Hello my lovelies! Thank you for your lovely messages after my last post – I didn’t realise anyone had noticed my absence or anything. I’m really touched, you’re all so nice!

As it’s event season, I popped over to Anna Scholz‘s office along with other members of the blogging crew to check out her Black and White label collections, as well as her first lingerie collection with Simply Be. While we were there, a few of us got vox-popped for a wee BBC News documentary on plus size fashion, which you can see here. G’wan, Claire!

I’ve always had a huge appreciation for Anna Scholz. Her store is the first place I look if I’m after something extra special (and in a position where I can put some extra money towards clothes) – the price points are high, but it’s worth it if you are able. And even if you aren’t, her regular, more affordable collaboration with Simply Be always has standout pieces (still not over missing out on the maribou feather jacket *SOB*), and her sample sales have to be seen to be believed!

Anna Scholz for Simply Be lingerie

Anna Scholz’s first lingerie collection for Simply Be on the rail.

This season Anna launched her first lingerie collection with Simply Be, and it’s gorgeous. The chocolate & chartreuse pieces are my favourite. I mean, I doubt I’ll look as hot in them as Ashley Graham does, but I can pretend yeah?

Plus bloggers in Anna Scholz SS14

Myself and Gemma posing in some gorgeous Anna Scholz creations

Everyone was treated to a high afternoon tea, with petit fours, quiches and champagne, but the most exciting aspect of the night was being able to try on whatever we wanted, as all of the stock was right next door. Queue me trying on everything in sight in various sizes!

Anne & I in AS Black Label

Myself and Anne pose in matching Anna Scholz Black Label dresses

Bloggers try on Anna Scholz white label SS14

Ms Bartoz and Patricia: A vision in green!

Fat Pink Ladies in Anna Scholz

Anne, Rosie and I wear the Anna Scholz versions of the Pink Ladies jackets.

The embroidered bomber jackets were a huge hit with everyone – I have to admit they’re not my personal cup of tea, but that didn’t stop me feeling like a BAMF when trying it on with Rosie and Anne. Reckon we can start a girl gang a la Grease?

Anna herself was present and wearing her own gorgeous White Label dress.

fuller figure fuller bust, anna scholz & pocket rocket fashion

Ladies in red (and teal). I’m with Anna herself and George here wearing SS14 designs.

Ah, I’m so small!

Thanks so much to the Anna Scholz and Simply Be teams for letting me come along, I had an awesome time!

Anything you’re gonna start saving up for? I’m torn between the red and the green…

Hellooooo! Sorry for the radio silence, I’ve had a million things I needed to do and none were blog related, alas. But I’m here now!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the designer collaboration between Clements Ribiero (famed for producing a lot of Adele’s red carpet wear) and Evans launched online a week ago, and then in selected stores  from Monday. I always love an opportunity to try things on so I went down to Marble Arch along with Em to try things out – you can see Em’s two incredibly in depth reviews here: Part One and Part Two. What’s great is that we both have such different bodies – I guess if you were to go by Evans’ shape sheet, she’s a busty and I’m a pear. There’s also a height difference which will be important later…

Before the photos, I’ll answer some of the questions I’ve been asked most and get those out of the way.

  • Do you like the range? Yes! I understand it’s not “edgy” or anything, it’s a very specific look: 1940’s tea party. But that happens to be one of my favourite looks ever, so yes I loved it. Of course there are items I wouldn’t have touched with a bargepole (Although Angela makes me regret not trying the Joan as she looks so lovely in her post!) but you find that with every shop, every range.
  • Do you think the collection is worth the money? Yes, actually. I do. Yes it’d be lovely if the dresses were a tenner, but you’re paying a higher price point for the name – and the cut and tailoring was far more intricate than what you find in Evans’ main range. They are investment pieces, you know? There is a slight niggle though, which you’ll see below…
  • Were the items true to size? I know Em had problems with the fit and kept having to swap sizes, however for me I found them pretty consistent with Evans’ sizing. In the fitted dresses I took a 20 and they were pretty much bang on. I’m guessing this is because I have small breasts? And in the trousers I was a 22/22-24.
  • Were there any disappointments? The biggest issue for me was the length of the dresses. I’m only diddy, and when even taller women were saying in the dressing room that they would have to hem the dresses I guessed they’d be far too long. I’d have to have hacked off at least 8 inches for them to look right. However, I’d definitely do it although when it comes to the cost, having to pay more for a dress and then alter it is quite unfortunate.
  • Is it better than the Beth Ditto ranges? Nah – Beth’s my homegirl, nothing could compare!

