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Digital me in digital London

Well, in recent months I’ve found myself succumbing to the craze of the Kim Kardashian game app. It’s allowed me to explore the less earnest sides of myself, to put it lightly. I absolutely DID NOT DO THE HACK* meaning all my hard earned cash goes straight into funding my pixelated #luxurybitch lifestyle. I am everything I despise in real life: all I do is party, spend money and do photoshoots. I taxi/fly everywhere (UPDATE: since beginning this draft I have bought a private fucking jet!) with little regard for the environment. I own ghost apartments in cities around the world that I only inhabit every now again, and occasionally throw a party at (although Daniel, I always invite my urban planner friend, Ava. Gotta keep you guys on side). I have pets in some of them although I have no idea who looks after them when I’m not there. Pretty sure my version of Boo the dog in Miami is dead by now. Shit, even the fur collars I wear are probably real. I didn’t ask. I just dropped those K-coins like they were pennies in a jar!

But hey, at least I’m not Willow Pape.

I’ve even got a husband! Picked up either in a club in Vegas or a restaurant in Paris, I dunno where. Sometimes I put hipster glasses on him and hate myself for it because really, I probably do want a hot hipster douchebag with chiseled cheekbones and NHS specs who says shit like this IRL:

me and my digital husband

*digitally swoons*

But, back to the most important (IMPORTANT!) aspect of the game: those clothes. They’re pretty sweet. Handily, there’s no diversity in body type in the game: you’re automatically given one of those pesky athletic-yet-booby ones, which means unlike in real life, everything fits! That last sentence was presented entirely without comment, by the way.

Guess what though: I only went and found some actual clothes that evoke the clothes from the game – and in plus sizes! Are you ready?

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood dress vs similar dress from Boohoo

Bodycon dress on the right by Boohoo.

Kim Kardashian taupe and lace dress vs pink and lace dress by Boohoo

This is a little bit inverted, lace-wise. Although in my humble opinion the real life version by Boohoo is actually nicer!

Kim K game grecian dress on the left, and a similar real life version on the right

The colour of this Little Mistress gown is more of a royal blue than the game’s green, but it’s still pretty lovely.

Kim K game red and black strapless dress on the left, real life outfit on the right

I am SO in love with this Boohoo bustier even though I don’t really have the ta-tas to fill it paired with a red PVC pencil skirt? Not for the faint hearted!

Black lace bodycon Kim K game dress on the left, with a real version on the right

To be fair, there are hundreds of versions of this dress online – especially when you discounted the floral lace. But I like this one from ASOS – and the model is making the same pose! (I taught her everything she knows.)

Kim K version of Willow Pape's white and coral dress on the left, with a real version on the right

So you really want to dress like Willow Pape, huh? Honestly. Look how mad I am at having to wear her shitty dress! But if needs must, Boohoo’s got it. The skirt is a darker colour than Willow’s coral but, given Pape’s a bit of a lush, the actual dress is likely covered in merlot stains anyway.

So there you go: you too can be a vacuous and well dressed celebrity! Anyway, must dash, have so many parties to attend and dates at expensive restaurants with husband.

Shame they’re all pixelated.


*I totally did

Hey peeps! Thanks for all your lovely comments over the weekend. I hope you’ve had a great one!

As those of you in the UK know our summer has been very much a washout so far, with everyone wrapping up as though it’s the middle of November instead of July. But at last the sun has come out, and summer is officially Back On. For now, at least. Along with digging out our insect repellent, sunscreen and Piriton, one way we can protect ourselves in a genuinely stylish way is with our trusty sunglasses.

I bloody LOVE sunglasses. I have a collection of about 15 pairs, and the kookier the better in my opinion! That said, my most used pair is a prescription lens DKNY from many years ago – you can see them here. I got them as a tribute to Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and they’ve lasted so well.

My holiday in Spain is two months away, and in anticipation I’ve been looking around for potential new sunnies to splurge on. Wanna see my faves?


An image of various pairs of sunglasses on a white background.

1. First up, I love the twee gingham style D&G sunglasses from their SS12 collection. Perfect for picnicing in the park, no?

2. For something a bit more glamorous, I love the sleek and clean, yet pampered look of Versace sunglasses.

3. Ah, Tom Ford and I are not friends. But, I do have a crush on his Nikita frames, especially in classic tortoiseshell.

4. We’ve all seen these on all the bloggers, but you can’t beat Prada’s “Baroque” sunglasses for kitsch and quirky goodness!

