Hello my lovelies! Thank you for your lovely messages after my last post – I didn’t realise anyone had noticed my absence or anything. I’m really touched, you’re all so nice!

As it’s event season, I popped over to Anna Scholz‘s office along with other members of the blogging crew to check out her Black and White label collections, as well as her first lingerie collection with Simply Be. While we were there, a few of us got vox-popped for a wee BBC News documentary on plus size fashion, which you can see here. G’wan, Claire!

I’ve always had a huge appreciation for Anna Scholz. Her store is the first place I look if I’m after something extra special (and in a position where I can put some extra money towards clothes) – the price points are high, but it’s worth it if you are able. And even if you aren’t, her regular, more affordable collaboration with Simply Be always has standout pieces (still not over missing out on the maribou feather jacket *SOB*), and her sample sales have to be seen to be believed!

Anna Scholz for Simply Be lingerie

Anna Scholz’s first lingerie collection for Simply Be on the rail.

This season Anna launched her first lingerie collection with Simply Be, and it’s gorgeous. The chocolate & chartreuse pieces are my favourite. I mean, I doubt I’ll look as hot in them as Ashley Graham does, but I can pretend yeah?

Plus bloggers in Anna Scholz SS14

Myself and Gemma posing in some gorgeous Anna Scholz creations

Everyone was treated to a high afternoon tea, with petit fours, quiches and champagne, but the most exciting aspect of the night was being able to try on whatever we wanted, as all of the stock was right next door. Queue me trying on everything in sight in various sizes!

Anne & I in AS Black Label

Myself and Anne pose in matching Anna Scholz Black Label dresses

Bloggers try on Anna Scholz white label SS14

Ms Bartoz and Patricia: A vision in green!

Fat Pink Ladies in Anna Scholz

Anne, Rosie and I wear the Anna Scholz versions of the Pink Ladies jackets.

The embroidered bomber jackets were a huge hit with everyone – I have to admit they’re not my personal cup of tea, but that didn’t stop me feeling like a BAMF when trying it on with Rosie and Anne. Reckon we can start a girl gang a la Grease?

Anna herself was present and wearing her own gorgeous White Label dress.

fuller figure fuller bust, anna scholz & pocket rocket fashion

Ladies in red (and teal). I’m with Anna herself and George here wearing SS14 designs.

Ah, I’m so small!

Thanks so much to the Anna Scholz and Simply Be teams for letting me come along, I had an awesome time!

Anything you’re gonna start saving up for? I’m torn between the red and the green…


How are you all? It’s been a while! I unplugged from the blogging world for a bit to recharge my batteries and rediscover my love for it all.  I was beginning to get lost among all the politics and favours and competition, when really all this is just an outlet for me to talk excitedly about clothes. You know? Of course, I’ve chosen completely the wrong time to bring it back, as work has gone absolutely mental (in a good way), so we’ll see how it pans out. But for now I’ll talk about some cool stuff that happened this week.

First up: Cut For Evans. I saw a video floating around on twitter a few months ago and nearly fell off my chair. I’d practically been counting down the days until it launched since then! Evans had run a competition with fashion students to design a capsule collection, before eventually choosing print specialist Alice Farrow and knitwear designer Rebecca Partington.

Alice Farrow designs at Evans

Alice Farrow’s jumpsuit and shirt on the rack. Gorgeous.

The result is possibly the freshest, most imaginative – and, let’s be honest here – polarising – collection that I’ve seen in plus size fashion for a long time. The shapes and fabrics are fairly simple: tank tops, tunics, shirts and tube skirts. But in terms of colour and print? The shock factor is off the scale. People really like to be a debbie downer on Evans and what they offer but Cut shows how they CAN take risks, they CAN be bold, and they CAN show everyone else what’s what. It’s brilliant, and so exciting!

Cut for Evans designers and Brix Smith-Tart

Rebecca and Alice pose with Brix Smith-Start, who gave a rousing speech AND is putting the collection into her swanky boutique. Awesome.

To celebrate they had a launch in their Marble Arch flagship store, and we got to see the collection in situ and try it all on. I ended up buying three pieces, the Rebecca Partington skyscraper top and skirt, and the Alice Farrow tube skirt. All three have been worn in the following days (in fact I’m wearing the skyscraper top as we speak!).

I wasn’t invited to the launch but I was really cheeky and asked Bethany to see if I could tag along with her. If not I would have gone down to Marble Arch to see it anyway, but they kindly let me come down and I had a great night! It was so lovely to be back with the blogging crew. Now, to photos!

