2012-11-24 14.21.46

Image: me (short, fat, pale caucasian skin, long brown hair, glasses) stands in front of a black wardrobe wearing a black top, floral skirt, rust coloured tights and boots.

Jersey peplum top: ASOS Curve
Floral skirt: New Look Inspire
Pearl collar necklace, rust colour tights: Primark
Ankle boots: Evans
Glasses: London Retro*

2012-11-24 14.24.36

Image: as before, in a slightly different pose

This is an outfit that I feel looks better in real life than in photos. Or it could be my not-so-good camera! I have to say winter really does sort the men out from the boys, photography-wise. It’s always so dark, and my camera can’t cope with anything other than bright sunlight! Ah well.

This outfit includes a few recent purchases for once – hooray! Although the glasses, tights, boots and skirt are all from 1-2 years ago. I recently got the boots mended for the second time, as they’re just so comfortable. Unfortunately my Clarks pair (review here) got a hole in the first day of wearing them, and apparently it was so bad they couldn’t be saved. So, quite disappointed really, especially as Clarks are meant to be a super durable brand! Maybe I need to invest in some DMs…

Also, to any of you who answered my red lipstick question on twitter: thank you! It was the push I needed to treat myself to MAC’s Ruby Woo. I have MAC Red, but it’s far too glossy and glam for daytime use. Ruby Woo is exactly what I was after. Yay!

I hope you’re all well. It’s been an exciting week – can’t wait to tell you all about it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/carmenluvian Carmen Luvian

    what the bleeding eck did you do to your boots? mine lasted three montshw earing them every day including walking on wet beaches and down muddy mountains in devon!

    • http://pocketrocketfashion.com Lauren

      Haha! You know what, I think it was scuffing them on the stairs at the tube station. :(

  • Katie

    Do you have somewhere else to take pics as the black gets mixed in with background of the black wardrobe? Shame that the Clarks boots didn’t last long!

    • http://pocketrocketfashion.com Lauren

      Not at the moment :(

  • Louise P.

    Wow this is a great little outfit! I love the collar and skirt, and the red tights look fantastic! My camera is pretty much the same in Winter. It refuses to cooperate unless the sun is shining x

  • http://www.facebook.com/michelle.jadaa Michelle Jadaa

    Yeah i havnt been impressed by my last 2 pair of clarks,i dont think they make them like they used to.I agree with the DM’s i could do with a pair too:)

  • Meryl

    You look glorious! And Clarks have disappointed me recently too – gotta get their game together.

  • Christine Cutt

    I really like this outfit :) love the collar!


  • http://twitter.com/chattermonkey Chattermonkey

    Love love LOVE this outfit! I have actually bought a pair of shoebooty things like yours in the hope I wear them as much as you’ve worn these! :)

  • http://twitter.com/CallieThorpe Callie Thorpe

    Um LOVE This whole outfit you look super hot!! xx

  • http://sortlifeoutbuymilk.blogspot.co.uk/ Sian Morgan

    I totally agree with you about winter photography. This is especially true for me as I tend to do my best thinking/working in the evening and now I have to scramble to get stuff done by the afternoon. Boo.

    But back to your outfit. I love that skirt and the collar is amazing. I keep thinking I should get one of those asos peplum tops as they look so good on everyone I’ve seen wearing them.