Oh my glob, you guys. It finally happened.

After years of swooning over awesome independent designers in the US, Australia and mainland Europe, and being damned to shockingly expensive shipping costs and customs charges. Edgy independent fatshion has stepped up in the UK, in the name of OneOneThree. AT LAST. I’d seen murmurings of the name on twitter but only got a chance to have a look today, and my mind is a bit blown. I’ll just let the photos do the talking, eh?









I just can’t believe how on point it all is. Studs. Pleather. Collars. Illusions. It’s so exciting! Hence why I’m posting this in a rush – I just want you guys to see it!

The pieces aren’t up for sale yet, so make sure you keep in touch with them via twitter and facebook (where you can see the AMAZING photos). I’m just so happy someone in the UK is doing this!

Anyone else as excited as I am?

  • HauteCurvyWoman

    I am really excited about this line. Great looks and great clothes. It’s about time someone (other than the usuals) stepped up to the plate.

  • Nicole

    oh my gosh, I love everything!! are they only available in the UK? I need that sheer maxi skirt so badly.

    • Lauren

      They’re gonna ship worldwide :D

  • Valerie De Pever

    I saw they were following me on Twitter and checked their FB page. I was shocked when I saw the pics! Everything looks amazing! I have already emailed them with a gazillion questions. lol

  • kaytee

    These clothes are stunning! I just don’t think they’d work with my rolls of stomach fat!

    • Lauren

      I hear you, I don’t think I could work those maxi dresses, alas – but the red shirt is coming home to mama!

  • Diane

    Be still my beating heart!

  • Cass Parsnips

    That black & white wiggle dress & the cape are what credit cards were made for! Cannot WAIT to get my hands on some of this!

  • Sian Morgan

    Perfect, perfect, perfect. I would like to throw all my money at these people now.

  • Amy

    I love it all. Hell yeah!


  • Ria

    Dress no. 5 is absolutely to DIE for!!

  • Ana


  • anita

    yes, please and thank you! how awesome is this? i love it!


  • Samantha Minny

    Oh I have a dirty confession to make: I don’t like any of the clothes in this line.

    I think the concept behind it is amazing! If I still lived in the UK I would definitely be looking for a line that does bigger sizes, but I really don’t like the clothes. Oops.

    I do, however like how excited you got about the range!