Well, that whole “hey I’m back blogging” thing lasted, didn’t it? Since my last post things have gotten quite hectic in all areas of my life, plus a lack of internet meant Pocket Rocket had to take a back seat.

However as of yesterday I am fully wi-fi-ed up, and I can finally get back to bloggin’ business! First up: my take on New Look Inspire’s floral trend, with pics taken by one of my best pals and now housemate, Charlotte!

flowerpower valencia

Image: Me, wearing a leather jacket, black and white floral shift dress, red shoes and a chartreuse handbag, standing in front of trees. It’s all very green.

: Ax Paris via New Look Inspire*
Headband: ASOS
Necklace: a birthday gift from many moons ago
Shoes: Primark (again, many moons ago now)
Jacket: Forever Unique
Bag: Pieces via ASOS (2013)

flowerpower xproII 2

Image: me, as before, this time sans jacket! You can see my heart headband a little better here!

flowerpower xproII

Image: Me, with the outfit as in picture one. This time I have my hand on my hip and am pulling a silly face. BECAUSE I’M HILARIOUS.

New Look have been looking to bloggers for ways to style their spring looks, and I was given florals. I actually went for something less like my usual style – I was tempted to go full on romantic but I thought, why not try to do something a smidge different? Florals don’t necessarily mean “pretty”, and can even be kinda badass depending on your take on it.

Browing the dress section for the millionth time, I loved this 60s vs 90s shift dress. In person it’s really sweet and fits well (I got the size 22), however the length might not be as kind on those of you who are taller, which is a real shame. The armholes are also very big, but I find that with almost every plus size top/dress ever, so have gotten used to it over the years. If you’re between sizes I’d advise sizing up as it’s a thin cotton material and so doesn’t stretch.

I was hoping the sun would be out so I could wear some snazzy sunglasses, but alas the weather just didn’t wanna play ball. Harrumph!

There are some other dresses that I totally love, especially this one which I’m still hunting in my size – one day!

Thank you my lovelies, let me know what you think! xx


Image: Me in my garden wearing a black dungaree dress, blue top underneath, red shoes and a red shoe necklace

Dress: ASOS Curve
Top: ASOS Curve
Necklace: Birthday present (but it’s from Tatty Devine)
Shoes: Peacocks (years ago)
Glasses: Specsavers*

Hi all! I hope you’ve all been well? These photos were taken a while ago but I’ve not had time to update until now! The past week has been slightly hectic (by my standards, anyway), so I’ve celebrated today by doing absolutely nothing.  It’s great!


Image: me, as before, in a slightly different pose (looking down instead of at the camera)

I know everyone has been going absolutely mad for dungarees lately – something I didn’t think I’d ever find myself wearing again, because as you probably know I don’t EVER wear jeans (or indeed anything denim) any more. So when I saw mentions of a dungaree dress my thought process was pretty much “oh I’ll go onto ASOS and have a look and s- OH MY GOD THAT IS SO CUTE I HAVE TO BUY IT CLICK CHECKOUT MINE YAY”

I also checked out with this gorgeous blue broderie anglaise crop top, as I thought they’d go excellently together. I wasn’t wrong: they arrived, I tried them on, ripped out the tags and went straight to work.

I love it when a plan comes together, don’t you?


Image: a close up of my glasses and ruby slippers necklace on a black lattice iron table. I really should remember to clean my things before photographing them.

Of course, I have to chat about my lovely new glasses! I was very fortunate to get whisked off to my local Specsavers for a pair of specs to review, and I plumped for these gorgeous Red or Dead ones – though I came very close to purchasing these bad boys, and might well do later on. I loved my last pair dearly but they got quite badly scratched, and I love how much softer theese new ones are. So hooray, thank you, Specsavers!

Clarks boots

A shot of my new ankle length chelsea boots. I’m in the middle of a messy bedroom – sorry!

Shoes: Clarks*

So after the dress of my dreams come the boots: a small heel, mock suede chelseas. I first spied these on my friend Carmen and eagerly questioned her where they were from. Imagine my shock when she said Clarks! I know that Clarks have been more style-conscious of late, but I’d always found them out of my budget so never really looked.

I’d planned on getting myself a pair when I got paid (and back from holiday!), but as luck would have it I was contacted by the lovely people at MyVoucherCodes asking if I wanted to review a pair. I don’t talk about how I use them but I’ve used the site for a long time – there’s always an amazing bargain to be had on there when it comes to clothes so it’s always worth checking it out before you buy something in case there’s a discount on there. Obviously, I couldn’t say no. And I tell you what, they are glorious!

Clarks boots

Same mess, same boots – now with added blur!

