The LDN XL GRRRLS Funzine 2010 is here, YAY! Well done to lovely Meryl for her hard work in putting it together. Check out that cover!

I’ve written an article on shopping in London as a fatty. While I didn’t intend for it to be a complete downer, it unfortunately ended up being one. But if you want to know why, you’re gonna have to read it, yes? I feel so, so honoured to have been a part of it. The articles are beautifully written and personal (apart from mine) muses on navigating life as a plus size woman, queer and straight alike, and there’s even comic strips, puzzles and vegan recipes.

Zines cost £2.66 to the UK incl shipping, and you can order by emailing ldnxlgrrrls at gmail dot com. Meryl ships overseas so do enquire about shipping costs.

There are also two magazines aiming to feature plus size models in the pipeline:

Sara of Lions, Tigers & Sara… is creating a plus size, tall and petite magazine for her dissertation. She explains more about it on her blog, and it sounds like a great idea. She’s also looking for models to be shot for the magazine – by the sounds of it they will be beautiul, high fantasy editorials. How lovely would that be? If you’re interested in taking part, please email her at lions and tigers and sara oh my at gmail dot com.

( hips ) is the brainchild of Tiffany, and hopes to be an almost radically body-positive magazine. I absolutely love what they want to achieve:

  • ( hips ) wants to educate its readers about body image.
  • ( hips ) wants to take back “beauty” and redefine it.
  • ( hips ) wants to celebrate women who love their bodies.
  • ( hips ) wants to promote a healthy self-image for women of all ages.
  • ( hips ) wants all women to feel beautiful, valued and respected.
  • ( hips ) wants to foster a community where women of every size and shape feel beautiful, valued and respected.

    For more information check out their page here, which is a competition to get funding from Pepsi. Please, please vote!

Lastly (but certainly not least), the Centre for Appearance Research are looking for models to take part in a photoshoot in November. Here is their press release:

The Centre for Appearance Research at the University of the West of England is looking for women sizes 16 plus, aged 18-27, to get their photos taken in Bristol in early November. The photo shoot aims to celebrate beauty in all shapes and sizes and the photographs will be used in research and other materials that aim to explore beauty, body image and the media. You will get your hair and makeup done by a professional makeup artist, a free digital copy of the photos which will be shot by a professional photographer and be paid £60 for your time.

Recently, the airbrushing of models in the media has generated widespread political, media and consumer attention. There have also been calls for the use of models that reflect reality and have different body shapes and sizes. While industry has argued that airbrushing and being thin is necessary to sell products, others argue that images of thin models contribute to unrealistic beauty ideals and negatively harm women’s psychological and physical wellbeing. Researchers at the Centre for Appearance Research are currently trying to unravel this debate by exploring to explore the impact of airbrushing and perfected images on appearance concerns and body image. You can be part of this exciting research by taking part in this Any Size Fashion Model Shoot!

If you are interested in taking part in the model shoot please send an email to with a clear, up to date image of yourself and details of your height and dress size.

This sounds like a decent idea, although I think a lot of how shoots with non-models (I am lothe to utter the phrase ‘real women’) turn out is due to the photographers and artistic direction. Most shoots I’ve seen using members of public play on their normality, which in my opinion is why they tend to fail… but still, this has potential to be a very interesting project. I might take part myself actually! Let me know if you’re taking part.

  • Sara

    Thanks for the support, Lauren. You’re a lovely lady x

    Just to let everyone know I’m actually in Dublin. So if we’ve any Irish readers, mail me! x

    LDN XL looks amazing. What a cover!

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  • Debbie

    goddamnit!! I live in Bristol about 10 minutes away from UWE and the Centre for Appearance Research but I’m too old (only by a little bit). What a pisser – I’ve come late to the fat acceptance idea and I’d love to take part as I think it’d be quite liberating for me. What a pile of poo. I’d love to see the pics when they’re done though.


  • Lauren

    Sara – oops I forgot to mention that! But no worries, I think it’ll be a fab project :D

    Debbie – that is SUCH a shame, and quite annoying actually. I wondered why they had an age limit on it. Maybe email them and explain, as if you’re still fairly new to FA then I agree, something like this could be brilliant for your self esteem. Hopeflly they’ll be able to make an exception for you.


  • Debbie

    Lauren, I might give it a go and see what they say. Fingers crossed!


  • Debbie


    I plucked up the courage to contact them to ask about being involved, but they very politely told me that they only have funding to work with the particular age group at the moment. I kind of expected it, but its still gutting!

    Are you taking part?