HI GUYS! Well, admittedly I’ve been on a bit of a blogging break the past couple of months, and plan to head back off into the sunset for a while after this. But it’s for CHARIDEE. How could I refuse?


Me (round face, long dark hair with a blonde streak, freckles and big plastic glasses) in a classic selfie pose. I’m wearing a mint green jumper with white bobbles, and a diamante Christmas pudding.

Westfield have been asking bloggers to post selfies in their cheesiest Christmas jumpers to celebrate Christmas Jumper Day, and for every post they donate some money to Save The Children. Which is pretty nice, isn’t it? I think whoever helped come up with that idea must have been AWESOME. *cough*

I plumped for this Christmas pud jumper from New Look’s main range – thankfully it was a baggy fit, because I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it! I kept it simple with a bodycon skirt from Yours, which was a bit scary at first as you could see my VBO. You’d think after five years of FA I’d be able to shrug this off, but I still get apprehensive. Ah well!

In work today almost everyone decked themselves out in Christmas attire and we all donated money as well. Obviously we had to take some group photos!


Some of the gang, from left to right: Adam, Gurnie, me, Sarah, Hannah, Amanda and Letizia. Check out our cheesy grins and that massive SEO sign above our heads!

I should point out I’m not the only blogger in the office: Sarah has just started up a nail blog (she’s so clever and has claws to die for) and Amanda has just begun blogging about her dating escapades, which looks like it’ll make for a fun read!


Image as before, but check out the blue steel Adam’s giving that camera.


Image: Some more cheesy grins! From l-r: Letizia, Siobhan, me, Sarah and Hannah!

Siobhan is my payday record shopping partner, and runs a music site too: Skirmish. She knows her stuff!

Gonna disclaim this, obviously: as you know, my colleagues masterminded this bit of activity – but I’m posting because I want to give some extra cash to Save The Children!