I got a size 61/2E and they fit like a dream. The shoes are £59.99, but at the moment you can get them for 20% off with one of the Clarks discount codes – £12 in this case, making them under 50 quid. And the thing with Clarks is, you know they’re great quality and will last. So expect to see them very often over the winter!

Oh I have to say – they’re also available in zebra print. I think I might have to go there…

lovedrobe review two

Image: Me (short, brunette, pale white skin) stands in a cream & black room wearing a wine and black dress with glasses & leopard print shoes.

Dress: Lovedrobe*
Necklace: Primark
Shoes: Linzi
Ring: Chubby Cartwheels
Belt: Evans
Glasses: London Retro*

lovedrobe review two

Image: me, as before, in a different pose

Hello lovelies! This is another review post, as due to a delay earlier in the year Lovedrobe said I could choose two items. This is from their Koko range, which is stocked at New Look. I love all the wine and berry tones of autumn so I had to choose this dress, and it’s just gorgeous. I have no problems with it! It’s going to get so much wear, I know it! The dress isn’t on site yet, but it will be soon. You can also keep an eye out for Lovedrobe and Koko at One Stop Plus, Evans and House of Fraser.

lovedrobe review two

And another pose. I love this posing lark, clearly.

Hope you’re well my dears, and speak soon!

Lovedrobe work

Image: Me (short, fat, brunette, glasses & freckles) wearing a dress with a cream long sleeved blouse and a black pleated skirt, standing with one hand on my hip and smiling.

Dress: Lovedrobe*
Glasses: Glasses Direct*
Necklace: Wee Sparrow
Shoes: Primark

Hello peeps! I hope you’re all very well? Look, it’s me again, and this time I’m smiling. Now you can see why I don’t do it very often, haha.

It’s not intentional that it’s taken me this long to photograph an outfit – have you missed me? I assumed I’d snap what I was wearing before leaving for work every day, but as you can imagine the snooze button manages to get in the way of that. Indeed, this is a recreation of what I wore for my first day in my new job! I’d been told it was “smart casual” but went for smart, just in case. I’ve relaxed a lot since then though.

Lovedrobe work

Image: Me, as before, with me swirling the skirt. And still smiling!

This dress was one of two gifts from the lovely people at Lovedrobe. I was really excited when they offered as I’d literally spent the whole summer swooning over their dresses without the money to buy, so snapped them right up! This dress is in a 22/24, and feels lovely and breezy. My only gripe is the sleeves: they’re too long for my short arms which got a bit annoying by the end of the day, but I may take the wrists in.

What do you reckon, folks? To smile or not to smile?

*I’ve seen it on other blogs and it seems an easy way to identify things that were gifted. So if you see this it means it was sent for review!

A photo of me (short, fat, pale caucasian, brunette hair) stands facing the camera in a black dress with white spots and red flower prints, bare legs and black ankle boots.

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great week. It’s been really interesting reading your entries to the Volup2 competition and you’ve said some lovely things on my 3rd birthday post so thank you! I pick the winners (competitions 1 – 9 will be picked at random, the Volup2 winner will be chosen by me and Diana) on Sunday afternoon, so make sure your name’s down if you want to win.

A slightly overdue review item from me today. I’d had my eye on this dress for a while from Yours Clothing. As you may know I used to work for them, and my old boss there said they’d send me something as a treat (I know, I’m lucky!) and of course I asked for this!

Image: Me, as before, in a slightly different pose – this time with my hand on my hip.

Dress: courtesy of Yours Clothing
Boots: New Look
Necklace: Tatty Devine
Ring: Eddy & Bri

 I was forewarned that the dress runs very small – I was advised to size up twice, so I tentatively took a size 24. I find it a teensy bit snug around the bottom, but that’s ok. I really like the look, although I prefer it without the belt (the belt does fit though!) but that might be because I’m feeling a bit anti-belts at the minute. God, my legs are so pale they’re borderline blue!

My only fault with the dress is that the lining is rather short, so I do worry about flashing my bum a little – especially as I’ve stopped wearing bike shorts as I finally got round to buying Secret Shield and it’s as good as everyone says.

I really do adore the dipped back dresses though, so thanks everyone at Yours for letting me have this! If you fancy it, it’s currently in the Yours sale, although it looks like it’s selling pretty fast!

Thanks loves, and I’ll see you soon.

Ax Paris

A photo of me (short, fat, brunette, pale skin) wearing a dress with a lemon print top and flouncy black bottom with heeds and red lipstick.

Dress: Courtesy of Ax Paris
Shoes: New Look
Necklace: Tatty Devine
Headband: Primark

Hello! Hope you’re all really well and having a good weekend!

