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Dalmatian print skirt for Look x Simply Be

She’s a size 28, but the best description for her is pocket rocket: she’s short (5ft), but drawn with Beryl Cook brushstrokes.

Miranda Sawyer on Beth Ditto, The Observer 2009

I founded Pocket Rocket in August 2009. Fashion has always been a huge passion of mine despite not fitting in with the acceptable standard.

I am a fiercely comitted feminist and HAES advocate, although I keep the blog mostly free of politics – this is my happy place!

I also enjoy bad action films, karaoke and music. I consider myself a riot grrrl.

You can view the Pocket Rocket archives at http://thepocketrocket.wordpress.com.

If you would like to contact me, please do so at pocketrocketfashion at gmail.com.

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  • Carin Basson

    Hi there, I found your blog via pinterest. Just want to point out that the link to your facebook page is missing a colon after the https, so I got a “page not found” error.

    • http://pocketrocketfashion.com Lauren

      Thanks for the heads up :)

  • disqus_oKOWNSRkgE

    are you shuri