It’s still being a pain in the arse, being poor. However, I try and grab some happiness where I can. Occasionally this means hastily throwing on dresses, taking pictures and running back out of the store before I let myself buy them:

Dorothy Perkins Oyster Sequin Shift – SO pretty. It was a little huggy around my middle but I actually didn’t mind, I felt that fabulous.

Dorothy Perkins Star Jumper – Really nice and snug, but the material was manmade and you could feel it. Cute, though!


Thanks for all your well wishes on the last post, it means a lot! I’ve actually had some good news today – I am now a temporary style advisor for my local Evans, YAY! Hopefully I’ll be able to set aside my earnings for Christmas presents and not spend it all abusing the staff discount… Wish me luck! ;)

Also, a little plug. I sometimes like to wax pretentiously about music, and my friend Tiffany has an awesome zine and lets me ramble on. The new issue is out now, and features a few reviews and also an interview with me for my band at the time! If anyone’s interested then do check it out here.

Hello everyone. Sorry the the blog fell into disrepair for a couple of days. I’ve been dealing with a family bereavement which was on the cards, but nonetheless very sad.

Anywho, this blog cheers me up so I’m going to update to take my mind off things!

I’ve been seeing a lot of big, slouchy jumpers around, most of them containing huge graphics and embellishments on which recalls the very worst of the 90’s. But it’s so cold here that I can’t help but find then incredibly appealing right now…

Left – Right: Evans, Evans (these have disappeared from the site, hopefully they’ll be back up soon!), Dorothy Perkins star jumper, Dorothy Perkins pink/black pattern jumper

Evans studded shoulder jumper, Dorothy Perkins red leopard jumper, Dorothy Perkins flame jumper (I want this more than anything!), Evans satin and sequins jumper dress

I’m just posting this as many places as I can! I’m clearing out some of my clothes that I don’t wear/bought and then had nowhere to wear them to, and I’m pretty broke at the moment. There’s some nice stuff, and it’s all been well looked after, I promise!

Check ’em out here.

Thanks peoples x

Hello! I’ve been super busy of late, unfortunately nothing to do with fashion. I’ve finally finished my album reviews for my friend Tiffany’s zine, Drunken Werewolf, so I am back to poring longingly over fashion week photos and adding plus size retailers’ awesome new looks to my winter wishlists! In the meantime, here’s a quickie outfit from Friday, featuring a new dress teamed with some old favourites:

Dress: Evans
Cardigan: Peacocks
Shoes: New Look
Bag: Primark

I finally caved and bought this dress after a whole summer of dithering, haha. Apparently I’m not the only one: check out the lovely Bloomie for her incredible take on it! I do love it, especially the length – though I can imagine a lot of taller women would have had to pass it up for the same reason, which is a shame. You know, I’m getting a bit sick of wearing that cropped cardigan, I admit it! It’s just that I’m not as far along on my body acceptance journey as I’d like, and the idea of going out in public with bare arms terrifies me. Ah well. My friend later tied the cardigan up at the back so it fitted as a shrug, though we didn’t have a camera by then!

Then we have the bag…

Oh dear. Seeing as the biker look is only fleeting (it looks like it’ll almost be gone by spring 2010) I didn’t feel like splashing out on expensive studded garments, so instead bought some pyramid studs for cheap on eBay and thought I’d do it DIY style. This bag had been languishing at the bottom of my drawer for years, so I thought it would be a decent practice run. Alas, my attempt at a heart shape didn’t exactly go to plan despite my methodical approach – it looks more like an arrowhead! But it’ll do for the time being. I just hope my sewing skills will fare better!

I’ve been featured at the excellent plus fashion blog Our Plus Style, along with Beth, Joy Nash and other very stylish ladies. Yay! I didn’t know of the blog before, but I love their polyvore sets…

Thanks Marieke!

…If any of you are members of the Fatshionista livejournal community and need some new dresses, I’m having a clearout! Clicky!

Since my introductory entry was a little on the dry side, I figured I should show my mug as soon as possible. Lucky you! A couple of months ago a friend of mine did a project on individual style for Platform Magazine. It featured pictures of people in their favourite outfits, followed by a few questions on where they shop, etc. Here is the picture used of me:

LBD: Additions Direct
Maribou feather stole:
Leopard print stack platforms: Linzi
Purple tights: Marks and Spencer

Choosing an outfit was initially difficult. As it stands my fashion sense is quite an emotional one, and thus my answer to the question “What’s your favourite outfit?” will differ depending on a variety of factors: what time I woke up, how my last date went, what film I watched last night, how long it’s been since my last chocolate bar and so on.

So after a while faffing and panicing about what I could wear that would reflect me and my sartorial tastes, I hit a brainwave. Instead of choosing an outfit that showcased merely one aspect of my look, I could pick out a variety of pieces that together would collude to that one elusive goal I have in mind while getting dressed: glamour, darling!

Ever since I started being more adventurous with my clothes, all I’ve ever asked for is a little glamour. It doesn’t matter how it presents itself. Obviously I don’t strut around in heels and feather stoles every day, but I always find a way to add a string of pearls, a diamante brooch or an ornamental hair grip to whatever I’m wearing. I never feel comfortable unless I’m slightly overdressed.

So… there you have it. Maybe the end result was terrible and I’m not even qualified to be a fashion blogger, I don’t know. What do you think? Is there one specific look you strive for – glamour, edginess, romance – no matter what?

And just how many blogs have begun with that particular pun, I wonder? Oh well. I’m here now, and that’s what counts I suppose! So… hello. I’m Lauren. I’m 25, I like cardigans, prom dresses and sci-fi. Usually at the same time. I live a little outside London, UK, which is nice. I’ve decided to finally take the plunge and start a little plus fashion blog!

Adding yet another plus size blog from my small corner or the globe has been on my agenda for a while, but laziness and shyness have usually prevailed until now. I’m not intending to keep up with the big guns or anything like that, but I’m looking forward to having a space that I can use to share my thoughts on all things fashion-plus. Especially now that more and more opportunities appear to be filtering through for us – what with the much-blogged Beth Ditto for Evans collection and the odd on trend pieces finding their way into stores such as Yours and Simply Be. Baby steps, but steps nonetheless, and that’s all the matters!