5. Last but not least, some classic Ray Ban glasses are the ultimate statement in retro cool.

The awesome thing about all of these is that you’re able to get them WITH prescription if you need to.

What do you think? Are you as sunglasses obsessed as I am? Let me know in the comments!

This post was kindly sponsored by Smart Buy Glasses but all words and opinions are my own. Thanks guys!

Hello my dears! I hope you’re all very well. I’m excited as it’s just 2 sleeps to Fattylympics! Arrrgh! And of course 2 sleeps to Plus North, too!

If you’ve been reading my blog since ye olde early days, you’ll remember that a lot of my early posts consisted of me in various dressing rooms, trying on clothes. I liked doing it because I thought it gave people overseas with similar bodies an idea of what the clothes they lusted after online would look like. But lately I’ve been more of a hermit, so haven’t done it for a while apart from the odd photo here and there, which I put on my facebook page.

But, last week I hung out with the lovely Hanna, spending a day at capitalist wet dream Westfield in Stratford, and so I tried on as much as I could – with pictures to prove it.


2012-06-28 13.16.12

As you might know, last year Primark extended their size range to 20, which was admittedly pretty cool. I’m too big for their fitted stuff, but their sundresses and anything stretchy is a yes. I loved this neoprene peplum top in chartreuse – total wrong colour for me, but I had to try!


2012-06-28 17.03.35

I saw this on the site and was ready to bankrupt myself (yeah, even H&M is too expensive for me now!) for their XL but of course it sold out in minutes. I was actually only showing pictures of Gabifresh in hers on my phone (god bless you, Flipboard) before we stumbled on it in store. The annoying thing about H&M is that they don’t stock their XLs in the shops (same as how Dorothy Perkins in/around London rarely stocks 22s)- this is an L so even tighter than it would have been! As a heads up, the Westfield H&M doesn’t stock their + range, either.


2012-06-28 17.31.07

This is a super cute sundress that’s so easy to wear, they also had a pink and orange version. (Size 3X)

2012-06-28 17.34.47

While this fits, I find the waistband is a bit too low for how I’d like. I think this is better if you have a bigger bust and lower waist. (Size 3X)

2012-06-28 17.39.14

I actually liked this a lot! I do worry about the crotch area riding up when wearing playsuits, but this would be SO nice on holiday! (Size 3X)

I’m impressed that Forever 21 stocks Forever 21+ in the Stratford store, small as the section is. I hope it makes money – Hanna bought an awesome jacket from them that day. The selection is decent although it concentrates on their casual items, rather than their stand out stuff. And of course, the 3X is the largest size. I’d love to see them increase this over time.


2012-06-28 17.59.15

I’d been lusting after this for months – there was one left in an 18, so I tried it – it did fit, although I found it wasn’t as “WOW!” on me as I’d expected which is a shame.

2012-06-28 18.01.35

Again I desperately wanted this lace skater dress, too. The blue is STUNNING, so rich in real life. I tried a 24 as that’s the only size they had in the shop and it’s definitely too big, but because it’s fairly stretchy I reckon if you’re usually a size 26, you could definitely wear this.

2012-06-28 18.03.24

This was cute. As you know I’m a sucker for dresses with cute prints! I tried this in a 22 and it was so roomy, sizing down once or even twice wouldn’t have been a problem.

2012-06-28 18.05.21

This dress (currently only a tenner!) is the same shape as the famous bird print dress loads of us ran out to buy at the beginning of the year. I tried it in a 22 and it was a perfect fit. It’s a light jersey so really nice and easy to wear if the summer ever decides to come back.

2012-06-28 18.08.23

You know, I thought this was gonna look terrible on me, but it doesn’t does it? I was so pleasantly surprised! (Size 22)

2012-06-28 18.11.00

Look, I can smile and pull wacky faces in my photos! This actually isn’t from the Inspire range, although they do have a similar one, but this is a size 18 from their maternity range. And it’s MASSIVE! It could easily fit someone bigger than I. So do make sure to have a look around.