Three plus size girls in bright dresses.

Myself and two statuesque blondes, Ms Bartoz and Margie, test run Alice Farrow’s amazing tropical shift

Evans Marble Arch staff

The staff at Evans’ Marble Arch flagship store. What a bunch of stunners.

UK plus size bloggers

Too much babeliness for one image – almost. From l-r: Caroline, Rosie, Debbie, Isha, Hanna, Charlotte, Rivkie.

Designer has a giggle

Knitwear designer Rebecca gets manhandled by one of the Evans staff before her Now magazine shoot

Me and my heart print dress

It’s me, showing off my new heart print dress, replete with my dorothy-wannabe red shoes.

Dress: Alice and You, via ASOS Curve
Shoes: Primark (very old)
Rings: ASOS Curve
Brooch: Tatty Devine (sample sale)

And finally, here’s what I wore – a little bit girly and plain considering the subject but I had to be a bit businesslike for work! You know me, I’m all for cutesy prints so it was only a matter of time before I bought this. Didn’t realise it was quite so creased on Wednesday morning, though…

Me, twirling in my fancy dress.

An obligatory twirl shot, and we’re done.

Me wearing a yellow patterned dressagainst a graffiti backdrop

Dress: Cutie for Simply Be
Shoes: Primark (old season)
Bag: Primark

Hi all! This was an outfit that I forgot to post – oops! Better late than never, eh?

I was so excited when this dress came out – I’d seen similar dresses in various charity shops over the years, but they were always too small for me. So even though this is new,  I snapped it straight up as soon as I had the money. It’s gorgeous, fits like a dream and makes me feel like I’m close to how I want to look in my head – if that makes sense? I don’t feel I’m compromising the style I want at all with this outfit. It’s awesome.

I wore this to head out to the Gogo Philip store launch off Brick Lane, which was fab. That said, despite looking how I want to look, the other bloggers there looked SO COOL I was a teensy bit intimidated – me in my nice dress and my nice shoes and whatnot. I’m always acutely aware that I’m the uncoolest person in any room, haha. Ah well.

I’ve always loved Gogo’s tacky outrageous jewels. They’re such decent prices, as well, it was difficult not to raid the whole shop. Here’s what was happening there:

I bought myself a pair of gorgeous ruby drop earings, which I can’t wait to wear out to a fancy ‘do!

Afterwards Bethany and I headed down to my favourite curry house on Hanbury Street. We got a bit of a treat as we left – an artist was busy painting a mural on the wall opposite:

It turned out that artist was Alexis Diaz, and you can see the finished article here – it’s incredible. What an honour!


Image: Me, wearing a black and coral dress and a necklace with little black bunnies on, and glasses.

Dress: What Laura Loves for Simply Be*
Shoes: New Look (2009)
Necklace: I’m Your Present
Glasses: Specsavers*

Hello lovelies, yes this is indeed my 2nd outfit post of the week. Hurrah! After finishing the Simply Be blogger takeover, each of us were given credit to spend at the shop. Naturally I bought both other dresses as well as another copy of my own (just because I could!). I wore Em‘s to an important work meeting, and Laura’s I wore for a work event – one in which I was able to go full nerd.

blinkbox are one of the companies I work for, and they celebrated getting Game of Thrones season 3 earlier than anyone by hosting a screening of the first episode and having Maisie Williams (Arya Stark aka BAMF) and Joe Dempsie (Gendry Waters) over for a Q&A session. I managed to wangle my way in and it was SO COOL. As well as being able to watch episode one again, although I did miss my pal Julia. My nerd levels were peaking all night!


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a picture with them – I actually left the same time as Maisie and her team, but they seemed like they were in a rush so I didn’t ask for one. Which is a shame as I wanted to ask her what Claire‘s cupcakes taste like! Haha.



Hi everyone, hope you’re all really well! It seems I’ve succumbed to that great blogging tradition of being too busy to blog in any regular capacity. Hopefully I’ll figure out a routine soon, and things’ll get back to normal. BUT, I wanted to alert you all to a baby project of mine and Isha’s: Curve Social!

So, one of the best things about blogging, especially plus size and fat acceptance blogging, is meeting other bloggers and hanging out. There are tons of events happening in London in all kinds of flavours, like The Weigh In (I went on Thursday, it was great!), BGP, LPSFW, to name a few. These are all pretty big events, but Isha and myself wondered if we could do something a bit more informal, not necessarily even about fashion. And we’ve come up with the idea of a monthly meet up, with fun activities that are already going on.

