2013 Outfit #2

Image: me (you know me by now, right?) in my usual place in front of the black wardobe with the scratch marks. I’m wearing a forest green dress with bow print tights, skinny belt and big gold necklace. Yay!

Dress: New Look Inspire
Bow print tights: Pamela Mann (via Yours Clothing)
Boots: Evans
Oui/Non belt: ASOS Curve
Necklace: Primark
Glasses: London Retro*

Hi Lovelies! How are you? It’s a SNOWPOCALYPSE here in Essex (and the rest of the UK, to be fair). I am celebrating by a) doing none of the things I had planned to do, b) not getting dressed and c) alternating between watching Community or playing Temple Run 2. Best weekend ever?

This outfit on its own isn’t advisable in the snow, but it is something I’ve been wearing a lot over Christmas. I am a sucker for a skater dress, sad as it is to say. I know they’ve become slightly too ubiquitous in plus size ranges at the moment to the annoyance of some (hi Amanda!) but, ah, I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel at home in them. This one from New Look has a high waist as well, which is perfect. And since it was a last minute sale buy in their Oxford Street branch, I’ve gotten my cost-per-wear down to mere pennies. Win/win!

I’m hoping to be a bit more prolific in my updates this year and better at photographing my outfits – but if there’s anything you think I should do or talk about, let me know. Speak soon! x

  • Lisa Philbin

    OOH love this dress! I have been eyeing a burgandy one up for ages! Looks fab! and those boots look comfy!

  • http://terrys-two-cents.blogspot.com/ Terry S.

    SUPER cute dress!!!



  • Cruellamcg

    It looks great on you though Lauren. – Amanda

  • Jo

    I have to say I am completely addicted to skater dresses, particularly the ones with a high waist. I love this one although I found it a little too short for me so I didn’t buy it in the end.

    I’d love to see a bridesmaid/wedding outfits post in the summer as I find it difficult to find fatshionable wedding attire x

  • Sophie

    I love that green with the gold accessories!

  • http://www.facebook.com/susan.c.drysdale Susan Calderwood Drysdale

    You look fabulous!

  • http://wolfwhistle.org/ Amy

    The fit is nice but I’m really all about the COLOUR. It suits you so much!

  • Louise P.

    What a fabulous outfit! I love all the little details… the belt, the print of the tights, the colour of the dress, the boots… I really love skater dresses and this one is beautiful :)

  • Liz @deliberatewhimsy

    I love the chunky necklace and belt. They really break up all of that green in the dress. I’m obsessed with fit and flare dresses, so much so that I bought the same dress in three different prints because I love the fit so much. They nip in at the waist and then flare out of the hips, masking a tummy and creating an hourglass figure. I just love them! They’ve definitely replaced my Spanx and pencil skirts, for now anyways!

  • chanty sheffield

    I would just like to say how much you have inspired me. As a plus size woman myself I had lost all confidence in my ability to dress well and look nice but looking at your blog filled me with excitment – you look amazing, beautiful and fabulous! And I can too. Thank you so much – you are a true hero!

    • http://pocketrocketfashion.com Lauren

      Thank you so much for such a beautiful comment! I’m so glad that my little web page has helped you in some way – you gotta share your exciting new purchases! xx

  • www.badbat.fr

    Your outfit is really beautiful !

  • Alex

    That dress is such a lovely shade :) LOVE the tights too!

  • fatinthecity

    Forest green is one of my favorite colors. You look beautiful!


  • http://theunlikelyhousewife.com Elisa

    I love how that dress looks on you! I adore skater drasses but they look ridiculous on me – I think it has to do with my body shape – I have big boobs, wide hips but a much smaller waist, and skater dresses just make my hips look out of proportion, and accenting a high waist with a belt doesn’t work that well. I love love love how this looks on you!

  • Helen Pettman

    Love the outfit! Looks great on you :)

    Check out my blog? http://everyoneshouldsparkle.blogspot.co.uk/ (travel, plus size fashion, make up, and general life chit chat!)

    I’d be super duper pleased!