On to the photos! Blurry phone ones, I’m afraid – turns out my camera had no battery. Silly me!

iphone 044

Swan by Clements Ribiero x Evans “Swallow” coat, size 20

Hubba hubba. This was perfect. I love the way it’s tailored so it is like a large cocoon. It really reminded me of Jil Sander actually, which is awesome. This came home with me, although by some horrible financial twist of fate I may have to return it, alas.

iphone 046

Swan by Clements Ribiero x Evans “Peggy” dress, size 20

Sorry for the blurriness! This was my favourite dress from the promo shots. I loved the shape, despite it being a tea dress the shoulder pads lend an air of sauce. I would have to hem it significantly and pin the bust (I couldn’t fill it as well as Em!), but it was beautiful. It really made me look curvy, which is new!

iphone 052

Swan by Clements Ribiero x Evans “Betty” dress, size 20

This is the dress based on one of the design duo’s custom makes for Adele.  You can also see Nicolette looking fabulous in it. Again, it’s a beautiful shape, with a fitted waistband that really pulls you in. As well as the tailoring, it was fully lined and the fabric was a lovely broderie anglaise, 100% cotton. Because I have a smaller chest the high neckline worked like a dream. The biggest problem was again the length, it would have to be hemmed.

iphone 054

Swan by Clements Ribiero x Evans “21” dress, size 22

I accidentally took a size 22 in the dressing room, and it was far too big. I tried an 18 but that was too tight and there were no 20s left, alas! This was another favourite from the promo shots – the neckline and lace inserts reminded me of the latest Erdem collection. However it didn’t suit me very well at all which made me very sad!

iphone 056

Swan by Clements Ribiero x Evans “Joan” dress size 20

Another dress I loved from the previews – Diana looked absolutely stunning in it – and named after Joan from Mad Men and definitely cut for a woman of her dimensions! This didn’t work on me but I maintain the dress is an absolute show stopper. Gorgeous.

Talking of not quite working…

iphone 058

Swan by Clements Ribiero x Evans “Diana” blouse (size 20) and pansy print crepe trousers (size 22)

Not reeeeally a good look on me, haha. I felt like a modern Andy Pandy! I will talk about the top later – the trousers were a really nice cut, I have to say. I couldn’t rock them as they’re much too long and hemming them would take away their shape, but if you’re over 5’5″ then I think these would be awesome. (Tiffany, I implore you to buy!) The fabric doesn’t give, but the back waistband is elasticated so it’s an easy fit.

iphone 062

Swan by Clements Ribiero x Evans matchstick print lounge pants, size 20

Lounge is definitely a keyword, here. They’re made from silky nylon with a fully elasticated waistband so they’re super comfortable. I don’t think the cut came across very well on my short legged-frame, so I’m going to link you to two beauties who were able to pull these off: Bethany and Amy. Gorgeous!

iphone 061

Swan by Clements Ribiero x Evans pansy print “Diana” blouse, size 20

I will admit the blouses didn’t take my fancy in the promo shots, however on I thought they were gorgeous. This pansy one especially I loved and very nearly bought! I think it’d look fab tucked into a high waisted pencil skirt, or worn loose over a black mini.

iphone 064

Swan by Clements Ribiero x Evans heart print “Diana” blouse, size 20

Again, no complaints about this at all, I loved it. I have to say, I almost wish these tops were longer so I could’ve worn them as tunic dresses! Typical, eh? But I would still buy if I had the money!

iphone 067

Swan by Clements Ribiero x Evans heart print “Betty” dress, size 20

The same cut as the black version, however in a different fabric. If you remember the Beth Ditto polka dot dress, this (and the pansy print items) are in the same material. Again I would have to hem the bottom quite a lot, and I did notice that unlike the black version there was a lot more room in the bust – even Em had some space!

iphone 069

Swan by Clements Ribiero x Evans “Adele” shift dress, size 20

Finally here’s Em and I in the same dress – I think we can all agree it looks far better on her than myself!