The lovely people at Ax Paris kindly sent me this dress to review on the blog, and really all I can say is that I love it! I wasn’t sure whether the yellow of the lemons would suit my skin tone, but it actually works really well. The skirt is beautiful – a myriad of chiffon layers. I feel like a princess in it! A word on sizing: I got this in a size 22, but I find the cut rather generous, and probably could have sized down. I think if you’re busty then stick with your normal size if you want some more coverage.

Now I need somewhere fancy to wear it to – anyone wanna take me to dinner at a nice restaurant? Haha.


Dress: courtesy of Simply Be
Shoes: New Look
Hairband: courtesy of Accessorize

Hello lovelies! Just a super quick outfit post from me today – this is what I wore to the lovely wedding of Alice and Tim on Friday evening! The dress was sent to me to be included in the Volup2 shoot by Simply Be, but it arrived too late. However I loved it so much they let me keep it! How nice is that?

The dress is beautiful, it’s cream georgette with tiny silver beads that drape across the front. It reminds me of a 1920’s flapper dress – the straight up and down silhouette, ending below the knee… While not necessarily “flattering”, it is definitely authentic – and because the wedding was a vintage inspired affair I thought it was only right!

It was a really lovely evening, the bride looked gorgeous of course, and there was some great music, although I fluffed up a bit when it was my turn to DJ as I’m a bit rusty! Here are some photos I took on my phone…

So cute #widgerbennett

Caaaake! #widgerbennett

Cutting the caaaaaake :) #widgerbennett

Gorgeous, huh? Until next time, peeps! x

Simply Be Car dress

Car Print Dress: Simply Be (sent for review)
Shoes: Grazia at Simply Be (gifted)
Belt: Evans
Petticoat: Domino Dollhouse
Ring: Domino Dollhouse
Necklace: Tatty Devine

Simply Be Car dress

I have been a very, very lucky girl of late. First of all, I was able to keep some of the items worn on the Volup2 shoot, which included these gorgeous coral heels from Simply Be. And then, I was also sent an item of my choice to review on the blog. What I chose was a no brainer; my favourite summer collection was Prada by far, awash with hot rods and bad girls from the 50’s, and like many others I nearly wept with joy when I saw Simply Be‘s take on it. That a plus size car print dress has been brought out, in season, is pretty astounding to be honest with you. Only a few months ago I was lamenting how long us chubsters are made to wait for key fashion items to trickle down to us, so it’s definitely heartening to see such a fast turn around. Small wonder it’s being snapped up in droves!

I didn’t want to overpower the dress, so aside from my kitsch jewellery and a petticoat to give some extra poof, I kept it plain. As for the sizing, I felt this was truer to size than most Simply Be items which tend to be very generous. I ordered a 20 so it would be very fitted in the bodice, to help with that 50’s fit and flare. The material isn’t stretchy either, so if you have a larger bust I’d suggest going up a size. My only niggles were being a short-arse who likes short-ish skirts, a few inches lopped off would be great (however the taller amongst you want a few inches added!) and that I would have loved to see a pastel version available. That said, the royal blue is amazing, and so striking!

I’ve already worn this out a few times, and I expect I’ll be wearing it all summer long. I’m just so happy it’s been made! Will you be buying this? Can’t wait to see it on my fellow bloggers!


Sailor dress & hat: Courtesy of Joker’s Masquerade
Shoes: Primark

Now, I don’t know about you but half the time I look at fancy dress costumes I think they’re game for day wear. Especially the sailor ones! What can I say, I love a bit of kitsch. I’ve posted about my fancy dress escapades before, although they were all cobbled together myself (as was my Hamburglar outfit at Burger Queen). So when I was asked by Joker’s Masquerade if I wanted to test run one of their new plus size fancy dress costumes, I jumped at the chance!

I chose the Shipmate Cutie dress in 3X/4X – I’d seen it before and had promised myself I’d get it if I had any fancy dress parties coming up. It’s super cute – I love the detailing of the buttons, rope belt and bow. It’s a halterneck, with the sailor collar covering the top of your back. The hat is included also. It’s so, so so cute!

The only issue is that it is very tight, more than I was expecting as it is supposed to fit up to a size 26. I think it will though, because the material is very stretchy and being a halterneck gives more space. The skirt is flared too, so even though the bodice is very fitted on me my hips are concealed! It does also come up quite short, but considering this is more of a “boudoir” outfit I can understand that.

I’m really pleased that there are more plus size fancy dress options here in the UK now, and I’ll definitely be buying from Joker’s Masquerade again. Thanks guys!