Well peeps, it’s been a hectic summer, having changed jobs and finding my feet back in the world of children’s media once again. I’m now a huge Peppa Pig fan! Such a cutie. Just as well I like her, because I have to manage her Facebook page!

As a result I’ve not felt up to posting on the blog, but last week I attended my friends’ wedding by the sea. And for a bunch of pals who always look pretty good anyway, I think our wedding & guest attire was exceptional!

DSC_1744 valencia

Professional party guests.

DSC_1701 hefe


DSC_1745 xproII

DSC_1752 hefe

DSC_1747The undoubted star of #RoLex wedding: the bride’s phenomenal cleavage. I MEAN.

DSC_1742 hefe

Heartfelt congrats to Alex and Robin who were so adorable!

The wedding was in Brighton, and despite being 30 (dear lord), it was only the second time I’d been there. Which is a shame because it is so very pretty when it wants to be!

DSC_1807 xproII

DSC_1818 hefe

DSC_1855 xproII

The adorable backstreet where I stayed (and in whose room accidentally trashed, LIKE A ROCK STAR [not really]).

DSC_1859 1000

Right, that’s yer lot. For now…

  • Carin Basson

    That is such a lovely dress and your hair looks really nice too.

  • http://megamorphose.blogspot.de/ Vicky

    Such a lovely wedding (great outfits!!)! And congrats to the job… that’s a pretty cool one.

  • Agnes

    You all look beautiful! Moar updates please, I love your taste in fashion and have missed the more frequent posts. :)

  • http://www.indiansavage.com/ Maggie Dallospedale