PHEW! What do you think, peeps? Have you bought anything from the range? I hope this helped. I really loved most of what I tried on, but I would recommend the Joan dresses if you have a large bust, the Betty dresses if you have a smaller bust, and that they work best on the taller amongst you.

Apparently there are at least two more collaborations in the pipeline, which is very exciting.

Right. A lot of people I know IRL and my family read my blog. I’m going to whack a disclaimer on this video: Mum, Gloria, Brian – you’re going to absolutely hate and be offended by this, haha. Probably best if you don’t click play.

Everyone else… well. I cried little tears of joy watching Gisela Ramirez‘s fashion show in full this morning. It is everything I wish all fashion was about: fun, not giving a shit, camaraderie. Big Bum Jumble’s fashion show last year had a similar vibe, but because this is an independent designer with her own collection it feels so special.

All of the clothes (apart from Kelli Jean Drinkwater’s incredible skirt) are available from the website in sizes 14 – 28 (AUS sizing). There’s 50% off at the moment, too! If I wasn’t dirt poor I’d have one of everything, in every colour.

Zandra Rhodes launch

Image: Zandra Rhodes poses with the Simply Be competition winners all wearing the collection.

As well as the Curvissa launch, I also got to attend the launch for Simply Be‘s collaboration with Zandra Rhodes which was pretty exciting! Simply Be had invited competition winners from their facebook page to attend the event, and pampered them which I thought was a lovely touch. I’d met a couple of them before such as Emma and Jo, and got to meet the creator of Slink Magazine, which I love. And also some of my fave bloggers like Kat, Gemma, Naomi and LaCara were also there so it was nice to catch up! Briefly got to speak to Zandra herself, too, which was pretty exciting given that she is such a legend.

Zandra Rhodes launch

Zandra, LaCara, Naomi, myself and Kat pose for a picture. Meep!

Zandra Rhodes launch

Zandra gets interviewed about the range for Simply Be's video channel. Just so you know, she is wearing a hot pink and blue patterned kaftan, her trademark electric pink bob, lots of giant jewellery and BLACK SPARKLY FLARES.

Zandra Rhodes launch

Journalists, competition winners and the Simply Be team all mingle.

Zandra Rhodes launch

Zandra and competition winners wearing the range are smiling or the camera

Zandra Rhodes launch

LaCara, me and Kat pose by the bar (where else?)

It was such a great event and the atmosphere (like with Curvissa actually) was so friendly and welcoming. The Simply Be team are just so lovely and down to earth we ended up staying really late nattering away! We got to ask them about the new Simply Be stores opening – the first is going to be in Liverpool. I cannot WAIT. An actual shop! Where you can try on the clothes! Amazing! It sounds like an odd thing to say, but when you’re over a size 20 it’s an extremely rare occasion to be able to shop in person and actually try before you buy, you know?

As for the range itself, it’s very much an extension of Zandra’s eclectic personal style. I have to be completely honest and say personally it’s not to my taste, however the items did look great in person and on the competition winners. The beige patterned maxi especially looked lovely on both a slender journalist and one of the winners,  and I know all the winners felt fantastic in what they tried on.

Zandra’s range isn’t yet available, but I’ll let you all know once it is! What do you think?

warning: may be slightly triggering in terms of racial and fat phobic talk.

Above is a photo of Tom Ford smiling (presumably through gritted teeth) with two fairly portly gentleman. They funded his movie, so I guess he had to.