The first meet up is Saturday October 27th: one week today! We’re going to head down to Drink Shop & Dance for their Thriller Night! I’m really looking forward to it! If you want to come along, drop us a line on our facebook group, tumblr or email us at curvesocial(at)gmail(dot)com.

See you soon!

Hello my dears, there appears to be a few events coming up that all look to be great fun! I’m sure you know of them already, but just in case I thought I’d post about them – click the images and they’ll take you to each respective site.



I have been looking forward to Fattylympics for SO long! It’s organised by Kay, who arranged the amazing Big Bum Jumble in 2010, in fact all the profits from that have gone to help set up this event. It’s a fun, fat friendly send up of the Olympics complete with stalls, games, competitions, and its own theme tune (written and recorded by Verity from Electrelane, indie fans). It takes place on Saturday 7th July, 12pm – 5pm at Grassroots Resource Centre, West Ham, London. I’ll be stewarding, so see you there!


If you aren’t in London, then another awesome event is happening on Saturday July 7th: Plus North! Headed up by Becky and Toni, this is the northern arm of Plus London, with sponsors such as Simply Be (complete with a catwalk show!), Excite and Trapped in a Skinny World. It costs £5 for a ticket and takes place at Aspire in Leeds from 1pm – 6pm. It’s going to be great, can’t wait to read all about it.


Another London event (sorry peeps) that takes place in a couple of weeks! Katie has organised a clothing swap for sizes 14 and up on her fabulous roof terrace on Saturday May 26th, from 1:30pm. Make sure you bring at least 5 items, too!

Hope to see you at Fattylympics and the swap, and have fun at Plus North!

Evenden press day

I haven’t really taken much stock of lingerie on the blog, mostly because measuring myself I come up as something like a 52AA which is near impossible to buy, especially as I prefer push up, padded bras to try and give myself a more proportionate overall shape. The past few months I’ve been making do with some 38B push up bras from Sainsburys, and 40A bras from the Gok Wan range at Simply Yours.

At Plus London, new larger back and cup size brand Elomi (size range 34D – 48K) had a stall and also fitted guests. I was gutted that I didn’t get a chance to be fitted on the night, so when I was invited to the Evenden group Autumn/Winter press day which included a bra fitting, I had to go and find out once and for all!

The event was held at a lounge above the Swarovski store on Great Marlborough Street, and I got to hang out with Em, Bethany, Claire and Georgina. The Evenden staff were absolutely lovely, and the atmosphere was so relaxed and friendly. Of course, all the lingerie on display was beautiful too…

Evenden press day

They had models on hand to try on bras that anyone wanted to see on a live person. The three of them were all super sweet and helpful as well, talking about the fit of each bra. I also loved that they included models of different sizes and larger mannequins. Not all brands go to the effort of making larger customers feel included, so it’s always nice when you go somewhere that does.

Evenden press day

The Huit range focused on a 40s, cabaret, boudior aesthetic. Their sizes range from 30A – 38DD. (Can you play “spot the blogger in the background”?)

Evenden press day

Fauve was delicate and feminine with a jewelled colour palette. Their sizes range from 30B – 38H.

Evenden press day

Evenden press day

Lovely bloggers posing with their swag!

So, what was the result of my fitting? The assistant felt that my back size, 38, was actually correct (a big shock to me) and that the cup was too small. She handed me a 38D by Freya (sizes range from 28B – 40K) – Roxanne:

Evenden press day

It wasn’t padded, but fit pretty much perfectly. It was quite odd wearing a bra that didn’t squish or push up my boobs at all, but it still gave me a great shape! The prospect of being a 38D excites me, though I do recall Lorna’s post about how shopping for her fitted size has proved difficult in other shops. But I’m definitely a 38D in Freya, and I can’t wait to shop their stunning underwear!

Finally, here’s what I wore:

Evenden press day

Dress: Yours Clothing
Necklace: Tatty Devine
Cardigan: Torrid (gifted last year)
Spike ring: Chubby Cartwheels
Heart ring: Domino Dollhouse
Shoes: ASOS
Glasses: London Retro “Soho” (gifted last year)

I’d worn this dress before – it’s gotten a lot of wear since I bought it, actually. After the event I hung out in The Diner and then went to see Blood Red Shoes, who’ve always been a guilty pleasure of mine. They were great, but I had an altercation on the way out, which disturbed me a lot. I will probably emote on tumblr about it at some point, though.

