London Fashion Week can fark off. As you all must know, on Friday the second Beth Ditto at Evans collection launched, both online and in two London stores. The fatosphere exploded when the website went live on Thursday evening, earning the #dittowatch hashtag and numerous blog posts. Since I was commuting distance to Marble Arch I couldn’t not go and check it out, could I?

As it turned out, Evans’ PR were in the store interviewing and photographing people, so I was featured on Evans’ blog and VIDEOED OMG along with the lovely Marie about our thoughts on the collection! Sadly I had to run before Nicolette and Sakina arrived to interview Beth for Vogue Curvy (Speaking of which, I have a couple of stores lined up for VC and should be shooting in the next few weeks, hurray!), as I was off for job interviews before meeting Messy Carla for an adventure which will be revealed in another post!


  • Much more subdued in colour than the 1st – BUT, the garments themselves are actually more catwalk-inspired and genuinely fashionable than before.
  • The range is so, so much better in person than online. I wasn’t very keen having looked at the site, but in real life they really do look good.
  • There’s an emphasis on garment shape and silhouette in this collection, which wasn’t present last time. It’s always nice to see a hint of tailoring in plus sizes!

The biggest disappointment is the lack of representation for the butches. Tamsin asked me to see if there was anything, perhaps a good pair of jeans or a cool shirt, but most of the range is ultra girly. A few things are slightly less femme: the unisex hanky hem top, the polka dot t-shirt, hooded cape, high-waisted jeans and the lightning bolt jumper, but the majority of the collection is very, very much on the feminine side. I know that Beth herself is absolutely a femme, and that a person’s sexuality shouldn’t be a key part of their designs. But it does feel sad that someone who is such a prominent figure in the queer community has side-stepped quite a few of her fans and friends.

Overall, while it’s not as BOOM!POW! as the last Beth Ditto collection and slightly more pedestrian, it is still the most dynamic and unique clothing range available in sizes UK28 – 32. Sure, ASOS Curve has stolen a bit of Beth’s thunder since its launch, but those of us around the UK18-22 mark can’t just assume “plus size” begins at 14 and ends at 26. There are a great deal of people who need bigger sizes than that, and who are even more isolated when it comes to expressing themselves through clothes than most. They shouldn’t be forgotten!

The only niggle I have with the collection being more down to earth than previously is that it feels less like a super duper special range, and more like the type of clothes Evans should be making all year round anyway.

As most of you buying the range are overseas, I thought it’d be a good idea for me to try stuff from the range and see how it fitted – who knows, it might help you! For your information, I’m 5’1″ and a size UK20-UK22. Oh, and I have tiny boobs and a massive bum. The much more curvalicious Em went down yesterday to see how they fit her hourglass frame, so keep an eye on her blog! If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or tweet me!

Click the elipsis for my dressing room pics:

Chevron Shift Dress, Size UK18:

According to the staff in store, this dress is super ultra exclusive – there were about five of them on the rack, and that was all they had.

The first thing I noticed about this dress is the material – it’s a very thin, very stiff kind of fabric. To be honest, it doesn’t feel all that nice. But I understand why it was used, I don’t think any other fabric could hold the skirt flare nearly as well. Considering I’m a UK22 normally, I also noticed the dresses looked pretty big. I picked an 18 and apart from my shoulders it didn’t touch my body AT ALL! It just hung there!

Recent Pictures 069

This size fit much better. I know I have a small bust, so if you are more generous in the bosom maybe see if Em had a different experience. It’s a very cute dress, although on me I’d have to take it up a little. Another girl had tried it on with a black belt and she looked fab!

Lightning Bolt jumper dress, UK18:
Recent Pictures 075

This was a size smaller than I’d normally go – it looked nice, though a bit huggy round the bum! As much as I love the look of it, it was SO. ITCHY. I know someone on The Rotund’s thread mentioned they have sensitive skin – in that case, I don’t think the jumper is for you. I also have extremely sensitive skin and I could practically feel the hives growing! It’s a real shame as it’s gorgeous, and I always fantasise about/doodle dresses with lightning bolts on them. And Lightning Bolt are on of my favourite bands! Wah.

Heart Print dress/tunic, UK20:Recent Pictures 072
This dress is quite bizarre. I suppose you can say I respect it, if I don’t like it. The skirt part hit the middle of my boobs so it looked really awkward on me. But I approve of its kookiness, definitely. Especially the seam detail:

Recent Pictures 073

It’s like a proper pixie seam!