Whenever the issue of plus size fashion, plus size models and fat women comes up in mainstream fashion press, there is initially some acceptance and support – but it’s always followed by a push back from the industry. In my attempts to laugh at designer’s attitudes I christen them with a LOL. There’s quite a collection now: Karl LOLerfeld. Julien MacLOLald (though he’s since seen the error of his ways, apparently). Henry HoLOLand (he also tweeted about a fashion critic who was fat, but can’t find it!). NicLOLa Formichetti is a recent recruit, saying that he did one shoot with three fat dudes and walked out, never to work with fat people again. He has since refuted that and put pictures of the fat models he’s worked with, including Scottee and Tara Lynn on his Facebook page – only it led to us seeing his actual profile, and that he’s actually one those douches that have profile pictures of ~comedy fat people~ for their friend’s amusement. What a catch!

And so, super slick, control freak, kinda misogynist ex-Gucci head Tom Ford has decided to join the club. Well, he does favour elitism and exclusivity, so it was only a matter of time, right?

This is an excerpt from his recent Time Out HK interview. Bolding mine:

I came to try on some clothes yesterday…
[Uncomfortably] And did they not fit?

I feel you’re designing for someone very slender, very tall…
I don’t agree with you, Kawai. I think I can put any dress on you and hem it to the right length and I think I can alter it and it’ll fit you.

But would it fit everybody?
Well, I have to say if we have to talk about things like this, Americans are too fat. And in London they are starting to get fat too. So I have to say that if we have to talk about race system and nationalism, I find it refreshing that everyone [who is] Chinese is slim. The only thing we changed [at Gucci] was the width of the nose bridge on eyeglasses because it won’t fit an Asian nose if it’s made for someone’s nose like mine. We changed the shoe width because, traditionally, in Asia, certain men and women have a wider foot in the front. Our buyers should be buying our shorter jackets. We made a kind of petite version, which my mother for example, 5ft 3in, or 5ft 2in, you could say she has an Asian body. Long torso, short legs and she’s 5ft 3in. She needs a kind of petite jacket. And she’s German and Irish. So I don’t know, you know?

Let’s move on. Enzo Ferrari would never sell his cars to somebody with bad taste. What does Tom Ford feel about this?
I don’t feel that way. But I do design for a specific person who appreciates… who’s probably thin, quite honestly. She takes care of herself. She understands the quality of a stitch, understands the quality of the fabric. She’s most likely urban. You know, my clothes are expensive. As I told you earlier on, I used to make jeans that cost US$50 here, and at this stage in my life, after 25 years in the fashion business, what interests me the most is the best. The best fabric, the best stitching, the best quality, and that is, by nature, expensive. It doesn’t mean I’m trying to exclude or make a social judgement about not wanting people who can’t afford my clothes to be stylish. By the way, style has nothing to do with money. And the fact that you [points at my dress] know who you are and are wearing something that’s different than anyone else in here who’s come in, even though [they are] traditionally Chinese, you’re the first person in China that I’ve seen in traditional Chinese clothes since I’ve been here. So that to me is exciting. Because you know who you are and you have your own character.

Thanks, but…
[Continuing] So what I’m doing now is more about style than fashion. So I wouldn’t say, no, I wouldn’t sell it to somebody I don’t like but because of the things that I’m designing they are targeted towards the kind of person that I would normally want to [dress].

So you’ve auto-selected your clients during the design process already…
I think one does do that when they design. You do design for a kind of ideal. The ideal comes from me, from menswear. I’m my muse. So no, you’re not gonna go in there and find elasticated waist bands and flip flops. Because I’m not that kind of person. So clearly I’m not going to sell that kind of person because we don’t have it.

First of all, i would like to say: what a prick. (haha)

In a perverse way though, his comments and observations – that all fat people are poor, and thus have no concept of luxury, tailoring or quality in all aspects of their lives, but especially in their clothing – are welcome. This is the true face, the underlying attitude, of the entire fashion industry. Certain factions may make tiny amends every now and again to generate a little more income in these difficult times but really, they have no interest in serving us no matter how many times we tell them we do have money to spend. Fashion doesn’t believe us; not only that, it believes even if we DID have the money, we don’t posses the taste to appreciate their “art”.