So all in all, despite the sour note at the end I had a great day and I now am owner of a beautiful lingerie set! Thanks, Evenden group!

TW: fat hate, body shame.

Yup, I’m still gonna go on about this! I took part in this week’s heat. It was one of the most hilarious, bizarre and absolutely wonderful  evenings I’ve ever had. And to top it all off I bloody WON, which means I’m taking part in the final on March 29th along with Bethany and Charlotte. So I don’t even care about winning, I just know it’s going to be amazing fun and a really supportive night alongside two of my heroes and I can’t wait!

Here is what I wore…

Burger Queen Heat 3

Dress: ASOS Curve (old-ish)
Shoes: Torrid (a gift from a couple of years ago)
Brooch: Gift
Hairband: Can’t even remember – Primark, probably!

I was also wearing my LDN XL GRRRLS badge (I brought my Big Bum Jumble badge too but it got lost in my bag!).

I’m… actually quite scared about putting this picture up. I’d already worn this dress when I first bought it, way back when I was still wordpress.com, and I’d been waiting for an occasion fancy enough to wear it again. Since then I’ve put on more weight, so an already tight dress was now even tighter. My mum tried to dissuade me from wearing it to Burger Queen, pretty much voicing out loud my niggling inner concerns. They’ll laugh at you, she said. You’ll be an object of ridicule – why do this to yourself? Why invite that hatred? But the rational part of me won out. If there was anywhere I could wear this dress proudly and honestly, it would be Burger Queen. I knew that they would be laughing but for the most part it’d be alongside me, not at me. I knew that there were bigger personalities, a tonne of more outrageousness in the room meaning the tightness of my dress, the way it clung to my belly and bum? An absolute moot point.

I packed some shapewear just in case. I didn’t bother wearing it. And you know what? I felt like a million fackin’ dollars.

— end trigger warning! —

Burger Queen Heat 3

The night itself was just awesome. My best friends all turned out which was so lovely – they also bought me the best birthday present EVER which you will be seeing on outfit posts in the future! It was also really lovely to see Bethany, Stacy, Charlotte and Kay and I wish I’d gotten to talk to you all more. Scottee and the team – Annabel, Becky, Josh and Roy – were all just fabulous and awesome, I was a bit starstruck meeting them and Amy Lame, of course! The other contestants, Lewis and Darren, were great as well. I was so pleased they were nice, and didn’t mind me nervously babbling for about 3 hours in the dressing room. I’d have been really pleased if either of them had won, aww.

Burger Queen Heat 3

We really lucked out with the judges this week: LISA STANSFIELD!!! If I’d have known I’d have brought my 7″s from the 80s! BOBBY CRUSH! ALISON HAMMOND! I’d actually met her before at Yours, but I dunno if she recognised me (probably not). IMMODESTY BLAIZE! Actually my favourite burlesque artist, I like her even more than Dita. And by some bizarre twist of fate, Nancy Dell’olio turned up as a punter, omg. I made a quip in the trend round that I was trying to emulate her glamour. Nancy was asked her thoughts and she replied “…She tried?” AHAHAHAHA. After it finished, she actually caught me and said “congratulations, I was rooting for you!” oh man. So, so funny!

My “talent” was a recital of Kim Selling’s Fat Bottomed Girls poem. Thanks so much for letting me have a go! It was a bit hammy and I was so nervous but I think people enjoyed it. I know one or two of the judges marked me down because I didn’t write it, which is a fair point really. The last round was “taste” and I made a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake. The judges LOVED it. If anyone fancies having a go, here’s the recipe! I seriously don’t know why it sends people into a frenzy but I’m glad they liked it.

Burger Queen Heat 3

So… yeah. What a night! And I had to go to the jobcentre the next day. Talk about coming down to earth with a bang, eh?


Well… That “hiatus” didn’t last very long at all, did it? That said, the breather was worth it – especially the four days I managed to go, cold turkey, without twitter. How I managed that I shall never know.

All sort of exciting stuff has been happening. I’m longer working for Yours Clothing, which, to be quite honest, was a major conflict of interest with the blog. So while I’m poor and can’t buy purdy clothes for the foreseeable, it’ll work out better in the long run. I hope?!


