TW: fat hate, body shame.

Yup, I’m still gonna go on about this! I took part in this week’s heat. It was one of the most hilarious, bizarre and absolutely wonderful  evenings I’ve ever had. And to top it all off I bloody WON, which means I’m taking part in the final on March 29th along with Bethany and Charlotte. So I don’t even care about winning, I just know it’s going to be amazing fun and a really supportive night alongside two of my heroes and I can’t wait!

Here is what I wore…

Burger Queen Heat 3

Dress: ASOS Curve (old-ish)
Shoes: Torrid (a gift from a couple of years ago)
Brooch: Gift
Hairband: Can’t even remember – Primark, probably!

I was also wearing my LDN XL GRRRLS badge (I brought my Big Bum Jumble badge too but it got lost in my bag!).

I’m… actually quite scared about putting this picture up. I’d already worn this dress when I first bought it, way back when I was still, and I’d been waiting for an occasion fancy enough to wear it again. Since then I’ve put on more weight, so an already tight dress was now even tighter. My mum tried to dissuade me from wearing it to Burger Queen, pretty much voicing out loud my niggling inner concerns. They’ll laugh at you, she said. You’ll be an object of ridicule – why do this to yourself? Why invite that hatred? But the rational part of me won out. If there was anywhere I could wear this dress proudly and honestly, it would be Burger Queen. I knew that they would be laughing but for the most part it’d be alongside me, not at me. I knew that there were bigger personalities, a tonne of more outrageousness in the room meaning the tightness of my dress, the way it clung to my belly and bum? An absolute moot point.

I packed some shapewear just in case. I didn’t bother wearing it. And you know what? I felt like a million fackin’ dollars.

— end trigger warning! —

Burger Queen Heat 3

The night itself was just awesome. My best friends all turned out which was so lovely – they also bought me the best birthday present EVER which you will be seeing on outfit posts in the future! It was also really lovely to see Bethany, Stacy, Charlotte and Kay and I wish I’d gotten to talk to you all more. Scottee and the team – Annabel, Becky, Josh and Roy – were all just fabulous and awesome, I was a bit starstruck meeting them and Amy Lame, of course! The other contestants, Lewis and Darren, were great as well. I was so pleased they were nice, and didn’t mind me nervously babbling for about 3 hours in the dressing room. I’d have been really pleased if either of them had won, aww.

Burger Queen Heat 3

We really lucked out with the judges this week: LISA STANSFIELD!!! If I’d have known I’d have brought my 7″s from the 80s! BOBBY CRUSH! ALISON HAMMOND! I’d actually met her before at Yours, but I dunno if she recognised me (probably not). IMMODESTY BLAIZE! Actually my favourite burlesque artist, I like her even more than Dita. And by some bizarre twist of fate, Nancy Dell’olio turned up as a punter, omg. I made a quip in the trend round that I was trying to emulate her glamour. Nancy was asked her thoughts and she replied “…She tried?” AHAHAHAHA. After it finished, she actually caught me and said “congratulations, I was rooting for you!” oh man. So, so funny!

My “talent” was a recital of Kim Selling’s Fat Bottomed Girls poem. Thanks so much for letting me have a go! It was a bit hammy and I was so nervous but I think people enjoyed it. I know one or two of the judges marked me down because I didn’t write it, which is a fair point really. The last round was “taste” and I made a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake. The judges LOVED it. If anyone fancies having a go, here’s the recipe! I seriously don’t know why it sends people into a frenzy but I’m glad they liked it.

Burger Queen Heat 3

So… yeah. What a night! And I had to go to the jobcentre the next day. Talk about coming down to earth with a bang, eh?

  • Moon Fat

    this is awesome news and looks like you a great evening!!
    Hope you’ll win it fingers crossed :-)

  • Zoey

    you look amazing!

  • Rosanna_hynes

    As always, you look amazingggggg! Definitely giving that cheesecake a go! X

  • Preyabroom

    Lauren – first of all well done for putting yourself out there and having a go! You look lovely and there is nothing wrong with you or you in the dress, be proud of your pictures. And as for your mum, well I’m sure she thinks what she says comes from a place of love but it doesn’t help it harms, trust me I know!

