missguided plus red velvet wrap dress

Woah woah woah, what’s happened here then? Here I was, plodding along, and suddenly everyone starts tweeting about a new collection!

It turns out that Missguided have launched a ‘plus’ range, having previously only run to a 16. I’d always seen their items on straight sized pals and bloggers, and mentally ticked it off as one to pass on unless for accessories. Until now, at least!

Grumbles first: it’s not perfect – certainly not the size range, which stops at a 24. I find this quite a worrying trend among new brands, if I’m honest with you. Yeah yeah, I’m being a spoilsport, but you know what? There are so few options available for plus size fashion that when a new one does pop up, I want to celebrate it, and I want to celebrate it with my wonderful plus size pals who are larger than a 24! Is that really so bad?

I’m holding out hope that this is merely a dip of the toes into plus size waters, and should the collection be a success we’ll see an increase in sizes offered. Crossing my chubby fingers and toes this is the case!

So, on to the good stuff! I had a peep and picked out my favourite pieces from Missguided’s plus line – what do you think?

missguided plus top 5 items

1. Velvet wrap dress, £39.99 (also seen on the model above in oxblood, gah!) // 2. Lace peplum party dress, £34.99 (yes, peplums have been done to death, but if you can’t go bold: GO BIGGER!) // 3. Paint splash print crop top, £14.99 // 4. Checked crop top, £14.99 // 5. Mirror floral midi skirt, £19.99

Have you had a look yet? What do you reckon? I’m counting down ’till payday, I must admit!


  • http://jaymiranda.com/ Jay Miranda

    I was disappointed with the size range even though I’m within it. I’m sure it’s frustrating to think “oh a new place to shop… oh… I guess not.” I like to list sizes when I mention a new brand because it’s good for everyone to know upfront. I kinda love that ASOS is getting all this competition, because competition is good. Invisible hand, etc.

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    I hadn’t even heard about this! About to go check it out. I agree with you on the size range, its frustrating that so many new ‘plus size’ ranges are stopping at 24.

  • thecuteinexecute

    Honestly I think the next 10 plus size brands should have their sizes start at 26, because this shit is infuriating. We (those under size 24) already have a shit ton of choices, while 26 and bigger are forever uncatered for.

  • http://honeysuck-elle.blogspot.com Rachel Hilliard

    I adore the velvet dress, anything velvet really to be honest. I get a bit cheeky with velvet though because I can’t stop feeling it up… is that too much information? Oh well… ;)


  • Buttercup Rocks

    Yeah, the stopping at size 24 is a downer. Though I suppose there’s always the chance that if they do well they’ll eventually increase the size range. It’s a shame we don’t have an equivalent of eShakti in the UK where folks can have a custom made option. Re. the range, ASOS definitely need to watch their backs. Alas I really can’t pull off a crop top, even layered over something longer, (and I’ve been trying since 1985!) but if the paint splash print was available on the pencil/tube skirt I’d be all over it.

  • Egle Graziani

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  • alessia sica

    So Cool, love this wish list <3


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