.

In the past few months – after she lost loads of weight at a fat camp, which should have rung alarm bells – she’s been touted as the plus size fashion correspondent in the UK, appearing on chat shows and in magazines, talking about how hard it is to be fashionable as a plus size woman. Then it emerged she was “designing” her own plus size fashion line. Awesome! She did appearances with Simply Be, the store manager at Evans in Marble Arch had the entire Swan collection bagged up to give to her. She always looks nice (in the stereotypical Essex way, granted) which I took as a good sign. So now, the collection drops this week on her website. Here’s what she has to say about her collection from the press release:

I am so happy to be able to offer bigger girls a clothing range that they can show their curves off in – why should plus size girls be stuck wearing black and try to cover up? Just because you’re bigger it doesn’t mean you can’t dress well and be glam – girls should be proud of their figure no matter what size you are – I am!

And guess what the size range is, peeps?

16 – 22.

No, that’s not a typo. And that’s British sizing by the way, two ahead of US sizing. A US12-US18.

Yes, I’m angry. I’m confused. There are a few places on the high street that go up to 22 in their collections: Dorothy Perkins; Next; Tesco; TU at Sainsburys; H&M; Asda; M&Co; Forever 21 (+ range included), Marks & Spencer. And more that I can’t remember. Even her straight sized co-star, Lauren Goodger, had her straight sized fashion collection adapted up to size 32 by Simply Be. So why stop at 22? Are we supposed to believe it’s plus size because of the absence of smaller sizes? That doesn’t really wash, though, as the suppliers the collection is coming from sells the originals in sizes as small as 6 (US2).

Look, shopping over size 16 is difficult, but it’s once you head over size 22 that the doors are officially closed to you on the high street. Over size 22, you’re considered so repulsive by companies they don’t even want your money, unless it’s via a remote transaction online. And here we have the current plus size spokesperson of the country, doing the EXACT SAME THING. How can that be viewed as anything other than an insult, especially when it comes with such “empowering” talk? “…[you] should be proud of their figure no matter what size you are” – but only if you’re bigger up to an acceptable point, is that it?

A plus size collection that ends at a size 22 is not a plus size collection at all. As Em put so succinctly on twitter: Curvy, plus size, fat acceptance doesn’t stop at a size 22. It begins there.

You know, I genuinely don’t think this is all squarely on Gemma’s shoulders herself, but the team responsible for this collection – well done guys. You just alienated the same women who needed you most. Don’t believe me? Check out Joanna’s post. If you really felt that catering for sizes over 22 was untenable financially, or – and this will REALLY piss me off if it turns out to be the case – irresponsible in the face of an “obesity epidemic”, why did you frame it as an empowering collection, catering to plus size women who have been ignored (just not by all those high street shops I mentioned)?

Did you guys really think you could appropriate fatshionista language, our movement and goals for your own monetary gain, leave half of us out in the cold and think we wouldn’t notice or care?

I’m just so sick of it, people. I’m so sick of this faux-body-love-within-slightly-wider-limitations-than-usual for money. I’m sick of larger fats routinely being shut out of even plus size fashion stores. I’m sick of seeing the endless parade of white, cisgendered, straight women who are a bit (but not too much!) bigger than usual celebrities framing size acceptance in a sickeningly heteronormative, binarist and cissexist way: “real women have curves!” and “you know real men like girls with some meat on their bones!” being the oft-heard culprits. I’m tired of seeing people exclaim that they love their bodies while looking for the next fad diet that will change it completely, or being all for acceptance “unless you’re REALLY fat, then you’re a drain on the NHS.” And so on.

It’s been said that the collection has been picked up by a retailer. I just hope it’s Simply Be, who can do the same as with Ax Paris and Lauren Goodger and have the clothes made up to size 32 – at least.

Okay. Rant over now!

Hello my dears! I hope you’re all very well. I’m excited as it’s just 2 sleeps to Fattylympics! Arrrgh! And of course 2 sleeps to Plus North, too!

