As you might have seen in my last post, I am attempting to “be more outrageous” in 2012, including competing in Burger Queen, London’s fat beauty pageant, on March 15th. Do come down and cheer (or jeer) at me!

One of the reasons I really wanted to get involved with Burger Queen is because I’m a big fan of Scottee. It’s just bizarre how someone so unashamedly FAT (it’s a big part of all of his projects) can be held in such esteem by typically judgemental circles. This is a guy who parades the pages of i-D on the regular, treads the boards of the west end and hangs out with various celebrities and débutantes, while always FAT FAT FATTING in their faces. Awesome. Oh, and he dresses impeccably! fass_london_13_v

So what makes him tick? I thought I’d ask him a few questions…

Hello! Please tell us a little about yourself?

I am Scottee. I am a London based performer, director and show off and I enjoy wearing sequins. I’m from a council estate in Kentish Town and I like to eat Ravioli on toast.

How would you describe your style?

British Camp I think – I like anything that looks a bit naff, cheap or ‘showbiz’ that elude to being expensive. Anything shiny really made out of 6 tinsel wigs and a glitter slash curtain thrown onto a shoulder suits me.

I am so excited for Burger Queen! What inspired you to put on this event?

I’m bored of Channel 4 telling me that I am fat therefor I am an unhappy, broken human being. I wanted to make something that was in response to those programs that showed the world fatties are largely happy, well rounded people who are up for a laugh. Burger Queen was born. (Interestingly, after this interview one of the sponsors of BQ pulled out, because the brand didn’t want to “promote unhealthy living”. Jesus fuck.)

You had a great t-shirt line available a few years ago. Are you planning on any more gorgeous fatty clothes? Please say yes.

Yes I still sell shirts on my website that only come in an XXL – I would love to make more stuff, its boring wearing Evans’ idea of ‘glam’ – this usually leaves big women in smocks with sequin butterflies – RUBBISH! I want to make big girls wear sequin catsuits and plus size eyelashes!

You are fat and incredibly fabulous. When did you decide to be fabulous, instead of the kind of drab, self-hating misery everyone expects people like us to be?

I never made a conscious choice, I’ve always love dressing fancy and fancy dress, my mum tells me that at school or parties I wouldn’t attend unless the outfit was really good. I think Blue Peter also made me very interested in making funny clothes to wear, of course. I never saw Tracey Island as a toy, more an understated hat.

Where are your favourite places to shop?

Ebay!  I collect Dawn French’s 1647 (French & Teague) line, vintage only and 80’s ‘Essence’ clobber. I don’t think these clothes look any good on women but all my fat girlfriends always remark that on me they look tailor made. I think the high street designers forget big women don’t all have a big bust so the clothes often look much better on me and my smaller moobs. I also like the idea that during the day I wear fat women’s clothes from the 80’s.

Lastly, what’s your favourite piece of fashion advice?

Get a hot glue gun! I’ve made some wonderful things by sticking something to something. Have a go and then wear your earphones, that way even if you look ridiculous you won’t be able to hear what the general public think!

Thanks Scottee! As well as BQ taking place at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern each Thursday this month, he’s performing a show every Saturday in April at the Roundhouse. You can find more info here. He has a blog, too!

  • http://thebigmacblog.com/ TheBigMac

    Fabulous! Praise be glitter, sequins and plus size lashes. xx

  • http://twitter.com/Devon_EFAW Devon Hammond

    Awwww, he’s so cute :D And so interesting. As I said Lauren, I am rooting for you at BQ, Essex girls UNITE.
    “Have a go then wear your earphones, that way even if you look ridiculous you won’t be able to hear what the general public think!” Such a fantastic line :D

    Devon xx