Image: me in my black dress, mint cardigan and glasses overlooking part of the London skyline.

Dress: New Look
Shoes: New Look
Cardigan: ASOS Curve
Necklace: Fancy Lady Industries
Brooch: vintage

Last week for my friend Charlotte’s birthday a few of us took a trip up The Shard to see London in all its glory. Unfortunately, the weather decided to troll us – it was greyist, foggiest day all year. Ah well. In a way it worked, because it looked like doomsday. I took some photos with my fancy pants camera…

New builds in the city, featuring the CAR AND HUMAN MELTING Walkie Talkie, the gherkin and some I dunno the names of.

I recently read High Rise by JG Ballard – a brutal but brilliant book, in my opinion – and the skyscraper on the left is almost identical to how I imagined the block when reading. Spooky. Apparently, after all these years, it’s being made into a film. Interesting.

Helicopter flying towards Canary Wharf. I love how apocalyptic this looks.
The dirty, scuzzy London skyline, complete with poo brown river Thames.
The birthday girl and her bf Chris. Don't they look cute?

In that last picture you can see a hint of my ASOS handbag, which is a lime green fake leather jobby. I love it so much because it’s equal parts ladylike and ridiculous – pretty much how I want to look all the time. The cardigan as well I love to bits, although the day, despite the fog, was actually incredibly warm so kept taking it off. At one point in the pub I had both my cardi and my bag on the table, when this conversation happened:

Chris: Lauren, your cardigan is great, but whenever I look at it I just think of Sully from Monsters Inc…
Lauren: I did think that when I bought it – Sully cuddles!
Ben: *something about Mike Wazowski*
Chris: Ben, why are you talking about Mike? It’s Sully the cardigan looks like.
Ben: Wait – I’m confused. I heard you say “it looks like Monsters Inc”, clocked the bag, and thought of Mike!
Lauren: …Oh jesus.

Yep. I had come dressed as one of my fave Disney duos. Triples, if you count the fact that since I’ve worn plastic glasses I get compared to Roz all the time. How embarrassing! Or cool, depending on your view…