Dalmatian print skirt for Look x Simply Be
Skirt: LOOK magazine for Simply Be*
Shoes: Simply Be
Vest, Cardigan: Primark

Well, hello! I trust you’ve all been very well? It’s been a pretty crazy time at work recently, but for a good reason: I’ve been helping out with making two cute videos featuring some fabulous fashion and beauty vloggers for Westfield’s #editme site. Check them out: Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City.

As well as work it’s been fashion PR season, with lots of companies events for press and bloggers to have a look at upcoming collections. One of the most exciting ones for me has been the LOOK magazine for Simply Be collaboration, and they had a posh dinner in central London (not far from my office, hooray!) where we got to look at what was on its way. Yay!

A few years back Carla and I went to the Look show (she’d won tickets and took me because she’s the best) and the most celebrated model there was Crystal Renn (before she shed her weight), with Laura Catterall and Hayley Morley walking too. As a result, I’ve always thought of Look as one of the more plus size friendly magazines so it seemed like perfect sense for them to have teamed up with a plus size retailer.

DSC_1554 xproii

As for the collection itself I think it’s great, although I will admit the majority of it isn’t my personal style. And that’s okay! Simply Be’s main range are absolutely killing it at the moment, with pencil skirts, multiple shades of pink and whatnot. The Look range is sporty, smart and tailored and while those aren’t words you’d use to describe my style, looking through the collection I could see fellow bloggers looking completely at home in all of it. I can’t wait to see Bets in her Look jumpsuit, for example!

As for me, I had to try the dalmatian print midi skirt. Only problem was, at 5’1″, wearing it at my natural waist would have the skirt hanging around my ankles! So I sized down (to a 20) to wear it high waisted. Very high waisted. And it still hits below the knee!

The skirt is really well made, fully tailored, and the fabric is thick and hangs really well. It’s an a-line shape as opposed to a circle skirt, but you can still put a petticoat underneath if you so wished. I went for a “swanning around the riviera” look – even though I only got as far as my own garden. Haha.

What do you think of the collection?

HI GUYS! Well, admittedly I’ve been on a bit of a blogging break the past couple of months, and plan to head back off into the sunset for a while after this. But it’s for CHARIDEE. How could I refuse?


Me (round face, long dark hair with a blonde streak, freckles and big plastic glasses) in a classic selfie pose. I’m wearing a mint green jumper with white bobbles, and a diamante Christmas pudding.

Westfield have been asking bloggers to post selfies in their cheesiest Christmas jumpers to celebrate Christmas Jumper Day, and for every post they donate some money to Save The Children. Which is pretty nice, isn’t it? I think whoever helped come up with that idea must have been AWESOME. *cough*

I plumped for this Christmas pud jumper from New Look’s main range – thankfully it was a baggy fit, because I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it! I kept it simple with a bodycon skirt from Yours, which was a bit scary at first as you could see my VBO. You’d think after five years of FA I’d be able to shrug this off, but I still get apprehensive. Ah well!

In work today almost everyone decked themselves out in Christmas attire and we all donated money as well. Obviously we had to take some group photos!


Some of the gang, from left to right: Adam, Gurnie, me, Sarah, Hannah, Amanda and Letizia. Check out our cheesy grins and that massive SEO sign above our heads!

I should point out I’m not the only blogger in the office: Sarah has just started up a nail blog (she’s so clever and has claws to die for) and Amanda has just begun blogging about her dating escapades, which looks like it’ll make for a fun read!


Image as before, but check out the blue steel Adam’s giving that camera.


Image: Some more cheesy grins! From l-r: Letizia, Siobhan, me, Sarah and Hannah!

Siobhan is my payday record shopping partner, and runs a music site too: Skirmish. She knows her stuff!

Gonna disclaim this, obviously: as you know, my colleagues masterminded this bit of activity – but I’m posting because I want to give some extra cash to Save The Children!

Image: me in my black dress, mint cardigan and glasses overlooking part of the London skyline.

Dress: New Look
Shoes: New Look
Cardigan: ASOS Curve
Necklace: Fancy Lady Industries
Brooch: vintage

Last week for my friend Charlotte’s birthday a few of us took a trip up The Shard to see London in all its glory. Unfortunately, the weather decided to troll us – it was greyist, foggiest day all year. Ah well. In a way it worked, because it looked like doomsday. I took some photos with my fancy pants camera…

New builds in the city, featuring the CAR AND HUMAN MELTING Walkie Talkie, the gherkin and some I dunno the names of.

