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Hello all,

Thanks so much for your awesome comments on my last post – it was so interesting hearing all your views on how you dress! I’m actually in the middle of an image crisis, hilariously. I think recently I’ve been experimenting so much I’ve gotten myself a bit lost, and as a result never feel like I look like myself any more, which is sad. Also, I REALLY need to cut my hair.

But I digress. On Monday myself, Devon, Georgina, Carla, Steph and Kat travelled up/down to Peterborough, to visit Yours Clothing HQ for a meeting. To be fair calling it a meeting sounds far too serious – it was actually a really informal afternoon out that was a lot of fun. It was also just lovely to see everyone again and meet Georgina for the first time!

Yours are in a very interesting position at the moment – having been going for around 10 years, starting as a market stall and growing through word of mouth (I first discovered them 7 years ago, when one of my godmums took me and my mum to a Size Up in Rayleigh) only to find their worldwide popularity suddenly soar due to blogs and the internet. They recently went over to Paris to meet some fabulous French bloggers, and they felt it was only fair to talk to a few bloggers in the UK as well. Having spoken to Leigh on the phone it was clear that they’re really interested in developing their online community – so while only a few of us went up to meet them this week, eventually it’ll be more widespread. So please don’t feel left out!

After giving us a lovely lunch, we all took it turns to speak about our blogs – why we started them, what we write about, etc. It was really interesting to hear everyone’s stories and just how different all our approaches are. At the end of the day this is our hobby, so we just do things the way we feel most comfortable doing them. Although Carla and I admitted we might have to take off our “no ads” button because we’re so poor! Then we were taken on a tour of the office – everything is in the one building: office, customer service, warehouse, buying, and even a little photographic studio:

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Me pretending to be a model is getting beyond a joke now, seriously.

Lastly, the team let us try on bits and bobs for a couple of hours, which was really nice! We all loved the cropped fake fur jackets – I own the black one already, but the camel colour was just as lovely. Kat looked especially lovely in a sequin dress that was very flapper-esque, and Steph snuggled in a leopard print dressing gown, haha.

I had a great time, though the most interesting thing to me was hearing about how the company works. It really dawned on me the freedom an independent and practically family-owned company like Yours Clothing has. Because they have no higher bureaucracy to square with, their apparent passion for providing plus sized women with great clothes allows them to take risks and do things other retailers aren’t always able to. Their willingness to accept potential profit losses shocked me, in fact – for example they’ll order only 50 so of a particularly daring item, just so their customers who want it are catered for. Think about that for a second. That level of individuality and regard for the varied tastes of their customers is unbelievably impressive to me.

That’s not to say other brands aren’t passionate about plus size fashion or their customers –  not at all. I’ve not encountered anyone so far who isn’t as committed to making women of all sizes and tastes feel and look amazing. But brands that may be part of a group, or an offshoot of a straight-size high street retailer, tend to be cast aside and treated as a commodity, not being given the budget or even time to develop as fully as they would like. For example one retailer with a plus size offshoot is hosting their press day today, and, naturally, the plus size section isn’t included. I can see the frustrations and it’s so sad, you know? Yours Clothing (and Simply Be, to an extent) are lucky in that they don’t have to deal with any of this, as plus sizes are the main focus of the company.

Oh my god, I’ve gone on a one way ticket to Tangent City! I suppose if I have any qualms with Yours Clothing, it would be that I’d like for their clothes to interpret the runway more often – their general inspiration comes from the UK high street and celebrities, which isn’t bad in itself but since they tend to emulate the catwalk anyway, it can come across as versions of a version – if that makes sense.

I would also love for them to open a store in central London. Believe it or not, there is barely anything for the plus size shopper in London, and a store there would be very well welcomed.

Phew, I’m done. Apologies if that was a bit TL;DR, you guys! If you have any thoughts please let me know, I’d love to hear your views!

