One One Three shirt and cross tights

Image: me (as you know by now) with my hair in pigtails, wearing a tomato-red shirt, black skirt and tights with little crosses all over them.

Shirt: One One Three
Skirt: ASOS Curve
Cross Print Tights: Pamela Mann (via Yours Clothing)
Leopard Bow Belt: ASOS Curve
Shoes: New Look
L Brooch: Tatty Devine
Ring: Domino Dollhouse

Hello my dears! Have you all been enjoying the snow? I managed to get to work every day without falling on my arse, which was great. Although on Tuesday a dog almost attacked me – I was wearing my fake fur coat, and I think it thought I was another dog. Make of that what you will…

After I’d gotten really over excited and blogged about the new label One One Three, I decided to put my money where my mouth was and buy something for myself. I went for this red shirt as it was one of those cases where I instantly knew what I wanted to wear it with and that I’d get my money’s worth. The most amazing thing happened though – I’d worked late and then met friends in the pub, and when I got home it turned out that the designer herself hand delivered it! How lovely is that?! I was so sad I missed it. The top itself is bloody gorgeous, and the cut, fabric and tailoring are second to none. It’s more expensive than my bargain-hunter-ness usually allows, but it’s worth every penny.

The outfit reminds me of the Burger Queen staff uniform, which is why I love it so much! Is anyone going this year? I can’t wait!

I’m so in love with these tights, too! I sized up and I think that was a good decision (as I like them to be hoiked up under my bosom). More patterns, please!

Tonight I’m off to hang out with some fabulous blogger babe’s at Bethany’s (My Arched Eyebrow) club night tonight. Yay!

  • Elle Leah

    Oh you look so cute! I love red but never wear it; I think it looks better with dark hair?

    • Lauren

      Aww, but you have beautiful My Little Pony hair xx

  • Susan Calderwood Drysdale

    Great outfit!

  • wendy_kay_fowler

    Love this outfit it is sooo cute!

  • Pink Haired Princess

    Cute look! I thought these would be the new tights from the ASOS Curve range and was wondering how they fit, but alas they aren’t! I too like them to sit really high up-I detest tights that roll down or sit on the hips ; )

    • Lauren

      No no, they are the same ones! Pamela Mann makes them, but as like a wholesaler, then shops like Yours, ASOS Curve sell them as their own. :) You should get some! x

      • Pink Haired Princess

        ah cool, thanks for letting me know : )

  • LaunaMckenzie

    I love how the red shirt really makes the outfit pop !
    Love those tights too :)
    Launa xx

    • Lauren

      Thank you! I REALLY love your blog as well :D xx

  • anita

    love the red shirt! and i love the printed tights with it :)



    Love your printed tights. The entire outfit is excellent.

  • brenda

    Hi lauren, new reader here! And i’d say I’m very impressed with your blog and you just motivated me to dress fashionable just like you but It’s hard to find plus-size clothing here in my country so I had a thought to shop at your recommended shops! But I still don’t know which size will fits me, I usually used XXXL and above and I’m still lost with these UK size. Your size most likely fits me though cause we have the same curve! So may I know what is your size (especially the size for that printed tights) if you don’t mind sharing please let me know! Or if you want to tell it privately, feel free flick me an e-mail at

    I’m looking forward for your assistance!

    Much love,


    • Lauren

      Hi Brenda! I am a UK 20-22 on top and 22-24 on the bottom. I think your best bet is to measure yourself, and then go by size charts on the site you’re shopping with. For the tights I sized up, and got a 3X. Hope that helps! x

  • Big or not to Big

    I love your outfit !

    The red with the leopard are always beautiful together, and I love your tights :) !

  • fatinthecity

    So cute!I’m in love with those tights!