Me wearing a yellow patterned dressagainst a graffiti backdrop

Dress: Cutie for Simply Be
Shoes: Primark (old season)
Bag: Primark

Hi all! This was an outfit that I forgot to post – oops! Better late than never, eh?

I was so excited when this dress came out – I’d seen similar dresses in various charity shops over the years, but they were always too small for me. So even though this is new,  I snapped it straight up as soon as I had the money. It’s gorgeous, fits like a dream and makes me feel like I’m close to how I want to look in my head – if that makes sense? I don’t feel I’m compromising the style I want at all with this outfit. It’s awesome.

I wore this to head out to the Gogo Philip store launch off Brick Lane, which was fab. That said, despite looking how I want to look, the other bloggers there looked SO COOL I was a teensy bit intimidated – me in my nice dress and my nice shoes and whatnot. I’m always acutely aware that I’m the uncoolest person in any room, haha. Ah well.

I’ve always loved Gogo’s tacky outrageous jewels. They’re such decent prices, as well, it was difficult not to raid the whole shop. Here’s what was happening there:

I bought myself a pair of gorgeous ruby drop earings, which I can’t wait to wear out to a fancy ‘do!

Afterwards Bethany and I headed down to my favourite curry house on Hanbury Street. We got a bit of a treat as we left – an artist was busy painting a mural on the wall opposite:

It turned out that artist was Alexis Diaz, and you can see the finished article here – it’s incredible. What an honour!

  • Penny Campbell Le

    Wow… amazing mural! And the colours of your outfit really pop! I’m a little skeptical about the jewellery though, I’ll wait ’til I see it on you before I decide whether I like it. ;)

    X, Comtesse Sofia

  • Pink Haired Princess

    Looking gorgeous Lauren. I love the style, not quite convinced I suit yellow though! It’s an interesting point about compromise. I do it a lot when I think about, usually because what I want isn’t available in my size/plus size or sometimes because I know I’d look terrible in that length/fabric/colour/print. I love when you find an outfit you’re 100% happy with though x

  • Liz @deliberatewhimsy

    That dress with your black tights and little red shoes looks fab! I know what you mean about looking good, strutting yourself into some happening place, and then looking around thinking, “I look way too nice and sweet and cute to be hip and glamorous. Damn.” For once, I want to be a glamazon, you know? lol For now, I just have to embrace my twee, quirky style and accept that it’s who I am. And you keep sporting your funky-fun styles and know that you made someone else in that room think: “Damn, she looks so cute!”


  • Kitsch Vixen

    Ooooh, tacky jewelry is my kryptonite! Love it!

  • Ali

    I wonder how many of the people you thought were cool, were actually feeling a bit meh and in awe of your style? You look fabulous, and all any of us can ask is to feel as good as we look in our head x

  • Louise P.

    I love that dress so much! It looks fab on you! xx

  • Sian Morgan

    Gorgeous. Your eyeliner is so on point! Also, I love that you paired the yellow red with red shoes.

    I wish I lived somewhere you could see awesome murals being painted, that is just beautiful.

  • anita

    I love this dress! it is absolutely stunning! Fits really well to the graffiti! :) you look so lovely


  • Prosaic Nation

    Love the colour of that dress; I know exactly what you mean, about it being kind of the closest you could get. I end up so often having a platonic ideal of what I want in my head and keep buying things that are sort of similar but not quite right; I had 8 navy polka dot dresses at once in the mid 2000s cause none of them were quite right but somehow I couln’t leave them alone. Being plus sized does make it harder as well, cause SO often I find something that’s almost totally the ideal I had in my head, but only up to a size 14 or something.
    The perfect yellow dress is a rare and elusive bird/ *sigh*

    Those earnings are sodding mint tho.