  • Ashe Mischief

    Thank you! I’d never heard of this company before, but I really like the model they take and the care they put in to building a client base.

  • Rebecca

    Lauren – I can really relate to the “image crisis”. I have been experimenting with different silhouettes and combinations because I just got so bored with my “a-line knee-length dress, cardigan, boots” combo. But I’ve also changed shape quite a bit in the past year, and had a series of kind of bad haircuts, so I find myself feeling down about my appearance more often than excited about the way I look – which isn’t an an awesome way to feel.

    Anyways, good luck in your journey out of the “image crisis” zone!

  • Rebecca A

    Interesting! I didn’t realize that Yours was a family owned company. I’m glad that they are embracing the online community. After all, that’s how I have heard of all of the UK plus size brands, and a lot of us USAers really love UK style. Thanks for sharing your adventures :)

  • Laura

    Yours will be opening a store in Ilford (Essex/London) soon! xx

  • Lauren

    Ashe: Glad to have alerted you to them! They do have some lovely stuff, and I really do like the way they work.

    Rebecca, that’s exactly what my style was! Black pencil skirt, cardigan and brooch. At the beginning of the year I was being more adventurous with my purchases but then the money dried up and now I’m stuck with impractical party dresses. Gah.

    Rebecca A, they’re really happy to have customers in the US and around the world – they are looking into a US site although that’s not viable at the moment, maybe further down the line they can do that?

    Laura: No way! I live 10 mins away from Ilford – I was thinking more Soho, but having one round the corner will be lovely! The Ilford New Look recently dumped its Inspire range which made me sad, so this is good news. I wonder if they need any staff?!

  • Bethamint

    I’m a really big fan of yours clothing. You can’t really beat their prices and I love that they will bring in more daring items. My tye-dye jumpsuit I bought in September is one of my favourite things in my whole wardrobe!

  • Natalie

    When I found Yours a few years ago I told EVERYONE I knew in Australia. It was so exciting to find a cheap online store for basics (and it totally reflects the dearth of plus size garments in Australia.)

  • Amy

    I didn’t know it was a family run company, either! Love how they buy 50 of a crazy thing to make you guys happy :)

  • wendy cakes

    Looks like you had a great time! I love that you got to play on a runway!

    I also love Yours, they have a shop in Hull and whenever I visit home I always make a beeline for it! The staff there are so friendly and I have never had a bad experience. A shop down here would be great, I think they would do really well in London or Brighton.

    My winter coat is still amazing and I have had so so many complements!

    I am lucky enough to be able to get to Crawley, they have an Evans, a New Look with a big inspire section and a H&M (allbeit with their usual tiny corner of plus!), plus they have a big Monsoon too, it’s actually not a bad town for plus shopping.

    I hear you on the image crisis, I have been there form time to time. I tend to stick to similar lines and shapes but go mental with colours and accessories instead. Whenever I feel a bit bleigh I wear something really familiar and comfy until I feel like me again- it’s like fashion comfort food! One thing I do know is that confidence is a bugger to keep up, it needs a lot of maintenance. I’m just about to maintain mine with nail polish!

  • Lisa

    I love the dress you wore on the day – where is it from????

  • Kristy

    What Lisa said! I need, need, NEED to know where your dress is from?!?!?!?!

  • Lauren

    Thanks everyone!

    Lisa and Kristy, I’m sorry but my dress is reworked vintage! The label is Salad, but they don’t have a website. Sowie!

    Wendy, that’s cool about Crawley. Romford is similar although I still got annoyed last time I was there!

  • Reena

    Wow, sounds like such an amazing day and you ladies look stunning

  • Ariel

    I have truly enjoyed reading the different perspectives shared by all twho attended this meeting!I espcially liked learning a little more about the company. I’m definitely going to give them a go real soon.

  • Big mens clothes

    im soo jealous there are hardly any plus size shops for men, the ones that do exist are all online. I want to see the clothes before I buy them