2012-11-24 14.21.46

Image: me (short, fat, pale caucasian skin, long brown hair, glasses) stands in front of a black wardrobe wearing a black top, floral skirt, rust coloured tights and boots.

Jersey peplum top: ASOS Curve
Floral skirt: New Look Inspire
Pearl collar necklace, rust colour tights: Primark
Ankle boots: Evans
Glasses: London Retro*

2012-11-24 14.24.36

Image: as before, in a slightly different pose

This is an outfit that I feel looks better in real life than in photos. Or it could be my not-so-good camera! I have to say winter really does sort the men out from the boys, photography-wise. It’s always so dark, and my camera can’t cope with anything other than bright sunlight! Ah well.

This outfit includes a few recent purchases for once – hooray! Although the glasses, tights, boots and skirt are all from 1-2 years ago. I recently got the boots mended for the second time, as they’re just so comfortable. Unfortunately my Clarks pair (review here) got a hole in the first day of wearing them, and apparently it was so bad they couldn’t be saved. So, quite disappointed really, especially as Clarks are meant to be a super durable brand! Maybe I need to invest in some DMs…

Also, to any of you who answered my red lipstick question on twitter: thank you! It was the push I needed to treat myself to MAC’s Ruby Woo. I have MAC Red, but it’s far too glossy and glam for daytime use. Ruby Woo is exactly what I was after. Yay!

I hope you’re all well. It’s been an exciting week – can’t wait to tell you all about it!

2012-11-16 21.22.22

Image: Me (short, fat, long dark hair, glasses) wearing a white dress with big black polka dots

Dress: Primark
Boots: Clarks*

For the uninitiated, VBO stands for Visible Belly Outline. It started out as a joke on tumblr about making it a fashion accessory, and it’s snowballed from there! I bought this dress from Primark, which go to a 20, knowing it probably wouldn’t disguise my belly. I just wanted to try. But even though it was ridiculously tight, I kinda… liked it? I showed a few people, and they liked it too.

The thing is, as much as I’m a cheerleader for people who break fashion rules, and I think I’ve never been confident enough to do so myself. Even now I find myself apologising for people’s view before even realising what I’ve said. It’s just automatic.

But as scary as going out in the big, bad world is, there are pockets where it is a little bit safer. So I changed into this dress in the loos (was too scared to at the east end pub I went to beforehand) at Unskinny Bop and danced the night away alongside some of my best friends and lovely bloggers, and it was fab!

2012-11-16 21.23.12

Image: me (as before) only this time I have my hand on my hip.

I don’t know whether this dress will have a second outing, but I’m glad I wore it. As it turns out, I got tons of compliments!

Thanks Isha for the pictures! Also, I really need to take my camera everywhere instead of replying on my crappy iPhone camera. Gah!


Oh my glob, you guys. It finally happened.

After years of swooning over awesome independent designers in the US, Australia and mainland Europe, and being damned to shockingly expensive shipping costs and customs charges. Edgy independent fatshion has stepped up in the UK, in the name of OneOneThree. AT LAST. I’d seen murmurings of the name on twitter but only got a chance to have a look today, and my mind is a bit blown. I’ll just let the photos do the talking, eh?









I just can’t believe how on point it all is. Studs. Pleather. Collars. Illusions. It’s so exciting! Hence why I’m posting this in a rush – I just want you guys to see it!

The pieces aren’t up for sale yet, so make sure you keep in touch with them via twitter and facebook (where you can see the AMAZING photos). I’m just so happy someone in the UK is doing this!

Anyone else as excited as I am?

2012-11-08 13.16.14

Dress: Ax Paris*
Boots: Clarks*
Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins

Hello lovelies! This is a super duper quick post from me today. The sweethearts at Ax Paris gave me this dress to review and I thought I’d wear it to the Evenden press day today – along with a very awkward smile! I’m really happy with it, it’s comfortable and looks like I made a real effort, even if I didn’t. In in ideal world it’d be a few inches shorter and above the knee, but in a way a more modest length is nice – I’m never worrying about it riding up my bum! My hair actually obscures the PU collar, but I was too hot at the time so had unbuttoned it. D’oh.

What do you think, peeps?