Via @thecityofjules. Dear whoever is pictured in this photo: you are my hero.

Via @thecityofjules. Dear whoever is pictured in this photo: you are my hero.

Over the years, I’ve developed quite the collection of ironically/unironically proud junk food themed clothing items. Hell, the one time in my life I got involved on a dress that went on public sale, I covered it in 99 flakes.

Generally, the foods depicted on my clothing don’t demonstrate what I’ve been eating – contrary to popular belief. I will admit, though, that they tend to depict what I would like to be eating. Y’know?

Like, for instance, pizza. Ah, pizza. Fun fact: I am a ridiculously fussy eater, and because of this I didn’t even try pizza until I was 14 years old. I just always assumed I wouldn’t like it, so refused all offers. I’d go to a pizza place with my parents and eat chicken wings. CHICKEN WINGS. Oh how wrong you were, little Lauren! Bread and cheese and whatever you like thrown on top, all hot and crispy! It’s almost too distressing to think about all the pizza I’ve missed out on over the years.

While I am doing my best to make up for lost time – mostly at Dominos, to be honest, because of their superior BBQ sauce and meatballs – there’s still a way to go. So when my favourite pizza people asked me if I wanted to combine my fashion sense and my debt to the pizza industry for a project, I jumped at the chance.

Full disclosure: this project is also about onesies. Because we’re cool.

Katy perry in a pizza print onesie

Look how ecstatic Katy Perry is in hers!

In a nutshell, Dominos are hosting an all-singing, all-dancing competition to design the most awesome food-based onesie in existence. And I’m one of the judges. Mwahahaha! Reckon you can do better than the above?

Be as silly or as refined as you like. It could be a million neon pizzas dotted around like a pattern. It could be a giant walking/rolling pizza with all manner of toppings attached with velcro. It could be a love letter to the Dominos pizza delivery guy who you’re scared to slip your number to because you’d feel a bit sleazy.

All I’d ask is that you’re not rude or offensive, and you might well be in with hosting your own pizza party, complete with onesies!

More details, terms and conditions are over here:

You’ve got until 19th December to get your design to us, and please do share your Dominos onesie competition design on social media if you enter! We’ll feature the best ones over at the Domino’s blog as well before choosing an overall winner.

To celebrate and inspire, here are some of my fave food-based clothes and accessories:

A collage of my fave foodie accessories and t-shirts

1. Fries B4 Guys necklace, Black Heart Creatives
2. Pizza never lies t-shirt, ASOS
3. Strawberry sundae clutch, New Look
4. Good Burger necklace, Black Heart Creatives

Good luck!