This year, the nearest I got to some sort of resolution was to “be more outrageous” in 2012. My 1st step towards this has been signing up to compete in Burger Queen 2012. Oh dear lord. Here’s the blurb:

Scottee welcomes you back for a super sized second helping of his infamous beauty pageant Burger Queen! Every Thursday in March, he will be whittling down a wide range of fantastic fatties in his unique game show for fat people. Each chunky contestant will endure three rounds designed to find the perfect chub to be crowned Burger Queen 2012. Rounds include trend (flaunting your fat fashion), taste (your signature dish served to our judges) and talent (light entertainment for heavyweights).

Each heat is judged by some wonderful faces including Nick Grimshaw, Paloma Faith, Cock N Bull Kid, Alison Hammond, Immodesty Blaize, Sue Tilley, Princess Julia, BQ ’11 winner Nina Neon, not to mention Scottee’s Mum and our resident judge & plus size princess Amy Lamé.

The winner will receive £100 cash, £400 worth of gifts from our sponsors, a bottle of plonk, the coveted Burger Queen medal, the golden unhappy meal and the chance to perform at the Roundhouse CircusFest in ‘Camp’!

More? Over the course of the contest Scottee will also be putting himself through the murky world of fad diets, celebrity fitness DVD’s and some alternative exercise classes – NHS’ answer to Fanny Craddock, Dr Tim Crocker-Buque will be keeping an eye on him and vlogging his progress!

Other highlights include guest performances from chubby chasers Myra Dubois, Timberlina, Russella &Tenor Ladies, Sami Knight is on the decks playing big (gastric) band tunes, the amazing ‘What’s Jude eating this week?’ is back, the weekly Pie Chart Rundown and of course ‘the show’s not over till the Miss Annabel Sings

Heat 2 – 8th March
Heat 3 – 15th March
Heat 4 – 22nd March
Grand Final – 29th March

7pm (8pm Show)
Tickets are available on the door but advance booking is advised.

Royal Vauxhall Tavern
372 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall SE11

£7 or £11.99 with the RVT Burger & Chips
(Meat or Vege options available).

More info and advance tickets from http://burger-queen.info

The search to find the perfect porker has begun – who will become Burger Queen?

It is a big, fat, celebration of all things fat and outrageous, and I just can’t WAIT! Although, I am slightly terrified.

As well as myself, Charlotte Cooper of Obesity Timebomb is competing this Thursday and will be awesome. Heat one featured the sexual siren that is Bethany from My Arched Eyebrow – and she won! The final takes place on Thursday March 29th, so do come along to help me cheer her on!

As for me, my heat is next Thursday, March 15th. If you’d like to come along you can order tickets here – I’d LOVE to see you (and need all the emotional support I can get, haha!)

Stay tuned for an interview with Head Fatso, Scottee, himself!

iphone 063

Hello! A bit of a change of scenery. Last year I was fortunate enough to attend press/blogger events – but was too much of a ditz to blog about them, which makes me feel so bad – I’m sorry, nice people! So this year, while I’ve stopped accepting things to review, events are different because they mean I can catch up with other bloggers. For that reason alone, I’ll never say no. And this year I’ve resolved to talk about them!

iphone 066

First event of 2012 was previewing Gok Wan’s spring collection for Simply Yours. It’s always a joy to catch up with the Simply team, and there were so many of my fave bloggers in attendance: Bethany, Naomi, Rosie, Em, Laura, Rivkie from Slink Magazine, Becky, Mhairi, Clare, Georgina, Cheryl (happy birthday!), Caroline and other lovely blogging ladies!


This was Gok’s Wall of Fame collection. While earlier ones had experimented with different designs, ideas and materials, this collection was strictly back to basics, improving on Gok’s first ever collection. I have to say I’m always a big fan, as someone with a large back and an A cup it’s difficult for me to find genuinely sexy, luxurious AND well fitting bras. I have three pairs and just adore them. Actually, you can read my reviews here.

iphone 071

There was nothing I didn’t like about the collection – it doesn’t seem like shapewear (although having road tested some knickers and slips I can tell you they do smooth you out, if that’s your cup of tea). Just really smart, sexy underwear. I loved the sporty feel, the colours and the little signature touches. Can’t wait to get my hands on some items!


Dress: H&M
Belt: Very.co.uk (old)
Dalmatian faux fur collar: ASOS

Oh dear – and here’s me, looking very dishevelled, with the man himself. I have to say he was an absolute gent – well, apart from grabbing Georgina and Caroline’s bosoms, but they did ask politely first…

Huge thanks to the Simply Yours team for inviting me and for the non-instagram photos! x