I’m really pleased New Look have Inspire at their Stratford store. I know the team have been working really hard to improve the range, although not without sacrifices – they’ve downsized the size range and taken the sections out of my own local stores, which is really upsetting – and I can definitely see a difference. That said, I found the Inspire section a bit too nondescript – the majority on show was their casual wear. I’d have loved to see some of their really striking options proudly displayed! I also imagined they’d have stocked their brands, such as Koko or Ruby’s Closet but alas that wasn’t the case. But as you can see, I managed to find the most clothes in New Look to try on, so well done guys!

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Do let me know if it’s helped you in any way – or even if you think it’s a waste of my time! Before I go, I have to link to Valerie’s post about plus size shopping in London, and how plus size sections are being taken off the shelves. As someone who much prefers to try before they buy, I find it really annoying.

Hello everyone! Well, you loved my Game of Thrones fashion post didn’t you? I’m so pleased you liked it! Of course, there are lots more female characters in the books. Here are some characters I love, and I’ve tried to do modern but faithful interpretations of their fashions in plus sizes. I’m not sure these are as good as my first, but I hope you enjoy anyway. Here we go…

Arianne Martell – Princess of Dorne

arianne martell plus size

Chiffon Beach Cover UpMonif C
Scarf Wedges: ASOS
Coiled snake necklace: Bad Passion
Deco sun ring: House of Harlow
Gold & Blue Sun Necklace: Yours Clothing
Gold & Blue Sun Earrings: Yours Clothing

 Danaerys Targaryen – The Dothraki Sea, Meereen

danaerys targaryen plus size
Chain Detail Dress: Lovedrobe
Gold & Silver Sandals: ASOS
Dragon Ear Cuff: Marty Magic at Etsy
Dragon Scale Gauntlets: Crystalsidyll at Etsy
Gold Bug Buckle Belt: ASOS Curve
Dragon Ring: Professor Sprocket at Etsy
Headdress: Jenny Packham

Margaery Tyrell – Highgarden

margaery tyrell plus size
Cropped Floral Blazer: ASOS Curve
Floral Lantern Skirt: ASOS Curve
Mint Lace Peplum top: Simply Be
Floral Crown: The Glitter Thread
Flower Jewel Drop Earrings: ASOS
Sunglasses: Irregular Choice
Floral Bib Necklace: Forever 21
Heels: Mel at New Look

Brienne of Tarth – The Stormlands

brienne of tarth plus size
Trousers: Carmakoma
Waxed Nubuck Leather Boots: Duo
Sand & Brown Batik Dyed Blouse: Yppig via Navabi
Armour Necklace & Earrings: Domino Dollhouse
Medieval Knight Ring: Bad Passion
Moon & Star Necklace: Net á Porter
Buckle Clutch Bag: Alexander Wang

Cersei Lannister – Casterly Rock

cersei lannister plus size
Red & Gold Shift Dress: Elena Miró at Navabi
Skull & Stud Heels: Alexander McQueen
Lion Door Knocker Necklace: Susan Caplan Vintage at ASOS
Ruby & Emerald Lion Ring: Etsy
Green & Gold Feather Drop Earrings: Aurélie Bidermann at Net á Porter
Red Rose Flower Crown: Piers Atkinson for ASOS

Melisandre – Asshai

melisandre plus size
Red Dress: Manon Baptiste at Navabi
Ruby & Chainmail Choker: Etsy *
Red & Gold Boots: Irregular Choice at Schuh
Red Heart Ring: Etsy
Red Satin Gloves: Domino Dollhouse
Fur Collar: Ana Konder for ASOS
Tights: We Love Colors in Scarlet Red (of course!)

*If you wanted to go full cosplay, this choker is amazing!

Well, that’s me done for the moment! I may well and come back and do some lesser characters, as I have such fun doing this. Do let me know what you think!

My lovelies! I hope you are all well and good, yes?

OH MY GOD. So. All of you who talk to me via twitter or tumblr probably know that for months now I’ve been in the grip of an all-consuming obsession of the book series A Song of Ice and Fire, aka Game of Thrones on HBO/Sky Atlantic, to the point of being a bit pathetic. I’m currently halfway through the final book, and tonight in the US is the series 2 finale. Meep!