I don’t for a second think this has anything to do with sexuality, by the way. It’s just simple, old fashioned snobbery.

Oh well.

Before the topic itself, I just want to say how saddened I am about the premature passing of model and activist Mia Amber Davis. I didn’t know her myself, just admired from afar. She was a beautiful and brilliant model, but what I loved most was her work for the plus size community and how open and friendly she was with fans, bloggers and up and coming models. She was such a good, positive role model and I am shocked and upset that she lost her life in her prime. Thoughts and condolences go out to her family and loved ones. xx

I am always super excited when a new plus boutique or designer opens, especially if what they do is genuinely fashionable! I’ve been a fan of Gisela Ramirez on tumblr along with, oh, everyone for ages, and when she announced she was creating her own line we all knew it would be pretty special. The website has now launched with items now available to pre-order, along with a stunning lookbook featuring Gisela herself modelling (with the cropped hair) – and I’m not disappointed at all. It’s cool, bright, outrageous and not for the faint at heart. In fact I can imagine the screams if my mum ever saw this…





I love the lack of compromise in every piece, and how they’ve been styled. You can absolutely tell it’s been made by a radical fat fashionista for fashion’s sake, rather than purely to make a profit from insecure plus size women. There’s no “we’ll have to tone this down”, no “this should be looser and more opaque” or “no plus size woman in her right mind would wear this”. And then of course there’s the models themselves, who are about as far removed from the bland, slightly-voluptuous-Hollywood-starlet look beloved of most of the industry as you can possibly get. I think it’s because I’ve been privy to a great deal of hand-wringing and lack of compromise recently over the glass ceiling of model sizes (if you’re over a UK18 forget about commercial modelling work – no client, photographer or brand will use you, even plus size/plus size friendly ones. It drives me UP THE WALL) that I am beyond overjoyed at how awesome Gisela and her model friend look. It’s just so good to see bellies, thick thighs and big arms on show and yes they damn well DO look sexy, fierce and just fookin’ amazing.

My favourite items are the sheer sack dresses, which are in about 5 different colours and reversible. I just know they’d be so versatile – they’re 100% silk too, no dodgy polyester there!

Yes, the price is a lot higher than most of us are used to, and some of us will probably balk at them. You have got to bear in mind though, this is an independent designer boutique as opposed to a mass-produced retail brand, so you’re paying for a smaller team and more dedicated craftmanship, y’know? Personally I think it’s totally worth it.

I honestly think she’s done such an amazing job. Gisela’s project, both the clothes themselves and the photos, really nail home to me the idea that we will only see the changes we want to make in plus size fashion if we do it ourselves, rather than waiting for companies to take risks.

Before I get to the ~fashun, I absolutely have to share this with you if you’ve not already seen it:

The Fat Body (In)Visible

It’s a documentary by Margitte of Riots Not Diets, featuring Jessica and Keena. I’m reluctant to get into body politics again on the blog, but if you have a spare 30 mins please watch it. It’s just a really lovely documentary, and it brought me to tears. Even though fat bodies are supposedly becoming the norm, it’s still radical to see someone discussing openly what you’re up against, and the correlation between invisibility and hyper-visibility. I found them so articulate, strong, beautiful and empowering. I was a massive fan of all three anyway, but this just cements it!

I suppose it might seem strange to post images of high fashion models now, but to be honest the day that we can see bodies of all sizes celebrated together without politics or objection is a day I look forward to, y’know?


Pre Fall 2011 Faves

I enjoy the colour pops of this collection, but I particularly love how this dress manages to be bold and streamlined at the same time.


Pre Fall 2011 Faves

I think we can all agree the past few seasons for Burberry Prorsum have been one huge home run for Christopher Bailey, right? Seriously, the man can do no wrong. Pre-fall is in a similar vein to AW1011, with lots of military detailing, tweed, and thigh high boots. This look is my favourite because of that beautiful skirt and the half-fur jacket.