I recently read High Rise by JG Ballard – a brutal but brilliant book, in my opinion – and the skyscraper on the left is almost identical to how I imagined the block when reading. Spooky. Apparently, after all these years, it’s being made into a film. Interesting.

Helicopter flying towards Canary Wharf. I love how apocalyptic this looks.
The dirty, scuzzy London skyline, complete with poo brown river Thames.
The birthday girl and her bf Chris. Don't they look cute?

In that last picture you can see a hint of my ASOS handbag, which is a lime green fake leather jobby. I love it so much because it’s equal parts ladylike and ridiculous – pretty much how I want to look all the time. The cardigan as well I love to bits, although the day, despite the fog, was actually incredibly warm so kept taking it off. At one point in the pub I had both my cardi and my bag on the table, when this conversation happened:

Chris: Lauren, your cardigan is great, but whenever I look at it I just think of Sully from Monsters Inc…
Lauren: I did think that when I bought it – Sully cuddles!
Ben: *something about Mike Wazowski*
Chris: Ben, why are you talking about Mike? It’s Sully the cardigan looks like.
Ben: Wait – I’m confused. I heard you say “it looks like Monsters Inc”, clocked the bag, and thought of Mike!
Lauren: …Oh jesus.

Yep. I had come dressed as one of my fave Disney duos. Triples, if you count the fact that since I’ve worn plastic glasses I get compared to Roz all the time. How embarrassing! Or cool, depending on your view…

Me wearing a yellow patterned dressagainst a graffiti backdrop

Dress: Cutie for Simply Be
Shoes: Primark (old season)
Bag: Primark

Hi all! This was an outfit that I forgot to post – oops! Better late than never, eh?

I was so excited when this dress came out – I’d seen similar dresses in various charity shops over the years, but they were always too small for me. So even though this is new,  I snapped it straight up as soon as I had the money. It’s gorgeous, fits like a dream and makes me feel like I’m close to how I want to look in my head – if that makes sense? I don’t feel I’m compromising the style I want at all with this outfit. It’s awesome.

I wore this to head out to the Gogo Philip store launch off Brick Lane, which was fab. That said, despite looking how I want to look, the other bloggers there looked SO COOL I was a teensy bit intimidated – me in my nice dress and my nice shoes and whatnot. I’m always acutely aware that I’m the uncoolest person in any room, haha. Ah well.

I’ve always loved Gogo’s tacky outrageous jewels. They’re such decent prices, as well, it was difficult not to raid the whole shop. Here’s what was happening there:

I bought myself a pair of gorgeous ruby drop earings, which I can’t wait to wear out to a fancy ‘do!

Afterwards Bethany and I headed down to my favourite curry house on Hanbury Street. We got a bit of a treat as we left – an artist was busy painting a mural on the wall opposite:

It turned out that artist was Alexis Diaz, and you can see the finished article here – it’s incredible. What an honour!


Image: Me in my garden wearing a black dungaree dress, blue top underneath, red shoes and a red shoe necklace

Dress: ASOS Curve
Top: ASOS Curve
Necklace: Birthday present (but it’s from Tatty Devine)
Shoes: Peacocks (years ago)
Glasses: Specsavers*

Hi all! I hope you’ve all been well? These photos were taken a while ago but I’ve not had time to update until now! The past week has been slightly hectic (by my standards, anyway), so I’ve celebrated today by doing absolutely nothing.  It’s great!


Image: me, as before, in a slightly different pose (looking down instead of at the camera)

I know everyone has been going absolutely mad for dungarees lately – something I didn’t think I’d ever find myself wearing again, because as you probably know I don’t EVER wear jeans (or indeed anything denim) any more. So when I saw mentions of a dungaree dress my thought process was pretty much “oh I’ll go onto ASOS and have a look and s- OH MY GOD THAT IS SO CUTE I HAVE TO BUY IT CLICK CHECKOUT MINE YAY”

I also checked out with this gorgeous blue broderie anglaise crop top, as I thought they’d go excellently together. I wasn’t wrong: they arrived, I tried them on, ripped out the tags and went straight to work.

I love it when a plan comes together, don’t you?


Image: a close up of my glasses and ruby slippers necklace on a black lattice iron table. I really should remember to clean my things before photographing them.

Of course, I have to chat about my lovely new glasses! I was very fortunate to get whisked off to my local Specsavers for a pair of specs to review, and I plumped for these gorgeous Red or Dead ones – though I came very close to purchasing these bad boys, and might well do later on. I loved my last pair dearly but they got quite badly scratched, and I love how much softer theese new ones are. So hooray, thank you, Specsavers!


