My lovelies! I hope you are all well and good, yes?

OH MY GOD. So. All of you who talk to me via twitter or tumblr probably know that for months now I’ve been in the grip of an all-consuming obsession of the book series A Song of Ice and Fire, aka Game of Thrones on HBO/Sky Atlantic, to the point of being a bit pathetic. I’m currently halfway through the final book, and tonight in the US is the series 2 finale. Meep!

The really cool thing about the GoT/ASOIAF fandom is that even though the books and show are mostly set in an English medieval inspired land (as well as lands inspired by ancient civilisations in Europe and Africa), a few sites have popped up dedicated to interpreting modern fashions as potential looks for the characters. It started with What Would Khaleesi Wear, which is all about Danaerys Targaryen (she’s in my next post!), followed by Game of Style which matches haute couture looks to all characters from the series. It’s basically amazing. So, as an excuse to revel in geekery, I’ve decided to do a plus size version! Here’s part one: the women from the north of Westeros. Enjoy!

FYI: I’ve kept the post itself spoiler free, however there may be spoilers in the comments.

Sansa Stark – Winterfell


Dress: Re/Dress NYC
Pink Faux Fur vest: Navabi
Fox Fur coat: Madison Avenue Mall
Ankle Boots: Schuh
Wolf Locket Necklace: Etsy
Faux Rabbit Fur Muff: Etsy
Posie Ribbon Headpiece: Tatty Devine

Asha Greyjoy/Yara – The Iron Islands 



Wet Look Leggings: 17 Sundays
Black Scuba Peplum Top: New Look Inspire
Chain Detail Boots: Simply Be
Black & Purple Tentacle Gauges (with fake gauge available): Etsy
Giant Squid/Kraken Pendant: Richard Geib at Etsy
Studded Skinny Waist Belt: ASOS Curve

Catelyn Stark, nee Tully – Winterfell (formerly of Riverrun)


Fish Necklace: Forever 21
Dress: Manon Baptiste at Navabi
Boots: Simply Be
Faux Fur Coat: ASOS Curve
Leather Gloves: Cacharel
Feather Headband: Bijou Bijoux
Beaded Earrings: Evans

Arya Stark – Winterfell


Jacket: Carmakoma
Trousers: Carmakoma
Howling Wolf Ring: ASOS
Shoes: My Habit
Cropped Sweater: Maxima via Navabi
Wolf Pendant: Maggie Angus via ASOS
Shirt:  Yppig via Navabi

Alayne Stone – The Fingers


Dress with Belt: ASOS Curve
Wedge Courts: Dune
Mockingbird Pendant: Etsy
Coat: Simply Be
Bag: Mulberry “Del Ray”
Rabbit Fur Scarf: The Outnet

SPOILER: (highlight to read) the difference between this outfit and Sansa’s one just kills me. My bb :'( 

Ygritte – The Free Folk beyond The Wall


Faux Fur Coat: ASOS Curve
Jumper: Studio via Navabi
Brass Skull and Leather Bracelet Pack: ASOS
Bone Necklace: Etsy
Trousers: Studio via Navabi
Boots: One Stop Plus
Rabbit Fur Lined Gloves: Not on the High Street 

The Night’s Watch – The Wall


Jumper: Isolde Roth via Navabi
Faux Fur Jacket: Damn You Alexis
Crow Skull Ring: Bad Passion
Leather Biker Trousers: La La Belle
Shearling Cuff Gloves: Ugg via ASOS
Boots: Duo
Leather Front Belt: La La Belle
Long Fingerless Gloves: Isolde Roth via Navabi

PHEW! I hope you like. I’m compiling outfits for the rest of the women in the series: Cersei, Danaerys, Arianne, Melisandre, Brienne and Margaery. So stay tuned! Also, if you like real life version of fictional character outfits, do check out Rai’s blog. She has some awesome interpretations of characters like Ramona Flowers and various Avengers. So good.

Do let me know what you think in the comments! Would you wear any of these outfits? What’s your favourite? WHO is your favourite?

skater dress

Dress: Simply Be
Jacket: (review here)
Belt: Evans
Rings: Domino Dollhouse
Boots: Evans
Necklace: Accessorize (from a 2011 press day)
Glasses: Courtesy of Glasses Direct

Hello my lovelies! Hope you had a good weekend. Just a quick outfit post from me featuring my new favourite dress. I’m a real weakling for skater dresses, and I’d been hankering after something minty for ages – yes, I love spring/summer’s pastels, so sue me – and this dress fit the bill perfectly.

skater dress

Initially I worried whether I would wear this biker jacket much once I reviewed it, but actually it’s become one of my most worn items. I love it! Even my mum tried it on and she looks amazing in it – just wish she’d have let me take a photo!

