Props to Letilor and Katrin for the head’s up!


Inclusive – a collection exclusively for H&M Online

This spring H&M presents Inclusive – a one-off collection of colourful and feminine fashion with lots of attitude in a wider than usual range of sizes. The twenty pieces will be available in sizes 32-54 and will be sold exclusively through H&M Online from early March. The collection includes figure-flattering party dresses in 50’s styles with large polka dots and rose patterns, as well as skirts, tops, cardigans and lingerie following the same theme.

Inclusive. Inclusive, inclusive, inclusive. I can’t stop repeating it in my head. That right there is a word you don’t see fashion brands embracing every day. If anything the polar opposite underpins the entire industry, with clothing used to elevate you above the norm, be part of a select set – all that nonsense. That’s why I’m a bit gobsmacked at seeing this new move by H&M – a capsule range going from size 6/8 – 24 with no alterations or limitations imposed on the larger sizes. The very idea that women of a range of sizes, from skinny to fat can wear the same clothes and it’s not something to be feared or repulsed by, but a fun way of sharing the love of fashion, is so refreshingly positive I can barely deal.






Obviously, it’s not perfect: There are fashion conscious women above size 24 who are yet again excluded; the aesthetic is very one note; and it’s a one off. But I hope that if this goes well, then it creates scope for H&M to continue and experiment with even bigger sizes and more styles than ever. Who knows, maybe one day mine and Amy‘s dream of a shop that sells fashion – the same fashion – from 0 – 36 and beyond is finally coming true? H&M Inclusive definitely feels like a step closer.

  • Ariel

    i love your optimism and valid critique.
    everything you said.

  • Amy

    Sigh… I LONG for that day when we all have the same choices! You’re right about this being very one-note but it is for Spring/Summer. Maybe if they dip their toes in and its a success they might keep going! I love that pink skirt a lot a lot.

  • emily

    I’m pretty excited about this! The collection looks beautiful, but i wonder if the price points will be the same as standard H&M clothes?

  • sophie


    I am IN LOVE with it. The skirt, the first dress on here, the one shouldered dress :D



  • Mode Plus

    I’ve heard of this H&M move. I’m waiting it to come out. I don’t know really what to think of this step. We’ll see in March.

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  • Bethamint

    This is so wonderful! Also, I love that white dress.

  • The Other Lauren

    This is amazing! Those dresses are lovely…just hope they arent too pricey!

    I blogged about H&M having a lot of their main range now go up to 24 a couple of weeks ago here:

    And the stuff I ordered turned up yesterday and it all fits very nicely! I found however when I went into the large Brighton store that they carried very few items in-store in their 22/24 size. Still a ways to go!

  • Pippa

    cannot wait for this – i’m actually loving that first dress, the pink skirt, and the white dress!
    i hope this is the first of many collections with an inclusive ethos. take note, other high street retailers…

  • Katrin

    just like I said, I am so excited also I am so amazed about the great feedback, everywhere I read about it, people are totally excited!
    Just to correct you I think Eu54 is UK26 ^^

  • Naomi

    Although it wont fit me, it still makes me happy! Im not gonna lie, gutted I wont be able to wear that floral dress! :(

  • chelsea

    love the peach skirt

  • Anika ByAnika

    Hi hun, I agree that this is the way to go! I hope this becomes the norm, and not just a stunt. thanks for sharing! <3

  • Sarah

    I absolutely love the first dress! Am excited to see the rest esp if it all has a 50’s vibe.

    I agree with your comments re sizing and just hope they are well cut, I always struggle with h&m sizing as they seem to forget women have breasts and have to go up one or two sizes so I don’t end up all squashed. So not a good look! xx

  • Alison

    Oh wow – these dresses are gorgeous! And “inclusive” is just the word I’ve been waiting for… Unfortunately, I’m guessing this range won’t be available in Canada – H&M doesn’t offer online shopping for us, and capsule collections are only in select stores. Boourns. I’ll have to link up with a UK fatshionista friend to order the clothes!

  • rachel

    fantastic selection of pictures, just wanted to shout that out! keep up the good work

  • Sarah

    Oh wow, I love this collection. It’s well chosen, too – the styles genuinely look like they’d suit a wide variety of body shapes. Good for H&M! They just need to make it permanent, now, and not just a limited run.