The really cool thing about the GoT/ASOIAF fandom is that even though the books and show are mostly set in an English medieval inspired land (as well as lands inspired by ancient civilisations in Europe and Africa), a few sites have popped up dedicated to interpreting modern fashions as potential looks for the characters. It started with What Would Khaleesi Wear, which is all about Danaerys Targaryen (she’s in my next post!), followed by Game of Style which matches haute couture looks to all characters from the series. It’s basically amazing. So, as an excuse to revel in geekery, I’ve decided to do a plus size version! Here’s part one: the women from the north of Westeros. Enjoy!

FYI: I’ve kept the post itself spoiler free, however there may be spoilers in the comments.

Sansa Stark – Winterfell


Dress: Re/Dress NYC
Pink Faux Fur vest: Navabi
Fox Fur coat: Madison Avenue Mall
Ankle Boots: Schuh
Wolf Locket Necklace: Etsy
Faux Rabbit Fur Muff: Etsy
Posie Ribbon Headpiece: Tatty Devine

Asha Greyjoy/Yara – The Iron Islands 



Wet Look Leggings: 17 Sundays
Black Scuba Peplum Top: New Look Inspire
Chain Detail Boots: Simply Be
Black & Purple Tentacle Gauges (with fake gauge available): Etsy
Giant Squid/Kraken Pendant: Richard Geib at Etsy
Studded Skinny Waist Belt: ASOS Curve

Catelyn Stark, nee Tully – Winterfell (formerly of Riverrun)


Fish Necklace: Forever 21
Dress: Manon Baptiste at Navabi
Boots: Simply Be
Faux Fur Coat: ASOS Curve
Leather Gloves: Cacharel
Feather Headband: Bijou Bijoux
Beaded Earrings: Evans

Arya Stark – Winterfell


Jacket: Carmakoma
Trousers: Carmakoma
Howling Wolf Ring: ASOS
Shoes: My Habit
Cropped Sweater: Maxima via Navabi
Wolf Pendant: Maggie Angus via ASOS
Shirt:  Yppig via Navabi

Alayne Stone – The Fingers


Dress with Belt: ASOS Curve
Wedge Courts: Dune
Mockingbird Pendant: Etsy
Coat: Simply Be
Bag: Mulberry “Del Ray”
Rabbit Fur Scarf: The Outnet

SPOILER: (highlight to read) the difference between this outfit and Sansa’s one just kills me. My bb :'( 

Ygritte – The Free Folk beyond The Wall


Faux Fur Coat: ASOS Curve
Jumper: Studio via Navabi
Brass Skull and Leather Bracelet Pack: ASOS
Bone Necklace: Etsy
Trousers: Studio via Navabi
Boots: One Stop Plus
Rabbit Fur Lined Gloves: Not on the High Street 

The Night’s Watch – The Wall


Jumper: Isolde Roth via Navabi
Faux Fur Jacket: Damn You Alexis
Crow Skull Ring: Bad Passion
Leather Biker Trousers: La La Belle
Shearling Cuff Gloves: Ugg via ASOS
Boots: Duo
Leather Front Belt: La La Belle
Long Fingerless Gloves: Isolde Roth via Navabi

PHEW! I hope you like. I’m compiling outfits for the rest of the women in the series: Cersei, Danaerys, Arianne, Melisandre, Brienne and Margaery. So stay tuned! Also, if you like real life version of fictional character outfits, do check out Rai’s blog. She has some awesome interpretations of characters like Ramona Flowers and various Avengers. So good.

Do let me know what you think in the comments! Would you wear any of these outfits? What’s your favourite? WHO is your favourite?

One of the reasons I’ve managed to keep this blog going for so long is because my geekiness with regards to fashion and clothes hasn’t waned at all. If anything, it’s gotten worse! I spend about an hour every day just browsing the new in sections of my favourite sites and checking out new ones, to see if there’s anything to shout about.

With the influx of spring and a few new brands popping up, my wishlist has gotten full to bursting. It’s unlikely I’ll ever own many of these beauties, but there’s nothing stopping me adorning my blog with them, right?