Plus London Two was wonderful. So many great bloggers, Anna Scholz and Simply Be especially were so accommodating. Claire did a brilliant, brilliant job.

But I need a breather. I need to practice some self care, and I can’t do it while being engaged with plus size fashion and blogging right now.

Take care of yourselves, peeps. xx


Image: Me (short, fat, white-skinned, brunette) stands wearing a faux leather biker jacket, leopard print skirt and boots with my bed and coats hanging on the door behind me.

PU Biker Jacket: So Fabulous! by Very (gifted for review)
Leopard Skirt: ASOS Curve
Boots: Evans
Glasses: Glasses Direct (also gifted)
Black Jumper: Peacocks
Turquoise Fake Fur Collar (below): ASOS

Could I look any more miserable?! Oh dear. I was actually rather happy when taking these photos as well!

I’ve been attempting to cut down on reviewing items because I feel guilty, but certain people I just can’t say no to! I’ve been a massive fan of Very for years and years – I think at one point at least half my wardrobe was from them. I’ve gone backwards and forwards on their plus size range, So Fabulous, over the years but recently it’s taken a turn for the better. They got in touch and offered me an item to review, and I chose to indulge  in this lovely faux leather biker jacket.


Image: me, as before in the same place and same clothes, with an added turquoise fake fur collar

Biker jackets have been one of those things that I resisted for a long time before finally thinking it was something I could wear! I first started seeing them on uber scenesters about four years ago but never thought it’d be for me, but I’ve since had a change of heart. I’m glad I waited because honestly, this jacket is pretty damn lovely! It’s buttery soft and so warm – even warmer than my coat! – and there is so much detail which you don’t normally get on plus size items. I got a 22 even though my size is more of a 24 now, and it fits perfectly. Having read the reviews on their site, a couple of people had problems with it fitting right on a large bust, but as I don’t have that problem it sits really well. The only snag, literally, was a couple of loose threads. That’s it! And I can snip those off no problem. So yes, I’m a very happy customer!

For those of you not in the UK, they recently opened up so you’ll be able to shop from the US, as well!

As well as the So Fabulous range, I’ve also bought and worn a lot of items from South (up to UK24) and Love Label (up to UK20). Very do have a lot of celebrity and designer collections in their straight size range, and I’d love to see a plus size collaboration at some point – maybe they can take in Beth Ditto?

Gok Wan for Simply Yours launch

Instagram photo of one of the lingerie rails, including body slips in white and blossom print, cream lace and black lace.

Well, my last and final event in the fortnight of madness was quite a special one. Because I got to bring my mum! The reason why was because it was to launch Gok Wan’s seventh underwear season for Simply Yours, and he was going to be there.

My own opinion of Gok has chopped and changed over the years, like the English weather – in fact I’ve even scolded him on here in the past for his emphasis on shapewear – but ultimately I do always come back to thinking his heart’s in the right place, certainly more than other style “gurus”. And he just seems so lovely! So in the end, I was just as excited as my mum, haha.

Gok Wan for Simply Yours launch

Instagram photo of pink satin shapewear on a rail.

One thing I’ve never, ever been able to fault Gok with is his lingerie range, though. It’s always had the most gorgeous retro feel, incredibly sexy and luxurious. I own three bras, knickers, and a slip by him and it’s incredibly likely I’ll be buying more.

Gok Wan for Simply Yours launch

Image: A promo poster on the floor featuring a model in the blossom basque & stockings with Gok's signature.

The AW collection was in the same vein, this time with a pretty and dainty blossom print motif, as well as lace bodysuits and sportier sets. Crucially, there are items included that aren’t about shaping, smoothing or hiding any of your body. I think that’s a great move! I believe they’ve stopped the A cup which is sad, but I’ll still be snapping up the pink/champagne options as they’re far too pretty to ignore!

Gok Wan for Simply Yours launch

Image: A selection of Gok's shapewear in black and pink hang on a rail, with a promotional poster standing underneath.

Everyone in attendance was so friendly, and I got to catch up with Gemma and met the lovely Faashion Espresso. I did get a little bit of The Fear, so I nosied around the rails and then left. I got to speak to Gok for a wee while though, and he was just a really lovely guy – pretty much exactly as he is on screen. He introduced himself to me and my mum, which made her day! So, thank you Simply Yours for inviting me, and for letting my mum get to meet Gok! Although, my #1 style guru is still Miranda… haha!