Pre Fall 2011 Faves

What is happening to me?! Normally I’m allergic to ye olde Lolerfeld and his designing clothes that make anyone wearing them look as ludicrous as he does, but this wasn’t even a proper collection (although at 69 outfits it wasn’t all that smaller than his Spring/Summer extravaganza) and it managed to completely charm me. Inspired by the Byzantine era, gold, jewels and bling were all over the shop but nothing looked cheap or gaudy, it managed to look classic and restrained. This to me a perfect example of what a good black dress would look like dressed up to the nines – and it has pockets!


Pre Fall 2011 Faves

I liked a lot of Posen’s pre-fall collection, especially his insistence on leopard print bodycon dresses. I tried to choose one out of them and couldn’t, so plumped for this ladylike suit instead. It is great though, isn’t it? I could have been dull but the pattern and piping make it stand out just enough. Also, the shoot makes me laugh. I still can’t believe old Princess Coldstare from Misshapes is a legit fashion model now. And Crystal Renn is still proving that she is in a complete other league to most models.


Pre Fall 2011 Faves

I saved the best for last, obviously. Make no mistake: this is how I want to dress every damn day of my life.


I remember talking to Amy once and we both said how lovely it’d be to walk into a clothes shop that does sizes 0 all the way through to 38 (and beyond, if needs be!). Unfortunately that dream remains out of reach for a long, long time, but until then, French style bloggers Pauline and Stephanie have collaborated on a capsule collection – Call Me Ponie. And happily, CMP has one of the most extensive size ranges I’ve seen yet. Everything is available in FR38 – FR56 (approximately UK8 – UK26). Awesome!


The collection is a selection of four leather garments (yes, I’m sad to say it’s not vegan friendly) in collaboration with two leather craft experts, DKS and Fashion Cuir, where the collection is available to buy. Because of this the prices are very high, which I think is understandable – I think all of them would make great investment pieces. As well as a shearling jacket, cape and skater skirt, there are some paper-bag waisted, turn up leather shorts which I know some of you *cough, cough* were dying for!


As Pauline and Stephanie are absolutely stunning and photogenic, it’s only right that they modeled their designs, no? I love the photos – it just shows how you can you look fantastic no matter what size! Both of them show of the garments beautifully.


All photos courtesty and copyright of Tode @ Portraits de Blogueuses

What do you think peeps?

Another new fashion brand for you? Damn You Alexis launched a few weeks ago, offering an initial capsule range in sizes AUS16 – AUS24 (approximately UK18 – UK26). Xtina and Marie first brought this brand to my attention a few weeks ago, and I’m super impressed!

Damn You Alex

This debut collection is very simple, minimal and bodyconscious, with muted colours. But I love the detailing and shapes. As you might know, I’m a real stickler for detailing and exagerrated shapes in clothing, something that plus sizes tend to sadly lack. DYA has this in abundance – you can see that nothing has been watered down.

Damn You Alex


Aren’t they stunning?

That said, it’s not without controversy – prices range from $49 – $429, which received a lot of criticism and scrutiny to make sure such prices were worth it. It’s strange. I could post any number of straight size designers and brands and no one would bat an eyelid at the prices, but when it comes to plus sizes, anything over £100 gets balked at!  Why is that?

Personally, I have no problem with paying a great deal more than high street prices for better design, quality and fit (if I was able to afford it, of course) and the more people who realise that the better, in my opinion!

What do you think, peeps?

Bijou Bijoux

Thanks for all your entries into the Bijou Bijoux competition – so glad to see how much you love Alice’s designs. I finally managed to pick a winner…


Congrats to the lovely Sara of Lions, Tigers & Sara Oh My!

You get to pick a Bijou Bijoux item of your choice, and I will email you deets shortly.

I wish I could have given more prizes away as you all seem to love the designs so much! However Alice is offering FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING until Dec 1st on everything, with the code ILOVEPOCKETROCKET.

Thanks again everyone – until the next giveaway…