ASOS Curve (20 – 26)


Lantern skirt in floral Jaquard
Floral Peplum Dress
Premium dress with floral applique
Skater dress with floral detail

Anna Scholz (14 – 28)


Georgette blue utility button dress
Tailored pale pink anchor button dress
Tailored pink corset dress
Georgette tie-back poodle print dress

Ax Paris Curve (16 – 26)


Orange drop back strapless jewel dress
Two in one butterfly dress
Sweetheart spot lace dress
Taupe button collar dress

Excite Clothing (16 – 26)


Baby pink jeggings
Cream bird print A-line dress
Black and white striped dress
Cat print bow dress in navy and orange

Forever 21+ (1X – 3x)


Jade colourblock yoke dress
Polka dot slub tee
Hooded sheer shirt
Stardust cross top
Surplice floral dress



Yours Clothing (16 – 32) Turquoise chain print illusion dress
Monif C (US14 – US24) Whitley dress
Damn You Alexis (AUS16 – AUS26) Zig Zag dress

Phew! That’s only part one – there’s more amazing stuff by the likes of Simply Be, Very and New Look Inspire that I’m coveting. Also if you’re on pinterest, I have a board full of plus size fashion as I find it – take a look!

A lot of blogs have done gift guides this year, I especially loved Nicolette’s series on different types of gifts. I thought about doing one, but to be honest it’d just be full of stuff I want, so I cut out the middle man and made a pictoral Christmas wishlist. Though in a parallel world where money was no object:


Clockwise from top left: Skullcandy Aviator headphones; Miu Miu silver mary-janes; Office “Freckles” pump in mustard suede; iPhone 4S (64gb); How To Adapt and Design Sewing Patterns; Cloth magazine subscription; Girls to the Front; Accessorise spotty satchel; Jeffrey Campbell “Beebee” shoe in black suede

My actual Christmas list was very different to this, because a lot of this stuff is mega-expensive. I’ll be getting bits and bobs from the gift section at Sainsbury’s in my stocking, which I am more than chuffed with! But, I may use any Christmas money to get the BeeBees – I know JC is completely overdone, but as someone who can’t walk in high-instep shoes, these is genuinely the holy grail of shoes! I’m a huge fan of Cloth magazine and buy it as often as I can find it, but it’s not always available. I don’t even know why I I buy it, I’ve made about two things in two years… Recently my iPod has started to die, which is scary. My iPhone is also coming to the end of its contract, so I’m thinking of just getting one thing to hold and do everything. Although in all honesty I’d never be able to afford a 64gb one. I also need new headphones, although I have asked for cheaper ones that have a neckband to be less conspicuous. But the Aviators… man, HMV have a headphones stand where you can plug your own mp3 player in, and they are just the best sound I’ve heard. Everytime I go in and listen to one of my favourite songs on it. There’s one of the Dr Dre Beats sets next to it at £350, and the sound is not a patch on the Aviators. It’s so rich and full! Err, am I turning this into a tech blog?

Ah well. What are you guys asking for Christmas? xx

AW11/12, you are officially killing me.


Stella McCartney


Marc Jacobs




David Koma


Dolce & Gabbana (bit of a cheat as it’s stars, but look how cute it is!)

Now, I’d be rubbish if I didn’t give you some plus sized variations… One thing I will say is that most of the plus size styles are more girlish and innocent, when what I love about this season’s designer dresses is how grown up and seductive they are.


South by Very spot mesh dress, sold out (boooo!)
Anna Scholz, £159

Carmakoma “Cowbird” dress, £79.42

City Chic Flocked Heart top, $32 (hearts, stars, dots… why be pedantic?)

Domino Dollhouse Classic Doll dress, £37.23

Alright peeps, that’s enough salivating from me. G’night! x

Just a little quick hit from me today!

You know, over the past year of blogging, one of the posts I’ve been most proud of was my imitation of four Fall 2010 Couture looks. Not many people saw it at the time as it was caught in the transition of blog servers, but nonetheless it remains one of my favourites!

While looking through this season’s catwalk shows a few familiar looking pieces jumped out at me, so I thought I’d show them here. Again, they’re hardly carbon copies, but it’s still quite nice and affirming to see that there are plus sized garments that look like they could’ve been on the runway.


D&G vs ASOS Curve grungy maxi dress, £14


Nicole Farhi vs Evans multi-coloured print tunic, £15


Luisa Beccaria vs Simply Be wrap front tunic, £35


Bottega Veneta vs Simply Be block print tunic, £35


Blugirl vs ASOS Curve bow bandeau dress, £8

What do you think? Do let me know! Have you spotted any plus size similarities to what’s been on the runway this season?