How are you all? It’s been a while! I unplugged from the blogging world for a bit to recharge my batteries and rediscover my love for it all.  I was beginning to get lost among all the politics and favours and competition, when really all this is just an outlet for me to talk excitedly about clothes. You know? Of course, I’ve chosen completely the wrong time to bring it back, as work has gone absolutely mental (in a good way), so we’ll see how it pans out. But for now I’ll talk about some cool stuff that happened this week.

First up: Cut For Evans. I saw a video floating around on twitter a few months ago and nearly fell off my chair. I’d practically been counting down the days until it launched since then! Evans had run a competition with fashion students to design a capsule collection, before eventually choosing print specialist Alice Farrow and knitwear designer Rebecca Partington.

Alice Farrow designs at Evans

Alice Farrow’s jumpsuit and shirt on the rack. Gorgeous.

The result is possibly the freshest, most imaginative – and, let’s be honest here – polarising – collection that I’ve seen in plus size fashion for a long time. The shapes and fabrics are fairly simple: tank tops, tunics, shirts and tube skirts. But in terms of colour and print? The shock factor is off the scale. People really like to be a debbie downer on Evans and what they offer but Cut shows how they CAN take risks, they CAN be bold, and they CAN show everyone else what’s what. It’s brilliant, and so exciting!

Cut for Evans designers and Brix Smith-Tart

Rebecca and Alice pose with Brix Smith-Start, who gave a rousing speech AND is putting the collection into her swanky boutique. Awesome.

To celebrate they had a launch in their Marble Arch flagship store, and we got to see the collection in situ and try it all on. I ended up buying three pieces, the Rebecca Partington skyscraper top and skirt, and the Alice Farrow tube skirt. All three have been worn in the following days (in fact I’m wearing the skyscraper top as we speak!).

I wasn’t invited to the launch but I was really cheeky and asked Bethany to see if I could tag along with her. If not I would have gone down to Marble Arch to see it anyway, but they kindly let me come down and I had a great night! It was so lovely to be back with the blogging crew. Now, to photos!

Three plus size girls in bright dresses.

Myself and two statuesque blondes, Ms Bartoz and Margie, test run Alice Farrow’s amazing tropical shift

Evans Marble Arch staff

The staff at Evans’ Marble Arch flagship store. What a bunch of stunners.

UK plus size bloggers

Too much babeliness for one image – almost. From l-r: Caroline, Rosie, Debbie, Isha, Hanna, Charlotte, Rivkie.

Designer has a giggle

Knitwear designer Rebecca gets manhandled by one of the Evans staff before her Now magazine shoot

Me and my heart print dress

It’s me, showing off my new heart print dress, replete with my dorothy-wannabe red shoes.

Dress: Alice and You, via ASOS Curve
Shoes: Primark (very old)
Rings: ASOS Curve
Brooch: Tatty Devine (sample sale)

And finally, here’s what I wore – a little bit girly and plain considering the subject but I had to be a bit businesslike for work! You know me, I’m all for cutesy prints so it was only a matter of time before I bought this. Didn’t realise it was quite so creased on Wednesday morning, though…

Me, twirling in my fancy dress.

An obligatory twirl shot, and we’re done.

  • Louise P

    That Alice and You dress looks fantastic on you! I have it, too, and I’m so in love with it! The new Cut For Evans range looks amazing; it’s nice to see them starting to take a few risks and bring in some bolder designs xx

  • http://confusedbrit.wordpress.com Sara Hook

    Welcome back! Such an amazeballs post to come back with too. The collection is just gorgeous, as is also both your own outfit and the dress from the collection you’ve got on! You’ve been sorely missed (also I get where you were at with this whole blogging malarkey!)

  • Elena Davies

    Yay, you’re back! I’m so sad I missed the launch but my silly brain got in the way :( Everything looks so incredible, I love Evans so much for making this happen. xx

  • http://www.gladragsandthehandbags.com/ Mel

    Glad to see you back Lauren! I didn’t know your dress was Alice & You I might have to get it myself!!

  • Sally Wills

    Looking gorge as always xx

  • Alice

    Oh my, you look super cute in that heart dress! Nice to see you back too… I’ve fallen out of love with blogging. I’ve lost my mojo… not that I ever really had it! Haha.

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  • Kaitey Letellier Zollinger

    You are today’s Friday Fashionista at facebook.com/spooniestyle , a facebook group that celebrates fashion, beauty and style for people living with chronic illness and/or chronic pain. Every Friday, we celebrate a non-traditional fashion role model, and today it’s you! Thanks for showcasing your fabulous style in this blog.

  • Arialta Alt

    Very cute in the heart print dress with the red shoes! I love it!!

    Click and take a look.