Image: Me, wearing a black and coral dress and a necklace with little black bunnies on, and glasses.

Dress: What Laura Loves for Simply Be*
Shoes: New Look (2009)
Necklace: I’m Your Present
Glasses: Specsavers*

Hello lovelies, yes this is indeed my 2nd outfit post of the week. Hurrah! After finishing the Simply Be blogger takeover, each of us were given credit to spend at the shop. Naturally I bought both other dresses as well as another copy of my own (just because I could!). I wore Em‘s to an important work meeting, and Laura’s I wore for a work event – one in which I was able to go full nerd.

blinkbox are one of the companies I work for, and they celebrated getting Game of Thrones season 3 earlier than anyone by hosting a screening of the first episode and having Maisie Williams (Arya Stark aka BAMF) and Joe Dempsie (Gendry Waters) over for a Q&A session. I managed to wangle my way in and it was SO COOL. As well as being able to watch episode one again, although I did miss my pal Julia. My nerd levels were peaking all night!


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a picture with them – I actually left the same time as Maisie and her team, but they seemed like they were in a rush so I didn’t ask for one. Which is a shame as I wanted to ask her what Claire‘s cupcakes taste like! Haha.



Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all well? Unfortunately I’ve not been very well the past few weeks, so my sporadic posting has continued. BUT! If all goes well, you’ll have not one, not two, but THREE posts from me this week! Aren’t you lucky… ahem. Anyway. Guess what? I’m only bloody WEARING CLOTHES!


Me wearing a white sleeveless peplum top, a comic print knee length skirt and a bright neon yellow satchel with gigantic black boots. And a scowl on my face. Could I BE any more miserable?

Top: Just Curvy*
Skirt: Primark
Litas: Zalando*
Satchel: Simply Be*
Batman ring: Claire’s

To illustrate just how crap I am at working with brands, let me tell you a filthy secret: I got these Lita boots in March. MARCH. That’s when I was given a voucher to get myself something nice from the website, which had just launched in the UK from Germany. And instead of getting myself something nice from their plus size collection, I decided to indulge myself and blow it on a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas. The idea was that once I’d worn them in, I could wear them to gigs and be able to see the bands since they would make me normal-person-height. Alas, it’s been months and despite the instep being fine, the material hasn’t yet give so after 10 mins I’m desperate to take them off.

One day.

Similarly with Just Curvy – this top has been in my posession for a while now, although I did at least have the foresight to let them know how slack I updating and invited them to send me reminders. And they haven’t gone unnoted! Just Curvy are a new brand that has popped up recently – it’s been really nice to see all these boutiques being launched. Their selection is similar to AX Paris, Lovedrobe etc although they have a few individual pieces like this peplum top. I really like it, and I’m actually about to buy a black version as well. The only issue I have is that it’s quite seethrough, as you can see from the photo. But other than that I love it!

My satchel is a little worn now – this wasn’t given for a review, I was able to take my accessories from the Simply Be blogger takeover shoot home with me. But it’s served me well and I love the attention I get from it. The amount of people who think I’m sporting a genuine Cambridge is hilarious. Don’t they know I’m a massive cheapskate?

Also, this picture should answer the question, “who takes your blog photos?” quite nicely. Ha!

Hello everyone!

Before I go on with the outfit, I just want to say a massive thak you to all of you who commented on my last post. There were so many I didn’t really know where to start replying, so please don’t think I was ignoring you or didn’t care – I do, very much, and I’m so bloody grateful. To be honest, that post wasn’t about me giving up – it was about me not giving up. It was me remembering what I blog for, which is difficult when loads of exciting stuff comes my way and can cloud things a little.

Anyway. Onwards!


Image: me, standing in front of a gated park and a huge tree, next to a black ornate lamppost. I’ve got a red bodycon skirt, black top and cardigan.

