My lovelies! I hope you are all well and good, yes?

OH MY GOD. So. All of you who talk to me via twitter or tumblr probably know that for months now I’ve been in the grip of an all-consuming obsession of the book series A Song of Ice and Fire, aka Game of Thrones on HBO/Sky Atlantic, to the point of being a bit pathetic. I’m currently halfway through the final book, and tonight in the US is the series 2 finale. Meep!

The really cool thing about the GoT/ASOIAF fandom is that even though the books and show are mostly set in an English medieval inspired land (as well as lands inspired by ancient civilisations in Europe and Africa), a few sites have popped up dedicated to interpreting modern fashions as potential looks for the characters. It started with What Would Khaleesi Wear, which is all about Danaerys Targaryen (she’s in my next post!), followed by Game of Style which matches haute couture looks to all characters from the series. It’s basically amazing. So, as an excuse to revel in geekery, I’ve decided to do a plus size version! Here’s part one: the women from the north of Westeros. Enjoy!

FYI: I’ve kept the post itself spoiler free, however there may be spoilers in the comments.

Sansa Stark – Winterfell


Dress: Re/Dress NYC
Pink Faux Fur vest: Navabi
Fox Fur coat: Madison Avenue Mall
Ankle Boots: Schuh
Wolf Locket Necklace: Etsy
Faux Rabbit Fur Muff: Etsy
Posie Ribbon Headpiece: Tatty Devine

Asha Greyjoy/Yara – The Iron Islands 



Wet Look Leggings: 17 Sundays
Black Scuba Peplum Top: New Look Inspire
Chain Detail Boots: Simply Be
Black & Purple Tentacle Gauges (with fake gauge available): Etsy
Giant Squid/Kraken Pendant: Richard Geib at Etsy
Studded Skinny Waist Belt: ASOS Curve

Catelyn Stark, nee Tully – Winterfell (formerly of Riverrun)


Fish Necklace: Forever 21
Dress: Manon Baptiste at Navabi
Boots: Simply Be
Faux Fur Coat: ASOS Curve
Leather Gloves: Cacharel
Feather Headband: Bijou Bijoux
Beaded Earrings: Evans

Arya Stark – Winterfell


Jacket: Carmakoma
Trousers: Carmakoma
Howling Wolf Ring: ASOS
Shoes: My Habit
Cropped Sweater: Maxima via Navabi
Wolf Pendant: Maggie Angus via ASOS
Shirt:  Yppig via Navabi

Alayne Stone – The Fingers


Dress with Belt: ASOS Curve
Wedge Courts: Dune
Mockingbird Pendant: Etsy
Coat: Simply Be
Bag: Mulberry “Del Ray”
Rabbit Fur Scarf: The Outnet

SPOILER: (highlight to read) the difference between this outfit and Sansa’s one just kills me. My bb :'( 

Ygritte – The Free Folk beyond The Wall


Faux Fur Coat: ASOS Curve
Jumper: Studio via Navabi
Brass Skull and Leather Bracelet Pack: ASOS
Bone Necklace: Etsy
Trousers: Studio via Navabi
Boots: One Stop Plus
Rabbit Fur Lined Gloves: Not on the High Street 

The Night’s Watch – The Wall


Jumper: Isolde Roth via Navabi
Faux Fur Jacket: Damn You Alexis
Crow Skull Ring: Bad Passion
Leather Biker Trousers: La La Belle
Shearling Cuff Gloves: Ugg via ASOS
Boots: Duo
Leather Front Belt: La La Belle
Long Fingerless Gloves: Isolde Roth via Navabi

PHEW! I hope you like. I’m compiling outfits for the rest of the women in the series: Cersei, Danaerys, Arianne, Melisandre, Brienne and Margaery. So stay tuned! Also, if you like real life version of fictional character outfits, do check out Rai’s blog. She has some awesome interpretations of characters like Ramona Flowers and various Avengers. So good.

Do let me know what you think in the comments! Would you wear any of these outfits? What’s your favourite? WHO is your favourite?

  • Polkadot69

    I’ve never seen game of thrones but i love the fingers outfit its my favourte xx

  • ashemischief

    AHH! I am so excited for all of these. I also feel like this is a good way to figure out which woman of the show you’d be–just which outfit would you wear? (Oddly, so far my favorites are The Wall, Asha, and Alayne.)

    • Lauren

      My fave here is definitely Asha! Which is odd considering I’m normally such a girly girl. Alayne is probably my favourite character because of her journey. She breaks my heart :(

  • Molly

    These are amazing! I haven’t read Game of Thrones, but I watched the first season of the HBO series, and my husband has read many of them and told me about them. I really want those wet look leggings!

    • Lauren

      The series is just as addictive, I love it. Plus there is so much eye candy, haha. Thankfully the actors/characters are lots older than in the books, otherwise Jon and Robb would be 14 and I’d be a massive perv. ;)

  • MhairiWilliamson

    Wher eis the Leather Jacket from inthe Asha Greyjoy/Yara – The Iron Islands section? xx

    • Lauren

      Oh poop I forgot to link it, but it’s from 17 Sundays :)

      • MhairiWilliamson

        Fab thank you, I really love it! x

  • Ashabrooks01

    Ah! I’ve been reading these books for YEARS. So happy to see them get the recognition they deserve! Loving your interpretation of Alayne Stone – she’s like a tragic Kate Middleton!

    • Lauren

      Oh man you have no idea how much that made me laugh! Poor Alayne! She’s like an inverse Kate Middleton, going from betrothed to a king to a bastard, whereas Kate was from a normal (if wealthy) family and ended up a princess, queen to be :D

      I do feel a bit guilty being such a n00b fan when people have been fans for like a decade already. Hope we’re not too annoying!

      • Ashabrooks01

        Not need to feel guilty! I love finally being able to discuss my fave set of fantasy books in public! Yay for HBO :-)

  • Rai

    Thanks for linking to me :D <3 still loving your blog, glad you started it up again xx

    – Rai

  • Natalie Mulford

    dugwyfg2ypit2uieh!!! SO MUCH AMAZING! First up – Winterfell, THAT JACKET! Wow! I may dream of that jacket! Though I think all up, fashion wise, I’m a Nights Watch. Ah, this post is full of win! Thank you for making it!

  • Blog to be Alive

    That is such a fun post! I bought season 1 on dvds on watched the whole thing in a few days. I am usually not really into fantasy shows/books (never seen LoTR! lol), but love love love Game of Thrones.

    I think I love The Wall outfits the most!

    As for characters I adore Daenerys, Snow and Tyrion (how amazing is Peter Dinklage?).

    • Blog to be Alive

      And I forgot Samwell! How adorable is he?

  • Erin Thomas

    oh my gosh i’m in this!!! haha. how cool!!

  • Lala Belle

    This blog post has made my year! The whole Lala Belle team are soo addicted to this show. LOVE the Night’s Watch LBxx

    • Lauren

      Aww yay! I’m so glad you like it! :D Your stuff is SO perfect for the night’s watch!

  • Michal

    omg your interpretation is hilarious! I love every outfit you posted. Thanks!

  • HannahAlyse

    OMGosh! I loved this post :) I’m a huge fan and am super happy you translated the old to new (and plus size). Awesome!

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