If you’ve been reading my blog since ye olde early days, you’ll remember that a lot of my early posts consisted of me in various dressing rooms, trying on clothes. I liked doing it because I thought it gave people overseas with similar bodies an idea of what the clothes they lusted after online would look like. But lately I’ve been more of a hermit, so haven’t done it for a while apart from the odd photo here and there, which I put on my facebook page.

But, last week I hung out with the lovely Hanna, spending a day at capitalist wet dream Westfield in Stratford, and so I tried on as much as I could – with pictures to prove it.


2012-06-28 13.16.12

As you might know, last year Primark extended their size range to 20, which was admittedly pretty cool. I’m too big for their fitted stuff, but their sundresses and anything stretchy is a yes. I loved this neoprene peplum top in chartreuse – total wrong colour for me, but I had to try!


2012-06-28 17.03.35

I saw this on the site and was ready to bankrupt myself (yeah, even H&M is too expensive for me now!) for their XL but of course it sold out in minutes. I was actually only showing pictures of Gabifresh in hers on my phone (god bless you, Flipboard) before we stumbled on it in store. The annoying thing about H&M is that they don’t stock their XLs in the shops (same as how Dorothy Perkins in/around London rarely stocks 22s)- this is an L so even tighter than it would have been! As a heads up, the Westfield H&M doesn’t stock their + range, either.


2012-06-28 17.31.07

This is a super cute sundress that’s so easy to wear, they also had a pink and orange version. (Size 3X)

2012-06-28 17.34.47

While this fits, I find the waistband is a bit too low for how I’d like. I think this is better if you have a bigger bust and lower waist. (Size 3X)

2012-06-28 17.39.14

I actually liked this a lot! I do worry about the crotch area riding up when wearing playsuits, but this would be SO nice on holiday! (Size 3X)

I’m impressed that Forever 21 stocks Forever 21+ in the Stratford store, small as the section is. I hope it makes money – Hanna bought an awesome jacket from them that day. The selection is decent although it concentrates on their casual items, rather than their stand out stuff. And of course, the 3X is the largest size. I’d love to see them increase this over time.


2012-06-28 17.59.15

I’d been lusting after this for months – there was one left in an 18, so I tried it – it did fit, although I found it wasn’t as “WOW!” on me as I’d expected which is a shame.

2012-06-28 18.01.35

Again I desperately wanted this lace skater dress, too. The blue is STUNNING, so rich in real life. I tried a 24 as that’s the only size they had in the shop and it’s definitely too big, but because it’s fairly stretchy I reckon if you’re usually a size 26, you could definitely wear this.

2012-06-28 18.03.24

This was cute. As you know I’m a sucker for dresses with cute prints! I tried this in a 22 and it was so roomy, sizing down once or even twice wouldn’t have been a problem.

2012-06-28 18.05.21

This dress (currently only a tenner!) is the same shape as the famous bird print dress loads of us ran out to buy at the beginning of the year. I tried it in a 22 and it was a perfect fit. It’s a light jersey so really nice and easy to wear if the summer ever decides to come back.

2012-06-28 18.08.23

You know, I thought this was gonna look terrible on me, but it doesn’t does it? I was so pleasantly surprised! (Size 22)

2012-06-28 18.11.00

Look, I can smile and pull wacky faces in my photos! This actually isn’t from the Inspire range, although they do have a similar one, but this is a size 18 from their maternity range. And it’s MASSIVE! It could easily fit someone bigger than I. So do make sure to have a look around.

I’m really pleased New Look have Inspire at their Stratford store. I know the team have been working really hard to improve the range, although not without sacrifices – they’ve downsized the size range and taken the sections out of my own local stores, which is really upsetting – and I can definitely see a difference. That said, I found the Inspire section a bit too nondescript – the majority on show was their casual wear. I’d have loved to see some of their really striking options proudly displayed! I also imagined they’d have stocked their brands, such as Koko or Ruby’s Closet but alas that wasn’t the case. But as you can see, I managed to find the most clothes in New Look to try on, so well done guys!

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Do let me know if it’s helped you in any way – or even if you think it’s a waste of my time! Before I go, I have to link to Valerie’s post about plus size shopping in London, and how plus size sections are being taken off the shelves. As someone who much prefers to try before they buy, I find it really annoying.