Plus London Two was wonderful. So many great bloggers, Anna Scholz and Simply Be especially were so accommodating. Claire did a brilliant, brilliant job.

But I need a breather. I need to practice some self care, and I can’t do it while being engaged with plus size fashion and blogging right now.

Take care of yourselves, peeps. xx

  • Michal Sharon

    You are the most important thing here. It’s not the blog, it’s not the readers. Just take some time and come back with load-full strength and positive mood. I’ll be waiting for your next posts though!

  • Mel C

    Please take care Lauren, do what is best for you!

  • Tracey B

    Take care Lauren, will miss your posts but you need to take care of No.1. By the way you looked so pretty on saturday – loved your Domino Dollhouse dress. xXx

  • Les Pitreries De Vanoue

    Take car of you Lauren.

  • Mrsbebeblog

    Totally understandable, look after yourself, you’re an amazingly talented and wonderful person, look forward to having you back when you feel up to it xxx

  • Hanna

    It was so great to meet you on Saturday, thanks for being so welcoming to a newbie like me. You also looked absolutely amazing in that Domino Dollhouse dress!!!

    I completely understand wanting to take a breather and taking care of yourself is the most important thing if you feel bad. Hope you’ll feel better soon.


  • bloomie

    Oh gurl, blogging is exhausting and the drama that can come is too, too much. I’m gonna miss you but I’ll see you around on the interwebs in other spots. xoxo

  • LiteralGemini

    Totally understand. Self care comes first. I do hope you come back soon though, I always take inspiration from your outfits. See you soon.

  • Liz

    I understand. I hope you feel better soon – remember, you’re wonderful and you deserve good things :) xxx

  • Kelly Adams

    It was so wonderful to meet you on Saturday :) You are a real inspiration! I hope you feel better soon, take care Xx

  • Caroln2964

    Take care Lauren, I will miss your posts but you need to look after yourself xx

  • Unapologetically Mundane

    So sad! I was looking at the Plus London Two photos that Kathastrophe linked on her blog and was like, “MUST. KNOW. POLKA-DOT. GIRL!” And then she linked to your blog in the next post, and I was so excited to read you.

    Take care, though, and I’ll just enjoy your old posts for now!

  • PetroleumDoll

    Take care of yourself, you’re what matters. I will miss your blog as I’ve enjoyed reading it over the past couple of years.

  • ariel


  • Cynthia Pickles

    Tons of love. x

  • Fatgirlclothes

    Ten thousand hugs to you Lauren. Come back whenever you’re ready. YOU come first.

  • theplussideofme

    I hope you are getting some time to relax and unwind. Thinking of you xx