    I’m glad you’re blogging again, I’ve been a long time stalker of your blog (meant in a good not creepy way).

    • Lauren

      Aww thank you, and no it’s not “stalkery”, don’t worry! Thanks! xx

  • Ana

    Whaaa? Why would you ever doubt the awesomeness of this dress? It looks gorgeous on you.

  • divadellecurve

    awww but you look great, come on!!

  • Charlotte

    Don’t listen to your mum! You looked so so so gorgeous. can’t wait for the 29th for funtimes with you and Bethany. xxxx

  • Laura

    You look absolutely beautiful, and are wearing something I would never dare to wear. (I think I’m about the same clothes size as you.) If I’d seen you out wearing that, I would have told you you looked sexy as hell, and meant it. Because you really do. <3

  • Kelly Adams

    You look absolutely stunning! Good luck in the finals :)

  • Lillian Low

    You look amazing! The dress doesn’t look too tight on you to me but even if it did you;d still be a sexy bizyotch. Congratulations on winning and good luck for the final! I really wish I had the confidence to enter.

  • Natalie Mulford

    You look AMAZING!!

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  • Georgina Doull

    You look amazing, if anything I think the dress fits you better now than when you posted it the first time. :) Knew you’d get through, have my fingers crossed for you to win! Hope you have fun either way:) xxxx

  • Devon Hammond

    Lauren, while the dress does look a little too tight – who cares? Burger Queen is all about embracing your full-figured beauty and I think your outfit does just that. I think the painting on your arm and the dramatic eyes make it look a bit drag-queen-ish but that’s not a criticism. I really like it and I’m so happy that you made it through your heat. I told you I’d root for you :D
    I wish you all the best in the final!

    Btw, I featured this post on my blog this week, here:
    Hope you don’t mind, thought you’d like to know! :D

    Devon xx

    • Lauren

      I was going for drag!

  • Blog to be Alive – Val

    Congrats again! You look fab in the dress! It makes me wish I had bought it even if I have nowhere to wear it to! lol

  • Sian

    You Look lovely, I don’t think the dress is too tight at all! And your eyelashes are only amazing!. Best of luck in the rest of the competition :) x

  • Ashleyrose87

    Your lashes are amazeballs! Love them with the red lips babe!

  • Chattermonkey

    You are my Hero Ms Ding! I knew you could do it and that dress looks fooking AMAZING on you!

  • Nicole

    Yayyyy! You look amazing. Congrats Lauren! Good luck in the final.

  • Em. x.

    The dress looks amazing. I sm still so jealous I didn’t get one. Seeing you in it reiterates that jealousy!
    You are the coolest person, you know? You have such energy and joy in your posts Lauren. I fucking LOVE it.

  • Lauren

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! xx

  • Jen Venegas

    That dress looks awesome AND flattering on you. Go you for going with your gut (no pun intended!!) ;)

  • K

    That dress is KILLER! And it photographs so well! I was surprised to read that you had felt insecure posting the picture, because the second I saw it, my response was: “See, THAT’S why people need to realize it’s much more attractive to wear fitted clothes than to hide behind a muumuu! That dress looks awesome!” I’ve been thinking about your “Fuck Flattering” speech since I first read it a few years ago, and I agree that the industry standards of “flattering” are oppressively and hideously unfashionable, but I do like to dress in a way that I feel flatters my body (which, no, doesn’t mean saggy necklines and synthetic fibers). I’ve weighed between 130 and 250 pounds, and wherever I am on the scale, my goal is always to wear clothes that emphasize the parts of my body that make me feel like a badass, whether it be the curve of a belly, muscular calves, whatever. I never want to look like a cookie-cutter magazine cover ideal of “beauty” — I want clothes to make me look like ME, but moreso, with a highlighter run over the bits I love. I think this dress is a perfect example of flattering being an excellent thing: it’s a celebration of your figure, and high-fashion to boot.

    • K

      Er, first read it a few DAYS ago. Apparently time moves slowly.