Big Bum Jumble clothes sortI hope I’ve not bored you with talk of the forthcoming Big Bum Jumble (less than two weeks to go!) but if I have, well tough, because here’s another blog post about it!

As it’s drawing ever closer, this Sunday a few of us bandied together at Kay‘s house help sort and divide the clothes donated so far and settle on pricing. It was so much fun and really lovely to meet everyone – I was initially pretty star struck by everyone because they’ve all done and continue to do such inspirational and amazing work for fat, feminist and queer acceptance and activism, but they’re all so damned nice to boot.

I brought a suitcase full of clothes as donations – a lot of it was commandered by John for the fashion show or the ‘special rail’ for fancier clothes! The set up will be:

A “denim bar” especially for jeans – and believe me, there are lots! All are £4
A stall for high end, label or band t-shirts. All are £5
The aforementioned Special Rail for quality or on trend stuff. All individually priced

All other clothes will be sorted by size: Under 18, 18-20, 22-24, 26-28, 30+ and everything is £1. I’ll repeat that: everything is a pound! We all figured that way it’s easier for everyone. There will also be a rough divide in measurements and X-XXXXLs, but you may still have to search about. But it is a jumble sale, after all – can’t make it too easy!

Big Bum Jumble clothes sort

So many clothes! 18 through to 24 were the most popular sizes, but there are still bags and bags of higher sized stuff.

Big Bum Jumble clothes sort

Sampling some of the accessories while sorting

Big Bum Jumble clothes sort

Kay trying on a corset I donated! It’s back to front and the wrong way up though, oops.

Big Bum Jumble clothes sort

John showcasing a cut off tee saying “ELVIS SURF”

Big Bum Jumble clothes sort

Jackie modelling a potentially culturally appropriated kaftan

Big Bum Jumble clothes sort

Me trying on a spangly top from the fashion bags

Big Bum Jumble clothes sort

…And a Dynasty style homemade number

Big Bum Jumble clothes sort

Making up labels for the special rail items. Team work in action!

Big Bum Jumble clothes sort

Ruth showcasing a lovely floor length dress

Big Bum Jumble clothes sort

A tree clothes-rail. How’s that for ethical?

Big Bum Jumble clothes sort

The adorable little Special Rail tags

Big Bum Jumble clothes sort

Charlotte modelling the ‘mad art teacher’ jacket we all loved

Big Bum Jumble clothes sort

…And an Etam top I donated. F-I-E-R-C-E.

Big Bum Jumble clothes sort

My vest-necklace caused a bit of confusion. Here’s Kay modelling it as a spangly beard. Ruth also thought it was a thong.

But the absolute best find of the day… BEHOLD: TOTALLY F’N CRAZY ‘AUTUMNAL FOREST’ PRINT JOGGERS:

Big Bum Jumble clothes sort

Unfortunately John just looks like a painter and decorator in this photo. But they have to be seen to be believed. They’ll probably be going on the catwalk, too!

For those of you wanting to come to the Jumble, here are the details:

Saturday 14 August 2010

Stratford Circus
Theatre Square
London E15 1BX

There is a Facebook event here, so please RSVP! Also donations and volunteers are still welcomed, so if you have anything that would help then get in touch by emailing

I’M SO EXCITED! Comment if you’re going to come along! x

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  • Tegan

    HELL yeah.

  • Kat

    I am gutted I couldn’t come to the sorting party, looks like you all had fun! The spangly top really suits you! I absolutely love the Dynasty dress (even though it reminds me a bit of a 50’s housecoat?!) AND Charlotte looks really nice in the red and black top.

    I am SO going. Very excited now!

  • Charlotte

    Lauren! You are super-duper! Thanks for your generous support, and for making me look hott in a photo xxxx

  • Margo-a-go-go

    This is a brilliant post. Look how SRS BSNS we are with the labelling, that was some top Mary Portas shizz right there.

  • Lauren

    Teegs: YAY! I couldn’t see you NOT being there to be honest.

    Kat, I’m so excited you’ll be there! It’s going to be such a laugh. Have you convinced Kara to come? There’s an AMAZING bespoke brown and pink pinstriped suit which is so cool, Bill Savage modelled it on the BBJ blog. :)

    Charlotte, thank you! It was so lovely to meet you, I’m a big fan! You looked hott indeed :D

    Margo – Mary Portas wishes she could get in on the jumble. Bet she’d approve of our pricing range too!

  • Natalie

    Oh my goodness, what fun! I’m so jealous. A friend of mine had an idea to do something similar down here and asked me for help so I *hope* we can bring it to fruition!

  • Naomi

    I am soooo upset!!! I was coming and then i remembered i have a wedding!! I hope there is going to be loads more i would seriously buy everything lool :D

  • Stacy

    So nice to meet you, Lauren!! Wish we’d had more time to chat!

  • Liz

    Wow, brilliant photos and you look like you’re all having so much fun :)

    I would love to come along – I’ll drag a few people along with me too. I’ll let you know if I’m definitely coming nearer the time :)

  • Naomi

    Im coming along and I cant wait! My friend is renting a stall and Ive got some goodies to go on it! :) See you there!

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