Rose Print Drape dress, UK20:
Recent Pictures 070

Really impressed with this! I love the ruching of the skirt and its silhouette – they’re actually like giant pockets. The material is again quite thin, although it’s much more fluid than the chevron dress. The waist was in a perfect spot for me, whereas most waists on Evans clothes are lower down and look wrong on me.

Side view:
Recent Pictures 071

Can’t say there was anything I disliked about it. Lovely.

Khaki Ruched Maxi, UK20:
Recent Pictures 068

I think in my haste I didn’t really alter the ruching (it’s fully customisable) and as a result I didn’t like this dress on me whatsoever. On a different woman I could look absolutely stunning, and khaki is still one of the most in trend colours around.

Heart Print cropped cardi and Denim skirt, both size UK20
Recent Pictures 067

I wasn’t intending to try the denim skirt as I HAAAAATTTEEE denim with a fervent passion, but the lovely Katrin asked me. It’s a nice skirt, and the elastic waistband at the back is lovely. Great length, too! I loved the cropped cardigan, it’s so, so cute! I especially loved it over my own black dress:

Recent Pictures 066I feel like Georgina! But not as flawless, obviously.

Belted & Hooded cape, Size SIMG_0560
CAPE. Y’know, I tweeted this photo without really checking, only to find I’ve shown the world my big granny knickers and belly. Oh well. I love the cape SO much. I very, very nearly bought it, but I just didn’t have the funds, alas.

Polka Dot dress, size UK20:

I guessed that this dress would be for the more generously proportioned up top, and I wasn’t wrong. From the waist down it was adorable, but the material absolutely gaped in the chest. Shame because its so cute, and I’m polka dot crazed.

Velvet Drape dress, size UK20:

Hands down my favourite piece. It’s the same design as the rose print dress, but this feels more luxurious since it’s velvet! I was trying not to purchase anything, but I had to get this. It was just perfect!

If I happen to come into some money/land myself a job (PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE) soon, I’m definitely going to buy a few more pieces from the range – the cape, the cropped cardigan and the rose print dress, absolutely.

  • Lou

    Looooove the ruched dresses on you, so your perfect shape! Also, give the denim skirt another chance it really suits you (espec with the cardi!) xxx

  • Mandy Gordon

    I love the blog – you have shown the clothes off well and given the good and bad points for each item. I love the zig zag dress but don’t know if I’ll get it – I want the silver shoes and floral leggings!

  • AnaBanana


    love the georgina-like-outfit. god, I’m so jealous right now :D

  • tupieta

    omg you look so cute! i have never ordered from Evans b/c of the high currency but im tempted to make an exception for that velvet dress and the floral one. you did a great review!


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  • Macabre Doll

    ok things i like –
    the first dress, cuz it hangs so nice
    hearts cardi, i need one of those :)
    and with the black dress
    and the hooded cape, it’s so awesome

  • The Rotund

    Every time I see that rose print dress on you, I consider going and ordering it RIGHT NOW even though I almost never wear prints.

    The thing I have noticed about almost every single piece of my favorite fatshion is how shit it looks on the hanger and how it is transformed by a body actually wearing it. I think this collection has some of that going on.

    The blue velvet dress is my favorite thing as well and I can’t wait to receive it! Hurry up, international shipping!

    Thank you for going and trying things on and letting the rest of us without access know these things. It really does make ordering easier. :D

  • Ally

    Thank you for such a detailed blog post my darlin! You have confirmed for me that I have gotta buy that polka dot dress… because it looks like it will fit my massive knockers! Glad you bought the velvet, it looks excellent on you. I wish they had made the heart fabric into a dress that didn’t look like it would chop my boobs in half. This comment has been very boob centric, hrm.

  • Val – Blog to be Alive

    I think Evans really screwed up by not having a photoshoot of the line actually worn by Beth or even a random model. At least last year we had a better idea of the fit of the clothes.

    I have to say I keep changing my mind about what I want to buy so I am glad I’ll be able to try them on. I think most dresses will look too short on me, but I am looking forward to the dress heart print skirt. It looks a decent size.

  • NEM1976

    I missed the first edition. I was so excited for this one that when `i saw the clothes online I wasn’t that much impressed. I’m glad you did this post, so you can actually see how something fits on a real woman and not a model. I do like the rose print and velvet dress on you. Both items have pockets and I luvvv pockets. Maybe I’ll give the collection a second shot. Thank you for posting.