Top: ASOS Curve
Skirt: Forever 21+
Shoes: New Look
Cardigan, handbag: Primark

The lovely Isha took this photo for me round the back of where I work. It’s so pretty, like the London you see in Richard Curtis movies. This is a pretty pedestrian “look”, I wanted to be smart and also try out my nice new top from ASOS which I got as a result of a sale splurge. Most of it didn’t look right so got sent back, hehe. I hate myself but I love the Primark bag – I’m hoping that I can cart my proper camera around with me so I can get properly nice pictures for the blog at some point. Fingers crossed…

Yesterday's make up, greasy hair... My @cultofcali jumper makes up for it tho. #ootd #plussize #fatshion #psbloggers

Dress: New Look Inspire
Jumper: Cult of California
Ring: David Bowie Is… exhibition (it broke after I took this pic!)
Necklace: Primark

Hello all, I hope you’re well? I’m off to Portugal this week with my pals for Optimus Primavera (I really have to concentrate to not type Optimus PRIME-avera) Sound festival. I ARE EXCITE. Gonna drink port, eat francesinha and if I don’t die from those, see some of my favourite bands. Yay. Let’s hope the weather is a bit better than my holiday in Spain last year, at least.

I also wanted to say thanks for the amazing and thoughtful comments on my last entry. It’s been great to hear your stories, even though some have made me angry that Charlotte’s isn’t an isolated case, but more a systematic failing in the fashion industry. But thankfully, there IS a happy ending! Charlotte got to show her collection, and the models (including some plus size fashion bloggers you know and love) looked wonderful. I really can’t wait to buy some of the designs!

It’s been a while since I did an outfit post, but in the meantime I’ve been making use of my new bedroom mirror to instagram OOTDs before I head off to work! Most of you probably already follow me there, but in case anyone missed them, here’s what I’ve been wearing lately.

Today's dress. See, I don't just wear outfits on the blog once ;) #ootd #fatshion #plussize

Dress: Simply Be (2012)
Belt: Evans (2011)

Nice thing about having a massive mirror - more frequent outfit documentation. #fatshion

Dress: Lovedrobe 2011

Friday's outfit #ootd #plussize #fatshion

Top: Primark (2012)
Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins (2012)
Skirt: Forever 21+

Monday - keeping this chiffon skirt down in the wind is gonna be HELL. #ootd #fatshion #plussize

Dress: Ax Paris Curve* (2012)
Cardigan: Torrid* (2011)
Necklace: Accessorize* (2011)

Unintentionally matching my #ootd to my bedroom #fatshion #plussize

Dress: Yours Clothing (2011)
Necklace: not sure as it was a birthday present in 2012
Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins (2012)

Wearing a skirt under this dress to combat the wind #ootd #fatshion #plussize

Dress: Yours Clothing* (2012)
Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins (2012)
Necklace: Tatty Devine*

Not sure if bopping so wearing my comic skirt instead :) #ootd #fatshion #plussize

Top: ASOS (2012)
Skirt: Primark
Necklace: Queer Riot

Plain #ootd from me today #fatshion #plussize

Top: ASOS (2012)
Skirt: Forever 21+
Necklace: Tatty Devine (2012 sample sale)

Lazy Sunday #ootd - love my sundress from Very last year. #fatshion #plussize

Dress: South by Very (bought in the January sale as it’s from last summer’s collection)
Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins (2012)

PHEW! Maybe I’ll do weekly round ups to spare you all. I’m not sure how I’d even describe my style, it’s a bit safe – pretty dress, black cardi. Maybe I’ll take some more risks this summer…

So Fabulous Event

This is my fashion face. Also, holy eyebags, Batman.

Dress: Simply Be*
Boots: Evans
Hair clip: “vintage” (aka I bought it when I was kid and it magically hasn’t managed to get lost since 1995)

So Fabulous Event

See, I DO laugh!

For Littlewoods” So Fabulous event all about their autumn/winter plus size fashion, I wore my favourite new dress. I’ve put it in a separate post because I always feel it’s a bit rude to talk about a rival in a post about a brand event? I dunno. ~Blogging politics, haha! This dress was given to me, although not for a review or anything – when I was in Manchester for a meeting about my dress (save your pennies for June 14th, peeps) they let us take something home. I was completely in love with this and had planned to buy it anyway so I was cheeky and went for it. I’ve worn it more times than I can count, and, even though I’m not particularly shapely I love how I look and feel in it. Other lovely bloggers like Sian and Rosie have worn it and look gorgeous, too!

You know why I love this dress so much? All it is is a basic shirt dress, with a couple of bits missing. But those cut outs make all the difference. It adds character. It’s a talking point. It’s the kind of dress you’d find in any young fashion boutique – but it’s plus size.

My beloved Evans boots, after three trips to the menders have finally retreated into that shoe shop in the sky. Parting was such sweet sorrow, but at least the sun’s out now and I can wear pumps.

Also, I really need to sort my hair out. If anyone has ideas for a hair makeover, I’d love to hear it!