Thank you so much for your amazing comments on my last post. I’m glad you managed to understand what I was trying to say – I wondered whether I’d waffled too much.

Moving on from Evans, I also nosed round Arcadia’s other brands to see what they’d come up with. For your information: Topshop and Miss Selfridge run to UK16 (though Miss Selfridge had a capsule range on Very that included UK18); Wallis runs to UK20; Dorothy Perkins runs to UK22, although they never seem to stock above an 18 and have begun to make their more fashionable garments stop at 18, GRRRR! But I digress.


Arcadia Press Day SS11
I’ve always found Wallis a more mature and womanly brand, but they had some great looks in their collection. It was divided into sections dedicated to different seventies style icons – one was Jerry Hall I believe, and was reminiscent of Marc Jacobs‘ sultry 70’s/80’s bohemian disco. They had this incredible dress that was a plum and pink colour-blocked kaftan – the model stretched out to show the sleeves were part of the same sheet of fabric . It’s hard to explain but I adored it! They also had an entirely white section that was influenced by Bianca Jagger, again with the luxury, disco aesthetic.

My favourite was their selection of re-imaginings of original 1950’s Wallis dresses for their heritage range, 1923. That was the year Wallis began trading, so they have lots of archives! The purple floral dress at the back is a genuine Wallis dress from the mid 50s, and it’s gorgeous. I would happy take home all of these, especially the red rose print – straight out of Oscar de la Renta and Erdem!


Arcadia Press Day SS11

Arcadia Press Day SS11

Arcadia Press Day SS11
I haven’t paid much attention to Miss Selfridge in recent years, though I was OBSESSED with them in my teens (not that I could fit into their clothes, even back then). I think in the 90’s Miss Selfridge were kinda what Topshop are now, it was THE high street shop for fashion.

Fast forward to now, they had some cute pieces although overall it felt very eclectic. I was taken with the sequinned jumpsuit and grey maxi!


Arcadia Press Day SS11
I have to say… wasn’t feeling Topshop‘s preview much. But that’s probably because I am counting down the days ’till the 90’s are over, and these guys aren’t ready yet! I did love this print though – winged horses on flying over space desertswith a neon sunset? YES. PLEASE.


Arcadia Press Day SS11

Arcadia Press Day SS11

Arcadia Press Day SS11
Dorothy Perkins had gone for the colour pops and appliques – as a result they were very much my favourite preview on the day. But then I should have known that. DP has always been the brand that seems most aligned to my tastes – probably because as much as I hate to admit it, I am a bit preppy at heart. And DP can do quintessentially British prep like no other.

I briefly spoke to their lovely knitwear designer who noted Jonathan Saunders and Marc by Marc Jacobs as the most influential designers on the overall look, and I can definitely see the influence. Everything was citrus coloured, light and breezy and covered in kitch patterns. My absolute favourites were a denim pencil skirt that had tiny hearts sewed on individually, and a white jacket emblazoned with giant daisies that fluttered. Absolutely loved it. I just hope they make it to the shops – and in my size! Although, I won’t hold my breath…

What do you lovely people think?

  • rosie

    wallis’s vintage dresses, the rose one inperticular is BEAUTIFUL and those little bags underneath were darling!

    and dorothy perkins is a firm favourite of mine, up north with me they often seem to have the clothes i nsizes 20 and 22, maybe it just us northern lasses haha :P

    great review xx

  • Bethamint

    So nice to see some proper colour showing up again, 2010 has been a subdued year colour-wise… I don’t really care though, I’ve just stayed unfashionably bright, hehe.

  • Elizabeth

    I love the colours of the DP collection, but I am still revelling in 90s grunge, I may make an exception!

  • Frances

    You and me both, Bethamint!

    I’m eyeing off that high waisted, sky blue skirt from DP… it’s rather lovely.

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  • Katie


    Will they make it to shops?

  • DC

    I love everything, I would buy everything!

  • Ella

    Oh my god, I adore the Wallis vintage stuff. I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying every single one of those dresses, if they make it to store that is.

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  • tamsin

    FIRSTLY, I think I knew you on livejournal about a million years ago & I’ve just found you via twitter :) SECONDLY this is such a great post, so many recently have been more focused on the actual press day than the clothes but this is so good and gives such a good look into the coming season. Haha, end gushing.

    I wish I could think of a way to wear the flying horse print without looking like an escaped mental patient, but I can’t.

  • Lauren

    Thanks everyone! I’m all for colours, too.

    Tamsin – yes we were friends on livejournal! I think you removed me after I made a massive gaffe about something (can’t remember what it was, but I have a distinct feeling of “WTF was I thinking?!”) about it, haha. Nice to see you again in the blogosphere! :D xx

  • thestardancer

    I love this post! OMG! I’ve been hankering after some high street SS11 material since LFW – there’s endless photos of the designer stuff but it’s totally different looking at things that I might actually buy and wear. I LOVE ALL THE VINTAGEY DRESSES!!! And the sorbet colours at DP, and the drapy shapes and fringe bags at MS….eeeeek I’m even more excited now! PS I’ve posted a link here from my blog :)

  • thestardancer

    Also, I need that horse print in my life, even if I look like a complete fool.

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