I just can’t bring myself to write up fully about the day. It’s been over a week now, and on top of tying up loose ends and working 12 hour days, I just don’t have the brain capacity to do it justice. But at the same time I won’t be able to make another post on here if I don’t talk about it. So I’ll keep it brief, and I better get the negative stuff out the way first. I’ll keep it to its own post, so it’s out there, out of the way, and then I can concentrate on the positives, of which there were many!

There’s been some talk about this so I have to clear things up: Evans and Style369 didn’t sponsor the event – but please, please don’t bitch about it. It was 100% my fault that it didn’t happen. Both brands had no option but to pull out of their sponsorship after I made derogatory comments about Philip Green on twitter. They were planning to be much more involved and looked forward to meeting everyone, however it was due to my motormouth and lack of thought, when I know if I’d gone straight to them with my concerns they’d have answered me. But I didn’t, and as the biggest orchestrator of the meet up they just couldn’t be seen to endorse my views, and I absolutely accept that. I guess I’ve learned that when you have a platform, no matter how small, you don’t have the luxury of shooting your mouth off without consequences, and I’m just so sorry that because of me everyone else missed out.

As a side note, I feel like a hypocrite for getting in trouble complaining about store closures when the company I work for, Yours, are also closing shops around the country – and I am not at all happy about that, either. I suppose the difference is I’ve been able to tell Andrew (owner of Yours) face to face why I feel so strongly that it’s wrong, whereas I just resorted to the internet for other companies I don’t work for. I’m not going to lie, the drama did put a dampener on the event and has made me question whether I want to keep blogging in a personal capacity, especially now that I’ve been “bought”. I’m still not sure what my final answer is. But anyway. I am sorry. I think Evans/Style369 will be creating events of their own to get bloggers involved, so hopefully it won’t be too much of an opportunity that I ruined.

Thanks so much for all your positive comments regarding the size debate bingo, and for retweeting and posting to your tumblrs! Hope it managed to help you not leave fashion forums with a bad taste in your mouths.

As some of you may be aware, it’s been quite cold in England of late. Like everyone else I cheerfully opened my wardrobe to grab some jumpers and was confronted with a summers’ worth of cotton dresses. Not good. My answer? I doubled up, using this jumper dress which is now a bit too short for me to wear alone:

Black jumper dress: Dorothy Perkins (18)
Cotton flower dress: Evans (20)
Shooties: New Look (6 EE)

silly pose

action shot!

Not included are my wellies, which are a bit gothtastic, embarrassingly.


Courtesy of Yatzer, here is one of shoe designer Andreia Chaves latest concept designs: the invisible shoe. As some people have commented these are not for the superstitious – nor for the knickerless – but damn would I like these on my feet!

Reckon they’ll do ’em in a size 6 EEE? ;)

I’d also like to thank Carmen for providing me with the blog title!

TRIGGER WARNING: I talk quite frankly about my body image and some of it is less than positive, which may be triggering. Reading back it’s also very heteronormative and written from a cis-gendered standpoint.

I was recently alerted to this fantastic artist through the Manolo for the Big Girl post about her etsy series, Lady At Large:

Unlike when I see a lot of plus models in fashion and art, I find these fat positive artworks very inspiring. For all my FA reading and acceptance, I still have this sort of cognitive dissonance about my own body. Especially where men are concerned. I can’t seem to reconcile the idea of my naked body with something straight men (especially straight men I find attractive) finds desirable. I just don’t believe it’s possible somehow, even though there’s plenty of evidence to the contrary.

For example: I’m big, I’m fat (using the word as a descriptor, not an insult), but I would never call myself curvy, or use words like voloptuous or buxom to describe my body. These words imply extra flesh but in two places only: tits and ass. Anywhere else is unacceptable according to conventional wisdom. And while I have a whole lot of ass, my breasts are almost non existent which is really hard when the last resort of sexual appeal for insecure fat women is, according to public discourse, their larger than average breasts. It’s like a case of constantly being told by the media and friends “well the rest of your body might fail society’s standards, but you can whack up that rack instead!” which is bad enough in itself. But I don’t even have that luxury, and sometimes if I’m really honest I feel, as someone cis-gendered, incomplete and less of a woman because of my (lacking) boobs. Mad, right? But sadly true. I certainly never manage to feel ‘sexy’ in any way.

So seeing my form like this, in a way that is celebrated, portrayed as desirable and womanly, is really quite empowering for me. In my head I like to believe I’m a combination of those two paintings above, haha. The first one is definitely my body twin, and that her body isn’t detrimental to her gorgeousness definitely offers me some hope.