  • Beth

    Lauren you have the sweetest voice!
    I totally agree with everything you said about the collection. I’m not sure what I want to get. I’m leaning towards the red dress, the velvet dress and the heart-print cardigan, but I can’t afford all 3 so I’ll have to choose…
    Thanks for trying stuff, it’s always a big help!

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks for this post. When you tweeted pictures it really helped me decide what to get! I absolutely ADORE the rose print and velvet dresses on you. They look fabulous! I can’t until everyone gets their orders and I can see them on them all too.

  • bloomie

    Oh I have such a girl crush on you right now it’s ridiculous!

    You’ve totally transformed my idea of what the cape looks like – I think I may have to go buy it right now.

  • Gemma

    The velvet dress is perfect, but I just love love love the cape on you! Especially with just tights…I think it needs a really short dress underneath so you can flash a bit of leg. Wouldn’t it be amazing if it came in red? Total Little Red Riding Hood!

    I’m awaiting delivery of the black spotty dress, which I’m glad to see has lots of room for boobs. These reviews are so useful – now know I shouldn’t bother hunting down the elisive chevron dress because it looks like even the 14 is going to drown me. Now *that* will be a novelty!

  • Chubble Bubble

    OMG that cape looks divine on you! That’s a piece I didn’t look TWICE at, but dayyyyyum! I go the the hanky hem black top and the polka dot dress….thanks for the reviews!

  • Monkey

    I love the heart print dress/smock/tunic. Also so do a lot of other people as its sold out on the website. Boo hoo! I ordered the polka dot top which is on its way. Will have to see what it looks like when it arrives

  • Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels

    I really want the rose dress – and now that I saw it on, the cape looks fantastic as well!

    Thank you for such a detailed review! I’m in Switzerland so I have to order these online, and this post really helped :-)

  • wendy cakes

    love the blue velvet dress and the floral dress too. I actually really like the denim skirt on you too, and although I know you don’t like denim the cut is lovely on you!

    Yes you’re right the green dress is so so, I would love to be able to wear that colour but it always looks terrible on me!

  • wendy cakes

    p.s. girls I think the heart smock is coming in next week, so possibly not sold out yet just not yet in!

  • kittehinfurs

    omg i love that heart print dress! but that boobie thing happens to me on all dresses too so boo :( also your hair looks incredible!

  • Em. x.

    I LOVE your reviews and thoughts. I agree that there are such pluses and minuses to the collection and agree that the emphasis is on femininity. The tailoring is amazing but I also feel that the prints/colours are very subdued compared to last time.
    Thank you for cross-linking to my site.
    As for the clothes – I think this collection looks pretty amazing on you. I LOVE how well the velvet works on you and seriously think the cape was made for you. I also wanted to say thank you for your amazing tweeting of pics and sharing the collection, on a body, so quickly. I agree with Val that Evans kind of screwed up by not having the clothes ON a body. What a difference you immediately made!
    Great post, Hon! x.

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  • Moi

    I was really saddened by the offerings at my local evans. Nothing fitted me properly (way too big or a bit too small), and the velvet dress was not available in my size. Gutted!
    You look fab in the rose print dress :)

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  • Caro

    I am LOVING being able to see what these clothes look like. I am a tall (5’8) and curvy (16-18 UK) girl and I have had some SERIOUS issues getting cool clothes recently. Apparently if you’re not rocking the waif-and-stray look then you don’t matter. Having seen how good some of these pieces look on you, I am going to have to have a blow-out and order a few for myself. Loving the polkadot dress, the rose dress and the denim skirt. I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE.

  • Lauren

    Thank you SO MUCH, everyone! Such lovely comments. I’m so glad I managed to help a few of you decide what to order – really hope you love what you all bought.


  • Tamani

    OMG. You are exactly the same size (height, too!) as me (I am a little more booblicious). The clothes look AWESOME on you. Curse the fact that the zig zag dress is sold out! It’s so amazing to see a petite plus-size girl on the fashion front lines. Keep up the good work!

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  • Sabina

    great insights, thanks! i was wondering how warm the cape was?

  • Fatshionable

    I don’t think I commented on this b/c of the Beth shopping frenzy but wanted to say this post was epic and I loved it! <33

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  • Hannah

    In the cropped cardi one… where is your own black dress from ? I really like it :)x

  • Rachel

    oooh you look adorable in the cape!